The Ruins Wedding // Sara + Chidozie


We can’t wait to share Sara and Chidozie’s unforgettable The Ruins Wedding with you! Nestled in the heart of Washington, this enchanting venue is the epitome of romance. Let’s dive into the wonderful details of their special day.

The Ruins, with its captivating architecture and picturesque gardens, provided the perfect setting for their dream wedding. Guided by the meticulous planning of Selma Wild, every aspect of the event unfolded flawlessly, creating unforgettable memories.

After the exciting preparations, Sara and Chidozie exchanged heartfelt vows, promising eternal love and devotion. Following the heartfelt ceremony, everyone savored a delectable feast crafted by The Ruins‘ talented catering team. And the cake, an exquisite creation by Deep Sea Sugar and Salt, left everyone in awe.

The joyous celebration continued with the cutting of the stunning cake, followed by the couple’s first dance as husband and wife. DJ Baby Van Beezly‘s enchanting melodies kept the dance floor alive, and guests joyfully joined in the festivities.

Throughout the day, Seattle Wedding Photographers skillfully captured every cherished moment, preserving the love and happiness shared by Sara and Chidozie. Their artistry brought the day to life, leaving them with beautiful memories to cherish forever.

The Sound Originals team was thrilled to be part of such a special occasion. Their passion for storytelling through breathtaking visuals made them a perfect fit for documenting Sara and Chidozie’s love story.

For those seeking enchanting wedding venues in Washington, The Ruins and other spectacular locations await your discovery. Moreover, if you are looking for engagement spots or romantic elopements with your loved one, you are in the right place!

The Ruins Wedding Photos

The Ruins Seattle WA

An elegant wedding venue located in Seattle, WA, The Ruins offers striking architectural details and lush gardens. Located at 570 Roy St, Seattle, WA 98109, United States, the historic mansion boasts ornate interiors, polished hardwood floors, and beautiful chandeliers. The landscaped gardens offer a magical setting for ceremonies and photographs. The venue accommodates both indoor and outdoor weddings, making it perfect for various styles. With its rich history and enchanting ambiance, The Ruins is a place where love stories thrive, creating lasting memories for couples who choose to tie the knot there.

The Ruins Seattle Wedding Cost

Dreaming of a wedding at The Ruins in Seattle, WA? Being mindful of the wedding cost is vital for a seamless experience. Rental fees vary from $2,500 to $7,500 per event, determined by the day, time, and reserved space. It includes exclusive 10-hour facility use, a private courtyard garden, and a dressing suite. Food and beverage expenses range from $5,000 to $13,000 per event, depending on the day and time of year. Menu options offer hors d’oeuvres, buffet, family-style, or plated dinner with salad/sides. For detailed pricing information, please contact the venue directly.

The Ruins Seattle Membership Cost

Membership at wedding venues offers couples valuable opportunities and privileges. Premium venues like The Ruins Seattle may provide exclusive memberships to offer couples a remarkable experience. These memberships could include benefits such as discounted rates, priority booking options, additional services, and access to unique events. However, each venue’s membership policies and current offerings may differ. To learn about the current membership status at The Ruins Seattle, it’s best to contact the venue directly. Discover the exclusive membership advantages for an unforgettable wedding experience by reaching out to them today!

The Ruins Hood River Wedding

While exploring wedding venues in Hood River, Oregon, “The Ruins,” with the same name, stands out as a unique indoor and outdoor event space. Due to their similar names, it’s easy to confuse them even though they are in different locations. Situated at 13 Railroad Street, right across from the railroad depot and within walking distance to downtown, “The Ruins Hood River” offers an exquisite setting for weddings, rehearsal dinners, music events, non-profit gatherings, and more.

The Ruins Astoria

Yes, there’s another The Ruins venue in Astoria, Oregon! “The Ruins Astoria” is a historic and enchanting wedding and event venue. Hotel Astoria, built in 1921 to be the tallest building on the Oregon Coast, faced natural and economic disasters over the years, leading to several rebuilds and eventual condemnation in 1968. Acquired by the current owner in 2009, the property has been carefully restored to preserve its historical charm. The Ruins Astoria is ideally located in the heart of downtown, just three blocks away from restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. With Gothic details and ample natural light through its windows, the venue accommodates up to 250 guests, making it perfect for unforgettable events.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Capturing the magic of your special day, Seattle Wedding Photographers are experts at freezing cherished moments in time and creating lifelong memories. With their keen eye for detail and passion for storytelling, these talented professionals ensure every emotion and essence of your wedding is immortalized in their stunning images. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, their artistry shines through candid shots and posed portraits, reflecting your unique love story. To experience our exceptional services and preserve your unforgettable moments, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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