Fremont Foundry Wedding // Matthew + Kristin


Embark on a mesmerizing journey as we unfold the enchanting love story of Matthew and Kristin’s Fremont Foundry Wedding in the heart of rustic Seattle. Fremont Foundry is a striking space with exposed brick walls and lofty ceilings. Expansive windows flood the venue with natural light. The juxtaposition of raw, industrial elements and refined decor created a uniquely romantic atmosphere. Outdoor spaces, adorned with lush greenery, offered a charming contrast to the urban surroundings, providing an intimate escape for guests. The Fremont Foundry has a versatile and contemporary design. It served as the perfect canvas for Matthew and Kristin’s love story.

Under the masterful guidance of planner Bre Ruiz, every detail unfolded flawlessly, ensuring a day of perfection. The delectable catering from Fremont Foundry and delightful Top Pot Donuts for dessert added a culinary charm to the festivities. Flora Nova’s floral artistry, The Knot’s invitations, and A&Be‘s stunning dress selection created a visually captivating atmosphere. The celebration echoed with the rhythmic tunes of the Blue Wave Band, infusing every moment with joy. Anne Timms Makeup and Hair LLC worked their magic to ensure the couple looked resplendent on their special day. Sound Originals skillfully captured every nuance, preserving the magic for eternity.

Immerse yourself in the captivating tale of Matthew and Kristin on our website. Discover more love stories and ideas for Washington area weddings and romantic getaways. Let the magic of their union inspire your own journey into the world of love and celebration.

Fremont Foundry Wedding Photos

Fremont Foundry Parking

Convenient parking is essential when attending an event at the Fremont Foundry. Sadly, there isn’t any parking available on site. The lot located at 3601 Fremont Ave N in Seattle is the closest option. It’s open around the clock and costs $10 a day. An alternative is to park on the street, although spots are scarce and fill up quickly. Plan to arrive early to guarantee a place in the lot or check for available street parking for a hassle-free experience. By planning for parking, you may avoid the stress of last-minute arrangements and instead concentrate on enjoying the event. The first step to a flawless encounter at Fremont Foundry is a carefully considered parking strategy!

Fremont Foundry History

Nestled in the heart of Seattle’s Fremont district, the Fremont Foundry stands as a testament to the city’s industrial and artistic evolution. Originally erected in 1910 for stove and range production, this historic landmark transformed in the 1980s, evolving into a vibrant hub for artistic expression. Today, the Fremont Foundry serves as a dynamic venue, hosting an array of events from live music concerts and art exhibitions to corporate meetings and, of course, weddings. Immerse yourself in a space where history and contemporary events seamlessly intertwine.

Fremont Foundry Cost

Your dream wedding at Fremont Foundry is a carefully curated affair. Tailor your experience with flexible rental fees, ranging from $3,000 to $8,000 based on your chosen day. Elevate the celebration with a food and beverage minimum of $6,000 to $14,000. This pricing versatility ensures that your special day is uniquely yours. Craft moments that resonate with your love story, surrounded by the industrial charm and artistic legacy of Fremont Foundry. Your celebration, your way – an unforgettable union awaits at this iconic Seattle venue.

Fremont Event Space

Embark on a journey through Fremont‘s dynamic event spaces, blending contemporary flair with historical charm. Fremont Foundry, once an industrial cornerstone, now stands as a versatile venue with high ceilings and exposed brick. Along Lake Union, Gas Works Park unfolds its outdoor charm, perfect for festivals and gatherings. The Foundry SoDo, an industrial jewel, features brick walls and an expansive patio. Pillar Cowork transforms into a modern event hub with its open design and rooftop deck. In the heart of the arts district, BLOC15 Event Venue boasts industrial chic vibes. Oasis Palace channels Moroccan allure, while Royal Palace Banquet Hall and Resham Event Center offer elegant settings. Fremont’s eclectic event spaces cater to every occasion, promising an unforgettable experience. Explore the diverse tapestry of Fremont‘s event scene and elevate your celebrations with distinctive venues that capture the neighborhood’s spirit.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

At the core of Sound Originals Photography lies a team of artists who passionately immortalize love stories in the vibrant backdrop of Seattle. Capturing more than just moments, they craft visual narratives that mirror the unique essence of each couple’s journey. From bustling urban scenes to serene natural landscapes, Sound Originals goes beyond traditional photography, seamlessly blending the city’s energy with the beauty of love. With a commitment to sincerity and artistry, their work stands as a testament to the genuine celebration of joy and emotion, making them the preferred choice for couples seeking captivating wedding photography in the Pacific Northwest.


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