The Ruins Wedding // Amber + Jakob


We will share with you Amber and Jakob’s The Ruins Wedding, a love story etched in joy and timeless moments. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, The Ruins Wedding venue unfolded like a fairytale canvas. Its vintage charm and enchanting gardens set the stage for Amber and Jakob’s love to blossom. The old-world elegance of The Ruins provided a perfect backdrop for an intimate celebration.

Amber’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she walked down the aisle, Jakob waiting with a heart full of anticipation. Happiness radiated from the couple, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter and pure bliss. Every stolen glance and shared smile spoke volumes about their deep connection.

Sarah Tortora’s ingenious preparation perfectly planned the day of Amber and Jakob. Beautiful floral arrangements by Nadira Designs decorated the space, evoking a magical ambiance. A delicious feast prepared by Morfeys pleased the guests, while delicious pastries from Blue Sky Bridal brought a sweet touch to the festivities.

The beats of DJ Axzavor kept the dance floor alive, while Zo & CO worked magic on Amber’s hair and makeup, enhancing her natural beauty. The invitations, a prelude to the magical day, were carefully crafted to capture the essence of the couple’s love.

Amber and Jakob’s wedding was a symphony of love, with each vendor playing a vital note. As the sun set on their special day, the memories created at The Ruins lingered, a testament to a love that will last a lifetime.

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The Ruins Wedding Photos

The Ruins The Knot

As you explore The Knot‘s blog, you’ll discover the rich history and enduring elegance that make The Ruins an iconic choice for couples seeking a romantic backdrop for their special day. This historic venue takes center stage, weaving a tale of love that transcends time. Additionally, The Ruins’ picturesque surroundings offer a canvas for breathtaking wedding photos, capturing the essence of your love story in every frame. With its distinctive charm and meticulous attention to detail, The Ruins stands as a testament to unforgettable moments and a celebration of timeless love.

The Ruins Wedding Venue

Immerse yourself in the allure of love at The Ruins, where history meets elegance. This iconic venue steals the spotlight with its timeless charm. Exchange vows amidst historic grandeur, as The Ruins becomes a living testament to enduring love. Cherish every moment in a captivating setting, surrounded by the echoes of romance. Say ‘I do’ in style, with The Ruins as your backdrop, an embodiment of everlasting love. Explore the enchantment of this unique venue, where every corner whispers tales of timeless unions. Your love story deserves The Ruins – where moments become memories.

The Ruins Seattle Wedding Cost

Planning your dream wedding at The Ruins? Let’s dive into the details. This iconic venue blends history with elegance. The Ruins wedding cost ensures a flawless celebration, covering venue splendor, catering, and impeccable service. Choose from tailored packages, ensuring your vision comes to life. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, The Ruins offers enchanting settings without breaking the bank. Discover the magic of a perfect wedding at The Ruins, where every penny transforms into a moment of everlasting joy.

The Ruins Seattle Speakeasy

Seattle’s The Ruins isn’t just any wedding venue. Once a clandestine supper club, it’s now an immersive speakeasy oozing with Prohibition-era charm. Exposed brick walls and velvet drapes whisper tales of secret gatherings and whispered conversations. But today, it’s your love story that takes center stage. Imagine saying “I do” beneath the twinkling Edison bulbs, your guests bathed in a warm amber glow. Clink vintage coupes filled with handcrafted cocktails, each sip a delicious nod to the past. Later, lose yourselves in the rhythm of a swing band, toes tapping on a hidden dance floor. As the night deepens, laughter spills into hidden nooks, secrets shared between velvet curtains. The Ruins Seattle isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an experience. It’s a wedding steeped in history and mystery, where your love story becomes legend.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Meet the dynamic team at Sound Originals, masters of immortalizing your special day. With an unwavering passion for visual storytelling, they skillfully craft each frame. Seamlessly transitioning from candid to curated shots, Sound Originals captures the essence of your love story. Their keen eye and creative flair turn every moment into a timeless masterpiece. Trust in their artistry to weave an unforgettable visual narrative of your wedding day, ensuring every emotion is etched in photographs that stand the test of time.


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