SoDo Park Wedding


Nestled in the heart of Seattle’s industrial district, SoDo Park wedding venue emerges as a century-old architectural masterpiece and a sought-after wedding venue. This historic landmark is managed by Landmark Event Co. It features a grand 7,500 sq. ft. open floor plan with high ceilings and exposed beams, radiating rustic elegance in the city.

Situated in Sodo (South of Downtown), SoDo Park offers easy access to major transportation hubs. The Sodo Link Light Rail Station is a short walk away, and King County bus routes 21 and 50 conveniently serve the area. Ample public parking, including adjacent lots and street spaces, ensures hassle-free arrival. The venue’s central location also places it near iconic Seattle landmarks and attractions.

Couples are drawn to SoDo Park for its unique blend of historic charm and modern amenities. The venue’s industrial grandeur, highlighted by cascading 20′ ceilings and charming historical touches, creates an unforgettable atmosphere. The arched entrance, courtyard, and drapery options create a romantic ambiance, ideal for those seeking grand rustic elegance.

SoDo Park offers diverse wedding options, whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration. The venue provides both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing flexibility for couples to choose the setting that suits their vision. Wedding packages, priced $175-$250/person, cover venue rental, catering by Herban Feast, alcohol, tax, and service charges. Additional customization options are available to tailor the event to individual preferences.

Couples benefit from the expertise of experienced Event Coordinators who assist in mapping out menus, floor plans, and timelines. Transparent pricing ensures no surprises, with wedding costs at SoDo Park ranging from $1,500 to $9,000, depending on the day and time.

Scroll down for captivating moments captured at SoDo Park during weddings and celebrations to experience the venue’s enchanting magic.

SoDo Park Wedding Photos

Immerse yourself in the enchanting visual tale of your wedding day through SoDo Park Wedding Photos. Our skilled photographers skillfully capture the essence of romance, the joyous celebrations, and the rustic elegance that defines your individual love story. Every photograph at SoDo Park encapsulates the magical moments, ensuring that the beauty and emotion of your special day are preserved in timeless images that will become cherished memories for a lifetime.

SoDo Park Wedding // Reeghan + Cameron

SoDo Park Wedding // Reeghan + Cameron

We will be sharing Reeghan and Cameron’s SoDo Park Wedding with you. Imagine a venue where history meets modern elegance, where rustic charm intertwines with industrial chic. SoDo Park, nestled in the heart of Seattle, offers just that. With its exposed brick walls, lofty ceilings adorned with chandeliers, and expansive windows letting in soft, natural light, this venue exudes a captivating charm. As Reeghan and Cameron walked hand in hand into the venue, their joy […]

SoDo Park Wedding // Mallory + Calvin

SoDo Park Wedding // Mallory + Calvin

Mallory and Calvin’s Sodo Park Wedding was dreamy. We’re so excited to share the precious moments and photo gallery from this stunning occaision. Sodo Park wedding venue is located south of Downtown Seattle. Herban Feast’s Sodo Park venue has a century-old building with soaring ceilings, romantic lights, exposed beams, and a 7,500-square-foot open floor plan. This rustic and modern indoor wedding venue with custom cuisine is a perfect space for weddings, birthday parties, meetings, holiday […]

SoDo Park Wedding Videos

Embark on a visual journey through the magic of SoDo Park with our captivating wedding videos. Our dedicated team excels in creating cinematic treasures that capture the very soul of your special day. Explore our video collection to witness the unfolding of your love story in cinematic brilliance, ensuring that the memories of your SoDo Park wedding will be cherished and relived for a lifetime.

  • SoDo Park Wedding Video // Chloe & Nick

  • SoDo Park Wedding Video // Megan & Adam

  • SoDo Park Wedding Video // Genevieve & Bo

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SoDo Park Wedding Venue Cost

SoDo Park stands out as a unique wedding venue in Seattle. The rental cost of the venue typically ranges from $1,500 to $9,000, depending on the day and time. This price reflects the exceptional features and services offered by the venue. SoDo Park provides a captivating historic ambiance, a 7,500-square-foot open space, high ceilings, and exposed beams, creating a romantically charged atmosphere. Transparent pricing helps couples plan their budgets effectively, eliminating unexpected expenses. For those considering hosting their wedding at this remarkable venue, SoDo Park ensures an unforgettable experience, combining historic charm with modern amenities in the heart of Seattle.

Sodo Park Parking

Located in the heart of Seattle, SoDo Park provides ample and accessible parking options. The Sodo Link Light Rail Station is just a short walk away, and King County bus routes 21 and 50 conveniently serve the area. Additionally, there are two small parking lots adjacent to SoDo Park, each with around 20 spaces, and street parking is typically available on Occidental Ave and 1st Ave. Most of these spaces, owned by the city of Seattle, are free or become free after 6 pm. We strongly recommend using valet or shuttle services, especially for daytime events during the week.

SoDo Park Address

Nestled at 3200 1st Ave S, Seattle, the allure of SoDo Park is truly magical. A historic gem, it welcomes you with open arms, offering a glimpse into the city’s charm. Whether you’re cruising through I-5 or hopping on public transport like the Link Light Rail or bus routes 21 and 50, the journey is an adventure in itself. Once there, the venue’s rustic elegance, high ceilings, and exposed beams create an enchanting atmosphere. For stress-free access, valet or shuttle services are a game-changer, especially on vibrant weekdays. A love story, eagerly awaiting its unfolding, encapsulates the essence of SoDo Park, transcending the notion of a mere venue.

SoDo Catering

SoDo Park’s catering is masterfully curated by the renowned Herban Feast. Specializing in farm-to-table excellence, their culinary team sources organic produce from their very own Fox Hollow Farm. The catering options range from continental breakfast buffets to plated dinners, showcasing the best of Pacific Northwest flavors and seasonal ingredients. Herban Feast actively commits to quality and sustainability. They ensure a delightful culinary experience for events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to grand weddings. The menus at SoDo Park are a fusion of creativity and freshness. They add a distinct flavor to the overall charm of the venue, making every event an extraordinary culinary journey.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

As premier Seattle wedding photographers, Sound Originals takes pride in our exceptional rating. Our team actively dedicates itself to capturing the essence of your special day, with an extensive portfolio covering hundreds of weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest. Beyond documenting moments, we strive to create timeless visual narratives that reflect the unique beauty of each wedding. Our passion for storytelling through photography ensures that your love story is elegantly portrayed. Allow us to turn your cherished moments into lasting memories. Contact us to share the details of your special day, and let Sound Originals craft an unforgettable visual story for you.

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