The Ruins Wedding // Anela + Sherief


Located in the heart of Seattle, the Ruins Wedding venue is the scene of a truly magical celebration. Anela and Sherief selected the charming The Ruins for their special day, captivated by its elegant charm and exquisite surroundings.

At The Ruins, the couple exchanged their vows in this historic building adorned with antique decorations, surrounded by their closest family and friends as witnesses. Erika PlanningSavvy, the mastermind behind every detail, ensured that every moment unfolded seamlessly.

The Ruins Venue provided catering, treating guests to a culinary delight with delectable dishes that tantalized their taste buds. And what’s a celebration without something sweet? Trophy Cupcakes crafted a stunning dessert spread that left everyone craving for more.

Poppy Florist‘s skilled hands transformed the venue with vibrant flowers, infusing the air with romance. As the night progressed, Alex Silvi with Silvicious Productions kept the dance floor alive with pulsating beats, ensuring that the party never missed a beat. Onsite Beauty by Brooke worked their magic, leaving everyone looking flawless and ready to dance the night away.

Seattle Wedding Photographers captured the most unforgettable moments. With their keen eye for detail and passion for storytelling, they immortalized every laugh, every tear, and every joyous moment shared between Anela and Sherief.

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The Ruins Wedding Photos

The Ruins Wedding Venue

This venue, a canvas for eternal moments, encapsulates the essence of each couple’s unique journey. As a local wedding enthusiast, I’ve observed the enchanting fusion of history and romance within these walls. The Ruins transcends the ordinary, providing a platform where love unfolds authentically. From the initial spark to the ultimate dance, every instant is a snapshot of pure emotion. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, The Ruins isn’t just a venue; it’s a sanctuary of timeless love stories awaiting their perfect frame.

The Ruins The Knot

Embrace the spotlight alongside The Ruins as it shines on The Knot‘s wedding venue, symbolizing Seattle’s enduring romance. Standing tall as a central figure in numerous love stories, The Ruins earns its spot on The Knot’s esteemed platform, where dreams materialize and vows resonate eternally. Let’s revel in the enchantment of this legendary venue, where each wedding is a luminous event, leaving an indelible mark on the souls of all who encounter its allure.

The Ruins Seattle Parking

The Ruins in Seattle offers convenient parking options for your special events. While the venue itself has limited street parking, there are three hotels within walking distance, each with its own parking facilities. Additionally, we collaborate with Butler Valet to provide shuttle, valet, or parking attendant services. The Venue Coordinator at The Ruins can assist with specific parking requirements, providing contact and pricing information. Utilizing Butler Valet ensures a seamless parking experience for your guests. At The Ruins, your parking needs are considered, ensuring a smooth event.

The Ruins Wedding Cost

Located in the heart of Seattle, The Ruins provides a captivating setting for weddings, completed with costs that vary based on the season and day of the week. During the busy season from April to October, prices range from $2,500 to $5,000, while in the off-peak months of January to March and November to December, rates can fluctuate between $4,500 and $7,500. Despite the premium pricing, The Ruins promises a unique and enchanting experience, making it a valuable investment for your special day. To receive a personalized quote and explore available packages, it is recommended to directly contact the venue.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Introducing the masterminds behind unforgettable moments, the esteemed Seattle Wedding Photographers, Seattle’s beloved wedding photographers. With an artistic vision, they intricately translate your love story into visual poetry. Each frame serves as a testament to their dedication to capturing the essence of your special day. From stolen glances to heartfelt embraces, Sound Originals orchestrates a symphony of memories, immortalizing your celebration in timeless splendor. Trust us to capture and craft the narrative of your love, frame by frame.


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