Fremont Foundry Wedding // Catherine + Aadarsh


Set in the artistic embrace of Fremont Foundry in Seattle, WA, Catherine and Aadarsh’s wedding transcended borders. In order to unite two cultures, the wedding was a two-day grand spectacle of ceremonies. Day one of the festivities began at Goodfellow Grove, while day two was held at the unique Fremont Foundry.

Capturing the essence of their journey were our talented Sound Originals photographers, who documented each heartfelt moment. The festivities kicked off with a traditional Tamilian wedding, an ode to Aadarsh’s Indian heritage. Dressed in a resplendent traditional Indian sari and donning bridal mehendi, Catherine radiated elegance. Family and friends joined in the cultural festivities, with vibrant Indian attire and feasting in the rich flavors of Indian cuisine.

The wedding’s second day unfolded against the urban chic backdrop of Fremont Foundry. The groom in his black suit and bride in her traditional white gown – by Made with Love Bridal – were ready for day two. The day began with the couple exchanging vows atop the venue’s rooftop. The ensuing reception was a symphony of joy. The newlyweds danced for the first time as husband and wife. They cut a stunning cake, masterfully crafted by Trophy Cupcake, who also set up a wonderful dessert display.

Integral DJs’ maestro, DJ D Look, filled the air with tunes, orchestrating an unforgettable evening of joy. Bringing the bride’s vision into reality was Event Director Bre Ruiz who collaborated seamlessly with a number of wedding vendors. From Landmark Event Co.’s delectable catering to Anne Timss‘ impeccable hair and makeup artistry and Nadira Design’s captivating floral arrangements, every detail was meticulously curated. And finally, the invitations that would set the tone for the entire celebration were made on The Knot.

Catherine and Aadarsh’s wedding was a testament to the power of love, cultural fusion, and true celebration.

Fremont Foundry Wedding Photos

The Foundry Seattle Wedding

Fremont Foundry is a historic venue that offers a unique backdrop for your wedding day, with an artful blend of urban flair and refined design. Originally an epicenter of Seattle’s vibrant art culture, the revamped Foundry now plays host to exquisite weddings. Boasting a versatile array of indoor and outdoor spaces, complemented by convenient amenities, it’s the ultimate canvas for crafting unforgettable memories.

Partnered exclusively with Landmark Event Co., Fremont Foundry ensures seamless catering, decor, entertainment, and beverage services. The warm and attentive staff is on-site, ready to assist, while the option for the venue’s day-of coordination team guarantees every detail aligns flawlessly.

Fremont Foundry The Knot

With an impressive 4.9-star rating on The Knot, Fremont Foundry stands as a wedding venue offering unique urban wedding experiences. Delve into comprehensive details about the venue, its amenities, and offerings, all thoughtfully presented on The Knot’s website. Immerse yourself in genuine accounts from couples who’ve embarked on their wedding journey here. The Knot showcases detailed reviews and photographs, providing an authentic glimpse into the weddings held at Fremont Foundry.
When researching for wedding venues such as Fremont Foundry or any other venue it is always advisable to seek insights from credible sources like The Knot to make an informed decision.

Ruins Wedding Venue

The Ruins in Seattle, WA, is a mansion wedding venue offering elegant event spaces and enchanting character. It features the Dining Room for ceremonies, boasting candelabra chandeliers, natural light, and space for 72 seated guests. The Ballroom showcases murals, and crystal chandeliers, and can accommodate up to 120 seated or 150 standing guests. The Lounge is for lounging and accommodates 25-36 people, while the intimate Maisonette suits 18-25 guests. This Landmark Event Co. venue’s maximum capacity is around 250 people, offering a fairy-tale experience with refined interiors and diverse event spaces, perfect for weddings and celebrations.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

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