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Nestled serenely on the picturesque shores of American Lake, Thornewood Castle wedding venue stands as an exquisite gem of the Pacific Northwest, beckoning couples to embark on a journey into the past, where timeless elegance meets modern-day romance. Located a mere 12 miles south of Tacoma and 42 miles south of Seattle, this enchanting castle offers an idyllic setting for dream weddings.

Thornewood Castle’s allure lies not only in its location but also in its rich history, spanning over 500 years. As you approach the castle, the immaculate gardens greet you, providing a breathtaking backdrop for your special day, with views of the lake and the promise of enchanting sunsets.

Your wedding options at Thornewood Castle are as diverse as your love story. Whether you envision an outdoor ceremony in the sunken English garden, a lakeside celebration by American Lake, or an indoor affair within the opulent Great Hall or Ballroom, the castle can turn your wedding dreams into reality.

As for pricing, Thornewood Castle offers a range of wedding packages to suit different budgets and preferences. Ceremony and reception packages range from $3,450 to $7,950, with additional options for extended hours and additional guests. These packages grant access to the castle’s gardens, reception areas, and professional sound systems, ensuring exceptional value for your unique celebration.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating love stories that unfold within the historic walls of Thornewood Castle. Discover the fascinating stories of couples who exchanged their vows in this magical environment. Let their experiences ignite your own imagination as you browse through the precious moments we captured in the photos and heartfelt descriptions of their special days. Take the next step and embark on your journey to discover the weddings held at Thornewood Castle below!

Thornewood Castle Wedding Photos

Explore Thornewood Castle’s enchanting world through Sound Originals’ wedding photos. Our portfolio captures the timeless allure of this historic venue, preserving countless love stories throughout the seasons. Discover the magic of Thornewood Castle in every image, expertly crafted by Seattle’s trusted wedding photographers, Sound Originals.

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Tyler + Cody

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Tyler + Cody

Tyler and Cody’s Thornewood Castle Wedding is a testament to the transformative power of love. It’s a fairy-tale day eternally etched in the hearts of all fortunate witnesses. Amidst the Gothic charm and historical whispers of the Thornewood Castle, their wedding day unfolded like a fairy tale. Embraced by Thornewood Castle‘s lush greenery and tranquil pond, Tyler and Cody embarked on their everlasting journey. The castle’s antique allure and elegant details became the ideal canvas […]

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Melissa + Sean

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Melissa + Sean

Get ready to dive into the enchanting love story of Melissa and Sean as they celebrate their magical Thornewood Castle Wedding! Step into the fairy-tale setting of Thornewood Castle, surrounded by sprawling gardens and historical charm. IImagine saying “I do” at Thornewood Castle, where love stories are whispered in every corner. As we take you through this unforgettable day, picture the excitement in the air as Melissa and Sean, brimming with joy, prepared for their […]

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Emily + Evan

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Emily + Evan

Excitement fills the air as we embark on the enchanting journey of Emily and Evan’s Thornewood Castle wedding. Nestled amidst the grandeur of this historic castle, their love story unfolded like a dream, brimming with anticipation and joy. Thornewood Castle, a picturesque gem, played host to this celebration. With its rich history and timeless charm, the castle provided the perfect backdrop for Emily and Evan’s love-filled day. As the day unfolded, the Sound Originals team […]

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Melissa + Karl

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Melissa + Karl

Melissa and Karl’s Thornewood Castle Wedding is a tale we’re thrilled to share! Situated amidst the charming landscapes of Washington, this venue provides the perfect backdrop for their special day. Located in Lakewood, WA, Thornewood Castle boasts a historic and elegant atmosphere that’s hard to resist. Such wedding venues are a sought-after choice in Washington, known for their captivating charm. The Thornewood Castle‘s stunning surroundings and timeless architecture make it an ideal spot for celebrating […]

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Yizhou + Xiaoyun

Thornewood Castle Wedding // Yizhou + Xiaoyun

This Thornewood Castle wedding was truly something out of a fairytale. There are only a few private castle estates in Washington state. Thornewood Castle is one of them. It is located 42 miles South of Seattle on American Lake in Lakewood, WA. It offers both indoor and outdoor venue options with stunning views and architecture. To note, their on-site staff helps navigate your dream wedding day with ease. The intricate staircase, gallery hallways, and historically […]

Thornewood Castle Wedding Videos

Sound Originals specializes in creating captivating wedding videos at the exquisite Thornewood Castle. Our cinematic masterpieces beautifully capture the timeless elegance and romance of this historic venue. Experience Thornewood Castle through our enchanting wedding videos.

  • Thornewood Castle Wedding Video // Victoria & Benjamin

  • Thornewood Castle Wedding Video // Tyler & Cody

  • Thornewood Castle Wedding Video // Yizhou & Xiaoyun

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Thornewood Castle History

Thornewood Castle, a captivating treasure of the Pacific Northwest, weaves a captivating tale of history spanning half a millennium. Nestled serenely on the tranquil shores of American Lake in Lakewood, Washington, this Tudor Gothic masterpiece boasts architectural fragments sourced from a 400-year-old English castle. These storied elements embarked on a transatlantic journey to find a new home in the early 20th century, creating the enchanting Thornewood Castle we cherish today. With meticulously tended gardens and breathtaking lake vistas, Thornewood Castle serves as a timeless backdrop for weddings and events, inviting visitors to traverse the annals of time in its uniquely charming embrace.

Thornewood Castle Rooms

Thornewood Castle beckons you to step into a realm of enchantment with its exquisite range of rooms. Each room offers a unique experience, from the opulent Grandview Suite and Presidential Suite to the charming Anna’s Suite and Lord Byron’s Attic. For a cozy retreat, Chester’s Suite and The Blue Room provide comfort and style. The Rose Red Suite, Casablanca Suite, and Gold Room each have their distinct charm. Combining rooms like Rose Red & Sewing Room or Casablanca & Gold Room creates a personalized experience. While staying at the Castle, guests can explore elegant common areas, relax in the sunken English garden, and enjoy modern amenities like Wi-Fi, TV, and more. Breakfast is not included, but guests can arrange for food delivery or bring their own. Experience a romantic getaway that transcends time within the Castle’s storied walls.

Thornewood Castle Floor Plan

Thornewood Castle, a magnificent Tudor-style mansion, boasts 54 rooms, including 22 bedrooms and 22 baths. Its enchanting floor plan features a Grand Ballroom, Dining Room, Library, Billiards Room, Bowling Alley, Kitchen, Butler’s Pantry, Servants’ Hall, and numerous Terraces and Balconies on the ground floor. The second floor includes the Master Bedroom Suite, Guest Bedrooms, and Bathrooms, while the third floor houses more Guest Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Servants’ Quarters. Additional unique spaces like a wine cellar, a dungeon, and a shooting range add to the castle’s allure. You can find the detailed Thornewood Castle floor plan on their website, and guided tours are available for an immersive experience in this historic marvel. Please note that access to the castle is restricted as it is a private residence.

Thornewood Castle Wedding Cost

Thornewood Castle offers a range of wedding packages to accommodate various budgets. Prices start at $3,450 for weekday ceremonies and receptions in January and February, while peak-season weddings in July and August can cost up to $7,950 for Saturdays. March through June and September through October provide mid-range pricing options, ranging from $4,450 to $6,950. For budget-conscious couples, November and December offer rates from $3,450 to $6,450. Additional hours are available for $750 each, and extra guests can be accommodated for $500 per block of 25. Prices are subject to applicable sales tax, so contacting Thornewood Castle directly for precise pricing is recommended.

Thornewood Castle Wikipedia

Thornewood Castle is a historic estate located in Lakewood, Washington. Comprising three buildings, including the impressive Thornewood Castle itself, constructed from bricks imported from a 15th-century English house. Notably, it served as a filming location for Stephen King’s “Rose Red.” This property earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. Today, Thornewood Castle operates as a bed and breakfast, vacation rental, and venue for weddings and events. Its rich history and picturesque setting make it a sought-after destination for special occasions. For further details, visitors can refer to the Thornewood Castle Wikipedia page.

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