The Ruins Wedding // Caroline + Kyle


Join us as we unfold the enchanting tale of Caroline and Kyle’s The Ruins wedding. Nestled in nature’s embrace, The Ruins provide a picturesque canvas—a dreamy haven with breathtaking landscapes, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

The Ruins, a 19th-century stone church situated on the banks of the Columbia River, accommodates up to 120 guests for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Surrounded by lush gardens and trees, it creates a romantic atmosphere.

Caroline and Kyle, the dynamic duo, emanated pure joy, infusing every moment with infectious excitement. Their love story blossomed against this scenic haven, marking the commencement of their extraordinary journey.

Guiding this seamless celebration was the talented planner, Mary Gerrity, whose expertise ensured perfection in every detail. The skilled photographers, Sound Originals, captured the magic, preserving precious moments for eternity. Mary and Sound Originals, the dream team behind Caroline and Kyle’s special day, brought their vision to life.

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The Ruins Wedding Photos

The Ruins Wedding Venue

Stepping into The Ruins is like entering a live symphony, where every note resonates with the harmonies of vows and promises. Seattle’s historic gem orchestrates weddings with grace and elegance. Each ceremony is a unique composition, blending the couple’s story with the timeless beauty of the venue. The Ruins becomes a stage where love dances freely, celebrated by friends and family. As a local wedding blogger, witnessing these harmonious unions is a privilege. The Ruins isn’t just a venue; it’s a conductor of love, creating melodies that linger in hearts long after the celebration ends.

The Ruins The Knot

Join the enchantment as The Ruins, Seattle’s architectural gem graces the virtual pages of The Knot wedding blog. The venue, a living testament to love’s enduring charm, paints a vivid picture of romance against the city’s backdrop. The Knot captures the essence of The Ruins’ allure, where every celebration becomes a symphony of enchanting moments. As a local wedding blogger, I’m delighted to share these tales of love that unfold within the walls of The Ruins, creating an everlasting impact on couples and readers alike. Explore the magic on The Knot, where The Ruins transform into a canvas for unforgettable love stories

The Ruins Wedding Cost

Delving into The Ruins wedding costs is like unraveling a love story’s unique chapters. In Seattle, the price tag for your dream day ranges from $2,500 to $7,500, dancing to the rhythm of several factors. The season whispers secrets, with April to October offering a more budget-friendly embrace. Weekdays unveil a more economical option compared to the allure of weekends. The catering minimum, a pivotal player, waltzes with guest numbers, dictating the final notes of the celebration. To decode the cost of your perfect day at The Ruins, let’s dance through the details—dates, days, and the magic of your guest list.

The Ruins Seattle Parking

Ensuring your journey to The Ruins Seattle is filled with joy, we’re thrilled to announce the gift of free parking for your cherished wedding guests. Nestled beside the venue, our spacious lot accommodates 100 cars, guaranteeing stress-free arrivals. As you enter, share the magic by presenting your invitation to our attendants. During your ceremony and reception, the lot transforms into an exclusive haven, reserved solely for your guests. At The Ruins, love is not only celebrated but conveniently parked, ensuring a day as perfect as your union.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Embark on a visual journey with Sound Originals, a team of passionate storytellers who freeze cherished moments in time. This Seattle-based ensemble of skilled photographers crafts each frame with artistry, weaving love stories into vibrant images. Their commitment to authenticity and unbridled creativity ensures that your wedding day is not just an event but an everlasting narrative. Sound Originals captures the essence of your love, embracing the unique charm of the Pacific Northwest. Entrust your cherished memories to this exceptional team, where passion meets professionalism, creating a visual symphony that resonates for a lifetime.


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