Roche Harbor Resort Wedding // Marisa + Babak


We will share with you Marisa and Babak’s Roche Harbor Resort Wedding. Located in the heart of nature’s beauty, Roche Harbor Resort created the perfect setting for Marisa and Babak’s joyful celebration. With its picturesque views and stunning architecture, the venue created an intimate atmosphere for their special day.

Marisa and Babak exchanged vows outdoors, surrounded by love and warmth at their Roche Harbor Resort wedding. Overflowing with excitement and happiness, their joy lit up the celebration. The couple’s smiles illuminated the entire place, reflecting the happiness they felt in each other’s presence.

Marisa and Babak danced into the night, their laughter echoing through the party. As the sun dipped, a warm glow enveloped the celebration. From fine dining to meticulous preparation, everything was well planned to make Marisa and Babak’s wedding truly extraordinary. Thanks to flawless coordination and attention to detail, the duo was able to concentrate on what really matters: each other.

Roche Harbor Resort, rustic and elegant, was the perfect canvas for Marisa and Babak’s love story beginnings. The venue’s stunning setting and the couple’s genuine happiness made this wedding a celebration of pure love.

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Roche Harbor Resort Wedding Photos

Roche Harbor Wedding Cost

Unlock the magic of a Roche Harbor wedding without breaking the bank! Delve into the enchanting world of varied wedding packages catering to every budget and desire. Whether it’s an intimate affair or a grand celebration, Roche Harbor’s picturesque backdrop ensures your dream day comes to life. With stunning waterfront views and scenic landscapes, the venue promises an unforgettable experience. Let their expert team handle every detail, ensuring a seamless and magical wedding day. Say ‘I do’ in this captivating destination without the hefty price tag. Begin your fairy-tale journey at Roche Harbor, crafting memories that will last a lifetime.

Shipwreck Beach Roche Harbor

Uncover the secrets of Shipwreck Beach at Roche Harbor, where nature and history intertwine in a captivating dance. This hidden gem on San Juan Island invites adventurers to stroll along its shores, where weathered shipwrecks tell tales of bygone eras. The beach’s rugged beauty mirrors the resilience of these maritime remnants, offering a unique backdrop for contemplation and exploration. With each step, you become a part of the island’s maritime narrative. Shipwreck Beach at Roche Harbor is not just a destination; it’s a living testament to the island’s seafaring past, where the echoes of history reverberate against the waves.

Roche Harbor Accommodations

Indulge in Roche Harbor’s enchanting accommodations! Nestled in a picturesque locale, Roche Harbor unveils a spectrum of lodging choices for an unforgettable sojourn. From charming cottages to lavish suites, each abode exudes warmth and allure. Awaken to serene waterfront vistas, immersing yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings. Tailored for all travelers, be it a family escapade or a romantic getaway, Roche Harbor’s lodging options promise an extraordinary stay. Revel in first-rate amenities and impeccable service, ensuring your sojourn is nothing short of extraordinary. Immerse yourself in the allure of Roche Harbor, crafting priceless memories in this captivating sanctuary.

Roche Harbor Spa

Roche Harbor Spa, a sanctuary within the embrace of Roche Harbor Resort, weaves an intimate tapestry of tranquility. A refuge from life’s relentless pace, the spa whispers promises of rejuvenation. Here, amidst the scenic beauty, skilled hands and a soothing aura conspire to cocoon you in serenity. Massages, facials, nail treatments—each a brushstroke in a canvas of indulgence. It’s a dance of pampering where professionals choreograph renewal. As you emerge, a revitalized spirit walks hand in hand with relaxation. Roche Harbor Spa is not just a destination but a whispered secret, an invitation to nurture your essence amid the whispers of nature.

Roche Harbor Pool

Dive into leisure at Roche Harbor Resort’s heated outdoor pool, a distinctive gem on San Juan Island. Open from 10 am to 6 pm at the Tarte Pool Center, it’s a haven of relaxation and family fun. The pool, adorned with a separate splash area for little ones and inviting loungers, unfolds against the lively backdrop of the harbor. This aquatic retreat, open to both guests and visitors at no cost, harmonizes with the resort’s vibrant spirit. Engage in more sporting delights with full-size tennis courts and custom-built bocce courts available all day. At Roche Harbor, every splash and swing crafts a memorable stay.

Roche Harbor Marina

Embark on a maritime adventure at Roche Harbor Marina, where every wave promises excitement. Teaming up with San Juan Outfitters, the marina invites you to an exclusive kayaking escapade, granting access to hidden corners of the Salish Sea. For a personalized touch, Island Boat Rentals provides welded aluminum boats, ideal for fishing, crabbing, or whale-watching. At the marina ramp, North Sound Seafood tempts with the day’s catch—fresh prawns, crab, fish, and oysters. Dive into hands-on charters with San Juan Adventures, mastering the art of shrimping, prawning, and crabbing for a seafood feast. Roche Harbor Marina unfolds an unforgettable aquatic escape.

Roche Harbor Castle House

Discover enchantment at Roche Harbor’s Castle House, a fairytale retreat nestled in the heart of San Juan Island. This architectural gem transcends the ordinary, offering a romantic escape with a touch of regal allure. The Castle House stands as a testament to timeless elegance, surrounded by lush landscapes and breathtaking views. With its charming turrets and storybook ambiance, it beckons couples to immerse themselves in a dreamlike experience. Whether wandering through its manicured gardens or savoring a quiet moment on the terrace, every corner whispers tales of romance. Roche Harbor’s Castle House invites you to step into a realm where fairytales come to life.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers redefine the art of capturing love, offering more than just a service—they provide a journey into the heart of your special day. Infused with an artistic vision and a commitment to storytelling, our photographers craft a visual symphony, preserving the very soul of your wedding moments. Mastery in lighting, composition, and post-production ensures results that are not just photos but timeless masterpieces. Whether an intimate elopement or a grand celebration, our tailored approach transforms fleeting instants into everlasting memories. Let’s embark on this visual odyssey together—contact us to breathe life into your unique vision.


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