Thornewood Castle Wedding // Melissa + Sean


Get ready to dive into the enchanting love story of Melissa and Sean as they celebrate their magical Thornewood Castle Wedding! Step into the fairy-tale setting of Thornewood Castle, surrounded by sprawling gardens and historical charm. IImagine saying “I do” at Thornewood Castle, where love stories are whispered in every corner. As we take you through this unforgettable day, picture the excitement in the air as Melissa and Sean, brimming with joy, prepared for their dream wedding.

Now, let’s talk about the magic behind the scenes. Guided by the expertise of the planner, the day unfolded seamlessly. Every detail, from the decor to the menu, was thoughtfully curated to make it a day to remember. Gallucci’s Catering worked their culinary magic, offering a menu that was a delightful symphony of flavors. And oh, the dessert! Celebrity Cakes crafted a sweet masterpiece that was almost too beautiful to eat. A skilled florist adorned the venue with flowers, setting the tone for the elegant affair with carefully chosen invitations.

Now, picture Melissa in her stunning gown from Evergreen Bridal, a vision of grace and beauty. The day was filled with laughter, happy tears, and moments that will be cherished forever. As the sun set, the DJ/Band took the stage, creating a lively atmosphere that had everyone dancing the night away. The hair and makeup team ensured that every smile shone brightly in the photographs captured by Sound Originals.

But our story doesn’t end here. Looking for wedding venues, engagement spots, or romantic getaways in the Washington region? We’ve got you covered! Explore our site for more love stories and inspiration. Your own fairy-tale celebration might be just a click away. Cheers to love and happily ever afters!

Thornewood Castle Wedding Photos

Thornewood Castle Wedding Cost

Step into the enchanting realm of Thornewood Castle in Washington, where dreams weave into reality. As you explore the costs, remember: this journey is a dance of heart and budget. Beyond the $100 per person base fee, infuse your celebration with soul. Let the restaurant craft a menu that narrates your love story, and drinks flow like the laughter echoing through the castle’s halls. Invest in photographers who speak the language of your love. Whether DIY or a decorator’s touch, let your essence adorn the castle. Amidst costs of $10,000 to $50,000, treasure the moments that truly make Thornewood Castle your fairytale canvas.

Thornewood Castle Rooms

Picture this: a fairytale unfolding in the heart of Lakewood, Washington, at the enchanting Thornewood Castle—a haven for love stories, celebrations, and serene getaways. With 22 bedrooms, each exuding its own charm, the castle becomes a canvas for dreams.

Stepping into Thornewood Castle is like entering a cherished novel. The rooms, dressed in the warmth of traditional English style, embrace you with plush furnishings, cozy bedding, and views that paint a lush, magical tapestry of gardens. From private balconies to crackling fireplaces, each room whispers its unique tale. Thornewood Castle isn’t just a place to stay; it’s an invitation to a world where every corner holds the secrets of timeless charm. Whether you find solace in the grandeur of a king’s realm or the intimate embrace of a queen’s sanctuary, each room is a chapter waiting to be written.

Thornewood Castle Floor Plan

Dive into the heart of Thornewood Castle, where the floor plan is a carefully woven tapestry of comfort and charm. Picture the grand entrance welcoming you to a space that feels like home, with spacious living and dining areas encouraging shared moments. The library, a haven of stories, complements the well-stocked kitchen, while cozy guest rooms on the main floor beckon. Venture to the second floor, where the master suite whispers tales of restful nights and quiet balconies. The third floor unfolds like a treasure trove—guest rooms, a playful game room, a cinematic escape, a modest workout corner, and a sauna for moments of serene relaxation. Meticulously maintained, Thornewood Castle’s design is an embrace of thoughtful details, creating a haven where every nook echoes with the spirit of home.

Thornewood Castle Rose Red

Sunkissed in the heart of Washington’s green embrace, Thornewood Castle takes a star turn in the spellbinding tale of Stephen King’s “Rose Red.” This architectural gem, born in 1908, unfolds its towers and ornate interiors like pages in a mysterious narrative. As Thornewood Castle breathes life into King’s eerie creation, it morphs into a living character. Its walls echo with secrets, drawing in those brave enough to uncover them. Beyond the spectral drama of “Rose Red,” the castle lends enchantment to film productions, a silent storyteller sought after for a touch of the supernatural. In this local yarn of history and allure, Thornewood Castle emerges as a timeless, mystical gem.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Ah, let’s talk about the heartbeat of Seattle weddings, where Sound Originals steps into the spotlight, like your favorite love song playing in the background. These aren’t just photographers; they’re storytellers crafting visual poetry in the heart of the city’s love stories. Seattle’s diverse landscapes become their canvas, and with a genuine touch, they freeze moments in time. Sound Originals doesn’t just capture; they curate chapters of your unique love tale, from city skylines to waterfront whispers. It’s not just a click; it’s a genuine celebration of the romance that defines Seattle, a sincere dance of emotions frozen in frames by the magic of Sound Originals.


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