Thornewood Castle Wedding // Melissa + Karl


Melissa and Karl’s Thornewood Castle Wedding is a tale we’re thrilled to share! Situated amidst the charming landscapes of Washington, this venue provides the perfect backdrop for their special day. Located in Lakewood, WA, Thornewood Castle boasts a historic and elegant atmosphere that’s hard to resist.

Such wedding venues are a sought-after choice in Washington, known for their captivating charm. The Thornewood Castle‘s stunning surroundings and timeless architecture make it an ideal spot for celebrating love.

As the big day unfolded, the excitement of preparations filled the air. Seattle Wedding Photographers skillfully captured the couple’s anticipation in every photograph, showcasing their skilled eye. They flawlessly documented each moment, from the heartfelt exchange of vows to the emotional first dance, transforming emotions into cherished memories.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, loved ones gathered for a joyous reception. Laughter, music, and love filled the air as Melissa and Karl, surrounded by family and friends, shared their first dance as a married couple. The cutting of the cake marked a sweet beginning to their journey together.

Throughout the Thornewood Castle wedding, Seattle Wedding Photographers skillfully wove their expertise, capturing the essence of each moment. Washington’s array of wedding venues offers something for everyone. If you’re seeking the perfect place to exchange vows, engagement location, or elopement with your beloved, this region has it all. For more inspiring love stories and valuable information, explore our website.

Thornewood Castle Wedding Photos

Thornewood Castle Wedding Cost

The cost of hosting a wedding at Thornewood Castle varies depending on factors like the chosen package, guest count, and specific requirements. Starting rates for weddings at Thornewood Castle typically range from $5,500 to $12,000. These packages often include venue rental, access to the grounds, and some amenities. Additional costs may include catering, decor, photography, and other personalized touches. It’s advised to reach out to their event team for a customized quote based on your preferences. Keep in mind that while Thornewood Castle offers a charming and historic setting, understanding the complete cost breakdown is essential for planning your dream wedding. For more detailed pricing information, it’s best to directly contact the venue.

Thornewood Castle Floor Plan

Thornewood Castle, with its vast expanse spanning 27,000 square feet, showcases a floor plan that unveils its historical opulence. The castle houses a remarkable 54 rooms, including 22 bedrooms and 22 baths, each space uniquely adorned. Noteworthy features encompass the grand staircase, meticulously carved from ancient English oak, and the exquisite stained glass windows, sourced from 15th and 16th-century churches, portraying captivating narratives. Every room in the castle, a chapter in its compelling history, invites visitors to embark on a journey of architectural marvels and rich tales, encapsulating the essence of a bygone era.

Thornewood Castle Rooms

Let’s take a look at the rooms of Thornewood Castle, a stunning venue that offers a wonderful accommodation experience. With its enchanting and elegant rooms, Thornewood Castle provides an exceptional stay for its guests. Indulge in the magical Grandview Suite, featuring a garden-view jacuzzi tub. The Presidential Suite offers a heart-shaped jacuzzi tub and an electric fireplace, perfect for a romantic ambiance. Enjoy serene moments in Anna’s Suite, adorned with a graceful atmosphere and a gas fireplace. Chester’s Suite, Rose Red Room, The Sewing Room, and others are equally well-appointed and adorned with luxurious details. Staying in these rooms offers a chance to experience history in a truly remarkable way.

Thornewood Castle History

Thornewood Castle’s history is steeped in rich heritage, dating back over a century. This exquisite English Tudor/Gothic mansion, nestled amidst old-growth fir trees by American Lake in Washington State, stands as one of the few authentic private castles in the United States. Constructed from 1908 to 1911, it’s a captivating blend of architectural marvels, including pieces from a 400-year-old Elizabethan manor imported from England. The castle’s 54 rooms, stunning stained glass, and hand-carved oak features showcase its timeless beauty. As an official historical site, it offers overnight stays, event venues, and an enchanting window into a bygone era for visitors from around the world.

Hotels near Thornewood Castle

Hotels near Thornewood Castle offer convenient accommodations for those seeking to explore the castle’s enchanting surroundings. Situated in Lakewood, Washington, Thornewood Castle is surrounded by various lodging options that cater to diverse preferences and budgets. These nearby hotels provide easy access to the castle’s historic beauty, stunning gardens, and events. Whether you’re attending a wedding, exploring the region’s history, or simply enjoying a peaceful getaway, the proximity of these hotels ensures a memorable stay. From charming boutique inns to well-known hotel chains, the options are varied, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the captivating allure of Thornewood Castle and its surroundings.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Capturing the magic of your special day in the Washington region requires skilled professionals who understand the essence of your love story. Seattle Wedding Photographers are adept at preserving your most cherished moments with their artistic lens. With a deep appreciation for the area’s scenic beauty, these photographers craft stunning visual narratives that reflect your unique connection. From the iconic Space Needle to the shores of Puget Sound, they skillfully frame each shot to embody the romance and joy of your wedding day. If you’re seeking photographers who blend creativity with expertise, look no further. Contact us to ensure your wedding memories are beautifully immortalized.


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