Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Rachael + Carl


Let’s dive into Rachael and Carl’s magical Roche Harbor Resort wedding together. Nestled in the serene beauty of Roche Harbor Resort, Rachael and Carl celebrated their union amidst breathtaking landscapes and charming architecture. The venue, with its historic charm and waterfront views, set the perfect stage for their intimate ceremony. Radiating pure joy, Rachael and Carl’s excitement was palpable. Their love filled the air, creating a magical atmosphere. Rachael’s eyes sparkled as Carl stole glances, a dance of shared happiness.

Meghan Harris orchestrated the day seamlessly, ensuring every detail reflected the couple’s vision. From Mama Bird Farms‘ floral wonders to Noosh‘s delectable treats, each element harmonized flawlessly. Paperless Post invitations set the tone, and Rachael’s secondhand dress from Still White added a touch of sustainable elegance. The night came alive with David Baker‘s tunes from Bring On the Night Entertainment. The Hills Island Spa styled Rachael’s hair, and Ferah Uri accentuated her natural beauty. Every moment was immortalized by Sound Originals‘ skilled photographers.

Rachael and Carl’s Roche Harbor Resort Wedding wasn’t just an event; it was a symphony of love, meticulously conducted by passionate vendors, creating memories etched in the hearts of all who attended. Discover more love stories and Washington’s romantic destinations on our website, a trove of inspiration for couples seeking their perfect celebration.

Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Photos

Roche Harbor Wedding Cost

Planning your dream wedding at Roche Harbor? Navigate your budget seamlessly as the cost varies with chosen dates and services. With flexible rates for different dates, Roche Harbor ensures options for every budget. Their comprehensive packages cover menu planning, venue setup, banquet captain, servers, bartenders, and exquisite culinary offerings. Choose from enchanting ceremony locations like the garden or chapel, and enjoy indoor/outdoor reception spaces fully equipped with seating, China, glassware, and bar supplies. For detailed pricing based on your preferences, click here. For personalized assistance, contact the venue directly. Craft your perfect day without breaking the bank at Roche Harbor.

Shipwreck Beach Roche Harbor

Dive into the mystique of Shipwreck Beach at Roche Harbor, where the echoes of time harmonize with the rhythmic waves. Secluded haven on San Juan Island invites curious souls to meander, revealing the silent poetry of sunken tales. Amidst the coastal dance, the beach unveils a cinematic blend of untamed beauty, a canvas where nature paints alongside remnants of maritime lore. Every stride dances with island whispers, a chance to embrace present moments and stories of the past. Shipwreck Beach transcends a mere destination; it’s a poetic dialogue between land, sea, and memory.

Roche Harbor Accommodations

Discover the charm of Roche Harbor’s accommodations, tailored to every taste and group size. From historic guest rooms in the delightful Hotel de Haro to expansive, luxurious multi-bedroom units, there’s a perfect haven for everyone. Thoughtfully designed, these lodgings grant easy access to resort amenities, offering complimentary Wi-Fi, and entry to the Tarte Pool Center. Whether you seek a snug retreat or an expansive suite, Roche Harbor ensures a comfortable and convenient stay. With various lodging options just a short stroll from the resort’s attractions, your stay promises to be both memorable and delightful.

Roche Harbor Spa

Step into serenity at Roche Harbor Spa, a hidden gem within the picturesque Roche Harbor Resort. This haven of relaxation offers an escape from the daily hustle with its tranquil atmosphere and a menu of indulgent treatments. From massages and facials to nail treatments and hairstyling, the spa caters to your every pampering desire. Skilled professionals and a soothing ambiance guarantee you leave feeling renewed and revitalized. Tranquil massage or full spa day, Roche Harbor Spa guarantees an unforgettable experience, nurturing body and mind. Embrace rejuvenation in this sanctuary of calm within the beautiful Roche Harbor Resort.

Roche Harbor Pool

Escape into the aquatic haven of Roche Harbor’s pool, a jewel nestled on San Juan Island. Open from 10 am to 6 pm at the Tarte Pool Center, it’s a symphony of relaxation and family fun. The pool, complete with a separate splash area for the little ones and inviting loungers, unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of the harbor. This liquid sanctuary, open to both guests and visitors at no cost, harmonizes with the resort’s lively spirit. Engage in more sporting delights with full-size tennis courts and custom-built bocce courts available all day. Roche Harbor ensures every splash and swing craft has a memorable stay.

Roche Harbor Castle House

Discover serenity at Roche Harbor‘s Castle House, a tranquil haven cradled within the embrace of San Juan Island. This architectural masterpiece offers more than mere charm; it’s an intimate escape, a symphony of peace. Surrounded by nature’s embrace, the Castle House is a testament to understated beauty, inviting solitude seekers to bask in its quiet allure. Amongst the rustling leaves and panoramic views, it becomes a refuge for mindful wanderers. Find solace in gardens, lose yourself in island breeze whispers—Roche Harbor’s Castle House offers a sanctuary of tranquility.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Step into the world of Seattle Wedding Photographers, where artistry meets love’s narrative. Behold as they masterfully seize your unique moments, weaving a tapestry of emotions through their lens. Be it a grand celebration or an intimate elopement, their passion ensures each moment is immortalized with exquisite detail. On our platform, explore their portfolio, a gallery of visual poetry, and discover the range of services they offer. Seattle Wedding Photographers are not just image-makers; they are storytellers crafting your love saga. Let them be your companions; share your vision, watch as they turn your ‘I do’ into timeless poetry.


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