The Ruins Wedding


Nestled in the heart of Lower Queen Anne, Seattle, lies a hidden gem, The Ruins. This eclectic and whimsical event venue offers a dreamlike setting for weddings that captivates all who step inside. Conveniently located in Lower Queen Anne, The Ruins is easily accessible for both locals and out-of-town guests. It’s surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, making it an ideal choice for nature lovers.

The Ruins is not your typical wedding venue. It’s an enchanting place with a maximalist aesthetic that defies convention. From a private library to antique life-size animatronic elephants, every corner is filled with surprises. This whimsical wonderland transports guests to another time and place, ensuring that no two weddings held here are alike.

Couples are drawn to The Ruins for its imaginative and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The venue accommodates up to 150 seated guests or 350 standing, perfect for both intimate and grand celebrations. The venue boasts a dining room with cascading fireplaces and French doors. Furthermore, a ballroom with hand-painted murals and a moody lounge offer spaces for your dream wedding customization.

Wedding costs vary depending on factors like the day of the week and time of year. For example, peak season rentals start at $5,600 for a reception. A service charge or gratuity of 23% is added to the bill, ensuring that you receive exceptional service.

In the heart of Seattle, The Ruins beckons those with a flair for the extraordinary. With a setting that blends the eccentric with the elegant, it promises a wedding experience that will leave guests spellbound. Say “I do” in a place where imagination knows no bounds, and where dreams truly do come true. Now, scroll down to catch a glimpse of some of the unforgettable weddings hosted at this extraordinary venue!

The Ruins Wedding Photos

Our collection of The Ruins wedding photos beautifully encapsulates the magic and romance of this whimsical venue in the heart of Seattle. From enchanting indoor settings to dreamy outdoor ceremonies, every image narrates a tale of love, creativity, and wonder. Let The Ruins serve as the canvas for your unforgettable love story.

The Ruins Wedding // Michael + Lulu

The Ruins Wedding // Michael + Lulu

The Ruins Wedding, tucked away in the heart of Lower Queen Anne, Seattle, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Its whimsical charm and maximalist aesthetic make it the perfect choice for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience. Stepping inside, you’ll find yourself transported to a dreamlike setting, surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The venue’s eclectic atmosphere, filled with surprises at every corner, sets the stage for a celebration like no […]

The Ruins Wedding // Anela + Sherief

The Ruins Wedding // Anela + Sherief

Located in the heart of Seattle, the Ruins Wedding venue is the scene of a truly magical celebration. Anela and Sherief selected the charming The Ruins for their special day, captivated by its elegant charm and exquisite surroundings. At The Ruins, the couple exchanged their vows in this historic building adorned with antique decorations, surrounded by their closest family and friends as witnesses. Erika PlanningSavvy, the mastermind behind every detail, ensured that every moment unfolded […]

The Ruins Wedding // Amber + Jakob

The Ruins Wedding // Amber + Jakob

We will share with you Amber and Jakob’s The Ruins Wedding, a love story etched in joy and timeless moments. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, The Ruins Wedding venue unfolded like a fairytale canvas. Its vintage charm and enchanting gardens set the stage for Amber and Jakob’s love to blossom. The old-world elegance of The Ruins provided a perfect backdrop for an intimate celebration. Amber’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she walked down the […]

The Ruins Wedding // Jackie + Dereck

The Ruins Wedding // Jackie + Dereck

We will share with you Jackie and Dereck’s The Ruins Wedding. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, The Ruins unveils its charm—a dreamy garden venue with cobblestone paths and twinkling lights. The rustic elegance of this enchanted space sets the stage for a magical celebration, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Amongst vibrant blooms and lush greenery, Jackie and Dereck’s excitement was palpable. Their joy radiated, capturing the essence of love. Jackie, a vision in […]

The Ruins Wedding // Caroline + Kyle

The Ruins Wedding // Caroline + Kyle

Join us as we unfold the enchanting tale of Caroline and Kyle’s The Ruins wedding. Nestled in nature’s embrace, The Ruins provide a picturesque canvas—a dreamy haven with breathtaking landscapes, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. The Ruins, a 19th-century stone church situated on the banks of the Columbia River, accommodates up to 120 guests for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Surrounded by lush gardens and trees, it creates a romantic atmosphere. Caroline and […]

The Ruins Wedding // James + Justin

The Ruins Wedding // James + Justin

We will share with you James and Justin’s The Ruins Wedding, a celebration of love and joy. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, The Ruins Wedding venue provided an enchanting backdrop for this special day. With its vintage charm and elegant architecture, this venue set the stage for an unforgettable union.James and Justin radiated excitement and happiness throughout the day, their smiles lighting up the venue. The air buzzed with love as they exchanged vows, […]

The Ruins Wedding // Tianna + Zachary

The Ruins Wedding // Tianna + Zachary

We will share with you Tianna and Zachary’s The Ruins Wedding. In the heart of Seattle, The Ruins set the stage for Tianna and Zachary’s love story. A venue adorned with timeless elegance, its antique charm added a touch of magic to their special day. Tianna and Zachary’s joy was infectious, their smiles a testament to the love filling the air. The Ruins echoed with their laughter. Mary Gerrity, the creative force, meticulously planned every […]

The Ruins Wedding // Sara + Chidozie

The Ruins Wedding // Sara + Chidozie

We can’t wait to share Sara and Chidozie’s unforgettable The Ruins Wedding with you! Nestled in the heart of Washington, this enchanting venue is the epitome of romance. Let’s dive into the wonderful details of their special day. The Ruins, with its captivating architecture and picturesque gardens, provided the perfect setting for their dream wedding. Guided by the meticulous planning of Selma Wild, every aspect of the event unfolded flawlessly, creating unforgettable memories. After the […]

The Ruins Wedding // Matthew + Cassandra

The Ruins Wedding // Matthew + Cassandra

We’re excited to share this classically romantic and elegant The Ruins Wedding. Matthew and Cassandra chose to get married at The Ruins, one of our favorite indoor locations in the heart of the city.  The Ruins is a gorgeous mansion event venue full of refinement and charming character. With its eclectic decor, refined event spaces, exceptional services, and desirable Seattle location, this artsy venue gives you a true fairytale experience. The Ruins is a hidden […]

The Ruins Wedding // Alexandria + Jack

The Ruins Wedding // Alexandria + Jack

Step into the realm of love and beauty as we delve into the captivating world of The Ruins Wedding, where Alexandria and Jack celebrated their union in a picturesque indoor venue. With rustic charm and fairytale romance, their special day unfolded with warmth and elegance. Every detail at The Ruins was meticulously curated to create an unforgettable ambiance. Moreover, the meticulously adorned space and the delectable treats filled the atmosphere of The Ruins with enchantment. […]

The Ruins Wedding Videos

Step into the enchanting world of The Ruins through our captivating wedding videos. Our dedicated team excels in creating cinematic treasures that bring to life the essence of your unique day within the whimsical charm of this Seattle gem. Relive the enchantment of The Ruins through film and let your love story unfold in cinematic grandeur.

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Andrew & Seoyun

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Jacquelyn & Erik

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Jackie & Dereck

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Michael & Lulu

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Anela & Sherief

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Sara & Chidozie

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Matthew & Cassandra

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Alexandria & Jack

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Marianne & Mark

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Rashmi & Erik

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Stephanie & Elisha

  • The Ruins Wedding Video // Amber & Jakob

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The Ruins Wedding Venue Seattle

Nestled in the heart of Lower Queen Anne, The Ruins is a well-kept secret, ideal for those seeking a distinctive wedding experience in Seattle. This whimsical venue offers a maximalist aesthetic with surprises at every turn, creating a captivating atmosphere for your special day. Its popularity is on the rise, known for hosting imaginative and unforgettable weddings. From the private library to hand-painted murals, The Ruins provides an enchanting backdrop for your love story. Say ‘I do’ in a place where creativity knows no bounds, making your wedding a truly one-of-a-kind event that your guests will cherish forever.

The Ruins Seattle Wedding Cost

The Ruins Seattle provides a captivating setting for weddings, with costs varying depending on the season and day of the week. Peak season rates, from April to October, range from $2,500 to $5,000, while off-peak season rates, in January to March and November to December, can be between $4,500 and $7,500. Despite the premium cost, The Ruins offers a truly unique and enchanting experience, making it a worthwhile investment for your special day. To receive a personalized quote and explore available packages, it is advisable to contact The Ruins’ experienced staff directly. Reach out to them to discuss your wedding vision and address any specific inquiries. Your dream wedding at The Ruins Seattle is just a message or a call away.

The Ruins Seattle Parking

The Ruins offers convenient parking options for your event. While the venue itself has metered street parking, there are three nearby hotels within walking distance, each with its own parking facilities. The venue also collaborates with Butler Valet for shuttle, valet, or parking attendant services. If you have specific parking requirements, The Ruins’ Venue Coordinator can provide you with contact and pricing information. Moreover, if you plan to use the services of Butler Valet, they can assist in ensuring a seamless parking experience for your guests. Your parking needs are well taken care of at The Ruins, ensuring a hassle-free event.

The Ruins The knot

The Ruins enjoys significant popularity on The Knot, with an impressive 4.7 out of 5-star rating based on 22 reviews. Couples who have celebrated their special day at this captivating venue have consistently shared their enchanting experiences and stellar reviews. Its ornate and inspiring ambiance, along with a unique blend of historic Seattle and European-style aesthetics, has made it a preferred choice for couples seeking distinctive and memorable weddings. The Ruins’ ability to provide an expansive and versatile space for various wedding sizes and styles has solidified its reputation as a popular wedding venue. Couples are drawn to the venue’s charm, making it a top choice for celebrating love stories.

Landmark Event Co

Landmark Event Co stands as a premier figure in the venue and event planning industry, renowned for curating unforgettable moments. With a collection of four distinctive venues across Washington State, each venue is a masterpiece in its own right. Fox Hollow Farm captures the essence of a whimsical garden estate, perfect for romantic weddings. The Ruins’ bold ballroom style offers a captivating ambiance for couples seeking an enchanting setting. MV Skansonia unrivaled views of Lake Union and urban Seattle elevate any event. For a modern, industrial vibe, the Fremont Foundry, with its breathtaking rooftop ceremony space, provides a contemporary backdrop for special occasions.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

We are the storytellers behind the lens, Seattle Wedding Photographers who specialize in capturing your most cherished memories with artistry and passion. We pride ourselves on crafting timeless images that reflect the unique love stories of our clients. From candid moments to artistic compositions, we have a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty. Whether it’s a romantic cityscape wedding or a rustic celebration in the great outdoors, our team is dedicated to preserving the essence of your special day. Contact us to ensure your memories are immortalized with our photography expertise across the entire Washington region.

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