Thornewood Castle Wedding // Tyler + Cody


Tyler and Cody’s Thornewood Castle Wedding is a testament to the transformative power of love. It’s a fairy-tale day eternally etched in the hearts of all fortunate witnesses. Amidst the Gothic charm and historical whispers of the Thornewood Castle, their wedding day unfolded like a fairy tale.

Embraced by Thornewood Castle‘s lush greenery and tranquil pond, Tyler and Cody embarked on their everlasting journey. The castle’s antique allure and elegant details became the ideal canvas for their dreams. It cast a spell of romance over every moment. Imagine a garden ceremony under the open sky with promises exchanged. Picture an intimate reception in the castle’s cozy hall—a dream come true.

The Rustic Collection became the brushstrokes of their love story, carefully painted on every detail. Cody French‘s crafted invitations set the tone for the feast of love awaiting their guests. The taste of love lingered in every bite of the delectable cake by Mike’s Amazing Cakes, and the venue adorned with flowers became a living testament to their romance. Sound Originals not only captured moments but emotions, freezing time in frames that will be cherished for a lifetime.

What makes this tale extraordinary is the couple’s choice to forgo a planner. Every detail was meticulously chosen, reflecting not just a celebration but their celebration. As you soak in the magic of Tyler and Cody’s day, let it inspire you to explore. On our website, discover suggestions for unique wedding venues, engagement hideaways, and spots for lovers seeking escape in the Washington region. For more love stories and detailed insights, linger a while longer on our site.

Thornewood Castle Wedding Photos

Thornewood Castle Wedding Cost

In Washington State, the captivating Thornewood Castle is a venue that brings dream weddings to life, featuring costs ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. The base fee of $100 per person, determined by hours of use, is just the beginning. Additional considerations include customizable food and beverage expenses, photography and videography costs, decoration choices, and music services. These factors contribute to the overall wedding expenditure. Couples are encouraged to plan thoughtfully, factoring in variables like guest count and seasonal influences. Understanding the average cost provides invaluable guidance for crafting a magical and personalized wedding experience at Thornewood Castle.

Thornewood Castle Rooms

Thornewood Castle, nestled in Lakewood, Washington, is a captivating venue for weddings, events, and retreats, boasting 22 uniquely charming bedrooms and baths. Each room, adorned in traditional English style, features plush furnishings, inviting bedding, and enchanting garden views. Common areas like the Great Hall, library, and sunroom offer varied retreats for guests. With private balconies, fireplaces, and soaking tubs, each space tells its story. From the grandeur of king rooms to the coziness of twin rooms, Thornewood Castle invites relaxation. Rates, starting at $300 per night for kings and $250 per night for queens, vary with room type and season. Step into Thornewood Castle’s world, where every corner whispers tales of timeless charm and unforgettable moments.

Thornewood Castle Floor Plan

Thornewood Castle’s design is a masterful orchestration, crafting spaces that seamlessly blend luxury and practicality. The main floor boasts a grand entrance, spacious living and dining areas, a well-stocked library, kitchen, laundry, and inviting guest rooms. Ascending to the second floor reveals more guest rooms, a master suite with a private bathroom and balcony, a small office, and a second living area. The third floor unfolds additional guest rooms, a game room, a home theater, a compact workout space, and a sauna. Even the basement, dedicated to storage and staff quarters, contributes to the castle’s functionality. This well-maintained layout invites guests to savor the charm of each space, where thoughtful design meets timeless allure.

Thornewood Castle Rose Red

Thornewood Castle, nestled in Washington’s verdant embrace, stars as the haunting backdrop in Stephen King’s “Rose Red.” The 1908 architectural marvel boasts imposing towers, ornate interiors, and sprawling grounds—a perfect canvas for supernatural narratives. As the castle breathes life into King’s chilling tale, it transforms into a character of its own, echoing a history that ensnares those who dare to explore. Beyond “Rose Red,” Thornewood Castle’s mysterious allure graces various productions, luring filmmakers seeking a touch of the supernatural. Its captivating presence, both on and off-screen, cements its status as a timeless gem in the world of storytelling.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

In the heart of Seattle’s vibrant wedding scene, Sound Originals stands as the epitome of artistry in capturing love stories. As Seattle wedding photographers, the Sound Originals team doesn’t just take pictures; they weave moments into timeless tales. With an intimate approach, they navigate the city’s diverse landscapes, from urban panoramas to waterfront wonders, ensuring each frame reflects the unique essence of the couple. What sets Sound Originals apart is their commitment to storytelling – every click, is a chapter in the narrative of love. Their lens becomes a storyteller, freezing emotions in candid beauty, creating visual poetry that echoes the sincerity of Seattle’s romantic allure.


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