Roche Harbor Resort Wedding


Nestled on the picturesque San Juan Island in Washington, Roche Harbor Resort wedding venue stands as an idyllic wedding destination surrounded by natural beauty. The journey to this enchanting venue is as charming as the destination itself. If you’re driving from the mainland, your adventure begins at Anacortes, where you’ll board the San Juan Island ferry. A scenic 20-minute drive through rural farmland and forests leads you to Roche Harbor.

Surrounded by lush gardens and the sparkling blue marina, Roche Harbor is a haven for couples seeking a romantic and scenic backdrop for their special day. The venue’s proximity to Friday Harbor adds to its allure, offering guests a charming village experience.

Couples are drawn to Roche Harbor for its versatility and timeless appeal. Whether exchanging vows in the garden or chapel, every ceremony is imbued with natural grace. The day before the wedding, couples receive rehearsal assistance, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

The reception venues at Roche Harbor cater to diverse preferences. The outdoor courtyard is perfect for a cocktail hour, while the indoor pavilion provides a romantic setting for the main event. From interactive buffet stations to plated dinner styles, Roche Harbor offers a range of options to suit your taste.

As for pricing, Roche Harbor’s variable venue pricing accommodates different budgets, making dream weddings achievable for all. The package includes a comprehensive set of services, from menu planning to venue set up and breakdown, ensuring a flawless celebration.

For those seeking inspiration, scroll down to catch a glimpse of the magical weddings that have unfolded in this Northwest paradise. Roche Harbor Resort invites you to embark on a journey where moments turn into cherished memories, creating the perfect backdrop for your timeless love story.

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Photos

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Roche Harbor Resort wedding photos, where each image transforms into a treasured memory. Our skilled photographers are committed to intricately capturing the spirit of your extraordinary day, guaranteeing that your distinctive love story is elegantly depicted in every photograph. Rely on us to weave a visual tale that echoes the enchantment of your wedding day.

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Marisa + Babak

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Marisa + Babak

We will share with you Marisa and Babak’s Roche Harbor Resort Wedding. Located in the heart of nature’s beauty, Roche Harbor Resort created the perfect setting for Marisa and Babak’s joyful celebration. With its picturesque views and stunning architecture, the venue created an intimate atmosphere for their special day. Marisa and Babak exchanged vows outdoors, surrounded by love and warmth at their Roche Harbor Resort wedding. Overflowing with excitement and happiness, their joy lit up […]

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Rachael + Carl

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Rachael + Carl

Let’s dive into Rachael and Carl’s magical Roche Harbor Resort wedding together. Nestled in the serene beauty of Roche Harbor Resort, Rachael and Carl celebrated their union amidst breathtaking landscapes and charming architecture. The venue, with its historic charm and waterfront views, set the perfect stage for their intimate ceremony. Radiating pure joy, Rachael and Carl’s excitement was palpable. Their love filled the air, creating a magical atmosphere. Rachael’s eyes sparkled as Carl stole glances, […]

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Kelsey + Leighton

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Kelsey + Leighton

Kelsey and Leighton’s wedding was a celebration of love and beauty that unfolded at the historic Roche Harbor Resort, situated on picturesque San Juan Island, WA. This seaside gem, steeped in rich history and embraced by lush gardens, provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. Our Sound Originals photographers masterfully captured every moment, from the intricate venue decor to the gleaming rings, delectable cuisine, and the serene ceremony area. Leighton exuded elegance in a […]

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Emily + Lucas

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Emily + Lucas

Prepare to journey through Emily and Lucas’s enchanting Roche Harbor Resort wedding. Their contagious excitement was palpable as they eagerly prepared for their special day. Amidst joyful anticipation, each detail fell into place seamlessly. Nestled in Washington, Roche Harbor Resort boasts natural beauty and elegance, making it an ideal venue for couples to exchange vows. The venue‘s picturesque landscapes and charming ambiance set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. The talented team at Sound Originals, […]

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Brooke + Dave

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Brooke + Dave

Get ready to dive into the enchanting love story of Brooke and Dave as they celebrate their Roche Harbor Resort Wedding, creating unforgettable memories against the backdrop of this picturesque venue. Situated in the serene beauty of Washington State, this resort offers an idyllic setting for couples to exchange vows. Nestled in the heart of nature, Roche Harbor Resort creates a charming ambiance. This sets the stage for a truly magical celebration. As the anticipation […]

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Kassie + Brooks

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Kassie + Brooks

We can’t wait to share the enchanting tale of Kassie and Brooks’ unforgettable Roche Harbor Resort Wedding! The unforgettable wedding of Kassie and Brooks took place at the Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island, located in the heart of Washington. With panoramic views of sparkling waters and lush landscapes, the place casts a spell that lingers in the hearts of those lucky enough to experience it. The wedding day dawned with palpable excitement as […]

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Shannon + Jordan

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Shannon + Jordan

Shannon and Jordan’s Roche Harbor Resort Wedding has us eagerly waiting to share the magic! Located in the enchanting Washington region, Roche Harbor Resort provides a dreamy setting for their special day. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes, Shannon and Jordan prepared for their wedding with excitement and joy. The anticipation built as they awaited the magical moment to say “I do.” The Seattle Wedding Photographers team was there to capture every precious moment. With their artistic […]

Roche Harbor Resort wedding

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Jenny + Justin

Roche Harbor Resort weddings. They’re truly spectacular. Surrounded by stunning natural scenery and wildlife, Roche Harbor Resort ranks among the best wedding venues in the Pacific Northwest. Roche Harbor is about 15 minutes from Friday Harbor, Washington on scenic San Juan island. Sound Originals was honored to be Jenny and Justin’s wedding photographer and videographer! We love when couples add Seattle wedding videography to their package. Pictures tell wonderful stories, and video adds so much […]

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Videos

Uncover the magic of Roche Harbor Resort through our captivating wedding videos. We excel in transforming your special day into a cinematic masterpiece, capturing every emotion, laughter, and heartfelt moment. Explore our portfolio and allow us to immortalize the enchantment of your dream wedding on film.

  • Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Video // Kelsey & Leighton

  • Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Video // Kassie & Brooks

  • Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Video // Rachael & Carl

  • Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Video // Marisa & Babak

  • Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Video // Madison & Chris

  • https://youtu.be/NA2hGTS0OIU

    Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Video // Maricris & Anthony

  • Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Video // Shannon & Jordan

  • Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Video // Allison & Peter

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Roche Harbor Wedding Cost

Roche Harbor Resort, 2023 Seattle Bride Magazine’s “Best Northwest Destination Wedding Venue,” offers a stunning and historic setting for unforgettable weddings. With diverse ceremony venues, an outdoor cocktail hour space, an indoor reception area, an award-winning culinary team, and customizable options, the resort ensures a unique and personalized experience for each couple. The recently renovated Pavilion boasts custom features like an indoor bar, a historic stone fireplace, retractable glass doors, and outdoor amenities. The transparent pricing covers six key items, including the venue fee, food and beverage menus, service fees, linens, and taxes. Roche Harbor provides a courtesy 2-night room block for wedding guests, making it a seamless and picturesque choice for couples seeking a magical wedding experience. For detailed prices and reservations, you need to contact Roche Harbor Resort directly.

Roche Harbor Wedding Photos

Roche Harbor wedding photos capture the essence of timeless romance against the picturesque backdrop of San Juan Island. Each frame narrates a story of love and celebration, reflecting the unique charm of this historic venue. The photos capture the intimate ceremonies held in the Sunken Garden. They highlight the joyous receptions in the Pavilion, showcasing the seamless blend of natural beauty and elegant architecture. The candid moments, framed by the scenic landscape, convey the joy shared by couples and their guests. These images not only document a special day but also testify to the enchanting allure of Roche Harbor weddings.

Roche Harbor Resort Map

Roche Harbor Resort Map provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the enchanting grounds of this historic San Juan Island destination. The map highlights landmarks like the Sunken Garden, Historic Chapel, and Pavilion for wedding planning and guest exploration. It helps locate amenities like the Pavilion with a custom bar, the outdoor courtyard bar, and the scenic deck. With designated areas for ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions, the map ensures a seamless experience for visitors. It allows them to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and timeless elegance of Roche Harbor Resort.

Roche Harbor Housing

Roche Harbor caters to the comfort and convenience of guests, providing a range of accommodation options on the picturesque San Juan Island. The resort offers a variety of lodging choices, including luxurious modern homes, historic hotels, and quaint cottages, ensuring a perfect stay for every visitor. Guests can enjoy the charm of these thoughtfully designed spaces, surrounded by lush gardens and scenic views. Whether opting for a contemporary residence or a cozy cottage, Roche Harbor aims to create a home away from home. This lets guests relax and unwind in style amid the natural beauty and hospitality of the San Juan Islands.

Roche Harbor Events

Roche Harbor Resort buzzes with excitement, playing host to an array of lively holiday celebrations and annual events that draw in visitors from across the globe. This dynamic resort is San Juan Island’s premier destination, hosting joyous Easter festivities, vibrant Holiday Block Party, and more. The beloved Holiday Block Party, a local tradition, features Santa photo sessions, heartwarming cups of chili, and festive revelry. The Fourth of July celebration is another standout. It features a 5k fun run, engaging kids’ games, a spirited donut-eating contest, a blindfolded dinghy race, log-rolling, and a breathtaking fireworks display. Immerse yourself in the festivities and create cherished memories at Roche Harbor.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Embark on a visual journey of your wedding day with Seattle’s finest photographers. Against the lively backdrop of the city, our photographers blend artistic vision and expertise to craft captivating stories. Be it the iconic Space Needle, the green expanses of Discovery Park, or the picturesque waterfront, our photographers expertly illuminate every moment. From candid shots to formal portraits, we adeptly capture the love, joy, and distinctive elements of your celebration. Contact us to secure the services of Seattle’s top wedding photographers and ensure your memories are beautifully preserved.

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