Fremont Foundry Wedding


Nestled in the heart of Seattle’s charming Fremont neighborhood, the Fremont Foundry wedding venue stands as a testament to the perfect fusion of urban sophistication and industrial allure. This versatile event space, once a working metal foundry and artist commune custom-built by local artist Peter Bevis, has become an iconic venue for unforgettable weddings.

The Fremont Foundry’s central location offers easy access for both locals and out-of-town guests. In Fremont’s eclectic charm, couples can explore landmarks like the Fremont Cut and the Jimi Hendrix statue, adding a local touch to their celebration. Additionally, the venue’s rooftop terrace offers sweeping views of North Seattle. It provides a picturesque backdrop for couples seeking a romantic and unique atmosphere.

Couples are drawn to the Fremont Foundry for its inspired, modern, and industrial ambiance. The sky-lit atrium, with its 20-foot ceiling, provides an enchanting setting for ceremonies. The rooftop terrace, offering panoramic city views, serves as a breathtaking location for vows. The venue’s flexible spaces, including the courtyard and adjoining studio, allow for seamless transitions between ceremony, reception, and outdoor celebrations.

With a capacity of 225 for seated receptions and 850 for standing receptions, the venue accommodates diverse preferences. The in-house catering by Herban Feast emphasizes a farm-to-fork approach. The ingredients are sourced from Fox Hollow Farm, ensuring fresh and flavorful culinary experiences.

For those considering this unique venue, prices start at $6,500 for peak season receptions, providing exclusive access to the full facility for 10 hours. Detailed pricing information for ceremonies, bar services, and off-peak seasons is available for personalized quotes.

Curious to see the magic of Fremont Foundry weddings? Scroll below for a glimpse into the enchanting world of celebrations hosted at this iconic Seattle venue. Immerse yourself in the stories and photos that capture the essence of weddings at Fremont Foundry.

Fremont Foundry Wedding Photos

Explore the captivating allure of Fremont Foundry through our wedding photo collection. Seattle’s premier photographers have expertly documented countless love stories, showcasing the venue’s unique charm. Immerse yourself in the beauty and romance of these images, each frame telling a story of love celebrated at this distinctive Seattle location.

 Fremont Foundry Wedding // Matthew + Kristin

 Fremont Foundry Wedding // Matthew + Kristin

Embark on a mesmerizing journey as we unfold the enchanting love story of Matthew and Kristin’s Fremont Foundry Wedding in the heart of rustic Seattle. Fremont Foundry is a striking space with exposed brick walls and lofty ceilings. Expansive windows flood the venue with natural light. The juxtaposition of raw, industrial elements and refined decor created a uniquely romantic atmosphere. Outdoor spaces, adorned with lush greenery, offered a charming contrast to the urban surroundings, providing […]

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Mary + Brian

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Mary + Brian

We will share with you Mary and Brian’s Fremont Foundry Wedding. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, Mary and Brian’s Fremont Foundry Wedding was a classic celebration of love. The venue, with its industrial charm and elegant undertones, set the stage for an unforgettable day. The design of the Fremont Foundry is adaptable and modern. It was the ideal setting for the love tale of Mary and Brian. Under the expert guidance of planner Lauren […]

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Eric + Diana

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Eric + Diana

Eric and Diana’s Fremont Foundry Wedding is a tale of rustic charm and timeless romance we’re excited to share. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, the Fremont Foundry provided the perfect backdrop for their love story. The couple’s excitement was palpable; their wedding preparations were filled with anticipation and joy. Bre Ruiz, the meticulous planner, ensured every detail was impeccable. The catering, courtesy of Fremont Foundry, delighted guests with delectable delights. Sweetside crafted a masterpiece […]

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Catherine + Aadarsh

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Catherine + Aadarsh

Set in the artistic embrace of Fremont Foundry in Seattle, WA, Catherine and Aadarsh’s wedding transcended borders. In order to unite two cultures, the wedding was a two-day grand spectacle of ceremonies. Day one of the festivities began at Goodfellow Grove, while day two was held at the unique Fremont Foundry. Capturing the essence of their journey were our talented Sound Originals photographers, who documented each heartfelt moment. The festivities kicked off with a traditional […]

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Bond + Alexa

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Bond + Alexa

Bond and Alexa’s Fremont Foundry Wedding is something we can’t wait to share with you! Located in the heart of Seattle, Washington, this exquisite venue exudes a perfect blend of industrial chic and modern elegance. As you step into Fremont Foundry, you’ll be instantly captivated by its unique ambiance, setting the stage for unforgettable moments. Thanks to the meticulous planning of Breanna Ruiz, the wedding planner extraordinaire, every detail fell seamlessly into place. The couple’s […]

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Jack + Alicia

Fremont Foundry Wedding // Jack + Alicia

We are so excited to share Jack and Alicia’s Fremont Foundry Wedding with you! This was an incredibly special day and Sound Originals is so thankful to have been apart of it! Fremont Foundry is a historic yet modern venue in the heart of the highly desired Fremont neighborhood. This venue is known for its charming 20 ft ceiling sky-lit atrium. Couples and their wedding guests also love the rooftop terrace with stunning views. Jack […]

Fremont Foundry Wedding Videos

Embark on a visual journey with Sound Originals’ wedding videos, showcasing the enchanting atmosphere and romantic moments at Fremont Foundry. Our cinematic creations skillfully capture the essence of this unique venue, providing a timeless and immersive experience of weddings celebrated in the heart of Seattle. Explore the magic of Fremont Foundry through our captivating wedding videos.

  • Fremont Foundry Wedding Video // Mary & Brian

  • Fremont Foundry Wedding Video // Erica & Ben

  • Fremont Foundry Wedding Film // Alexandria & James

  • Fremont Foundry Wedding Video // Brennan & Jess

  • Fremont Foundry Wedding Video // Taylor & Benji

  • Fremont Foundry Wedding Video // Catherine & Aadarsh

  • Fremont Foundry Wedding Video // Nicole & Nikola

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Fremont Foundry History

Fremont Foundry, a historic Seattle event venue, stands as a testament to the city’s artistic roots. Once a metal foundry and artist commune, this space, conceived by artist Peter Bevis, birthed iconic works like the Jimi Hendrix statue. Today, it has evolved into a premier event location, retaining its industrial charm while embracing modern aesthetics. With its multi-level layout, including a rooftop terrace, Fremont Foundry offers a unique and versatile setting. This venue seamlessly blends contemporary celebrations with Seattle’s vibrant artistic past, thanks to its rich history and distinctive design.

Fremont Foundry Parking

The Fremont Foundry provides several parking options for guests. While there is free street parking available around the Fremont Foundry area, there are also two surface lots within the block. These surface lots typically charge a fee of $10 per day. Additionally, the venue collaborates with Butler Valet, offering shuttle, valet, or parking attendant services upon request. For detailed information on parking services, including contact details and pricing, it is advisable to consult with your Venue Coordinator at the Fremont Foundry.

Fremont Foundry Cost

The wedding costs at Fremont Foundry vary depending on the season, day of the week, and time. During the peak season from April to October, weekday and weekend starting prices range from $5,500 to $10,500. In the quieter months of January-March and November-December, weekday and weekend starting prices range from $3,000 to $6,500. These prices include venue rental, exclusive use, table-chair setup, dressing room, and catering. The food and beverage minimum consumption ranges from $6,000 to $14,000. For detailed quotes and pricing, it is recommended to contact Fremont Foundry Events directly.

The Fremont Foundry Seattle

Located in the heart of Seattle, Fremont Foundry stands out with its contemporary design and artistic atmosphere. Art galleries, concert spaces, and impressive event venues make it not just an event space but also a cultural hub supporting local art. Enriched by art exhibitions, live performances, concerts, and educational workshops, the venue offers diverse experiences. Hosting private events and community projects, Fremont Foundry is more than a meeting point for art enthusiasts; it’s a dynamic cultural space encouraging the gathering of the local community.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Sound Originals proudly holds the title of Seattle Wedding Photographers, establishing itself as a premier choice in the city’s photography scene. Renowned for our exceptional work, we have documented countless weddings across the picturesque landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Our team is passionate about capturing the essence of your special day, turning every moment into timeless memories. Committed to professionalism, creativity, and detail, Sound Originals crafts unique visual narratives for each couple. We invite you to share your wedding vision as we create extraordinary photographic moments together.

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