MV Skansonia Wedding // Samantha + AJ


We will share with you Samantha and AJ’s MV Skansonia Wedding. The MV Skansonia set the stage for Samantha and AJ’s dreamy celebration. Perched on the shores of Seattle, this historic ferry-turned-venue provided a picturesque backdrop for their love story. Amidst panoramic views, the couple exchanged fairytale vows, surrounded by sparkling waters and cityscapes.

Samantha and AJ radiated pure joy throughout the day, their smiles infectious. The air buzzed with excitement as they said “I do” against the stunning skyline. Their love, a beacon that shone brightly, illuminated the intimate moments shared with family and friends.

Sarah Fry orchestrated the day seamlessly, ensuring every detail reflected the couple’s unique style. Iris and Peony’s floral arrangements adorned the venue, adding a touch of natural elegance. Kiko Couture crafted Samantha’s gown, a masterpiece that perfectly captured her essence. Bamboo Beats set the mood, Swink worked magic on hair and makeup, enhancing the couple’s natural beauty. Capturing every precious moment, Sound Originals preserved the memories for a lifetime.

Samantha and AJ’s MV Skansonia Wedding—a symphony of love and joy orchestrated by the finest talents in the industry. As the day unfolded, their journey seamlessly blended with MV Skansonia’s charm, creating a celebration as timeless as love. On our website, you will find inspiration for Washington area wedding venues, engagement locations, and romantic retreats for couples. For additional information and to view more such love tales, visit our website.

MV Skansonia Wedding Photos

MV Skansonia Parking

Planning your MV Skansonia excursion? Fret not about parking! While the venue doesn’t offer on-site spots, effortless solutions await nearby. Check out Park & Go on 3400 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA, for stress-free parking during your event. Alternatively, explore Brown’s Point – Gas Works Park Parking in Seattle, WA, conveniently close for seamless access to MV Skansonia. Street parking around the venue is also an option; just keep an eye on the meter. Opting for public transport? Buses and light rail stations are conveniently located, ensuring a smooth journey to the MV Skansonia. Your visit promises to be a breeze, leaving you free to savor every moment and craft lasting memories.

MV Skansonia History

In the heart of Seattle’s maritime tapestry, MV Skansonia‘s story unfolds like a cherished novel. Born in 1929, this vessel began its journey as part of the Washington State Ferry system, gracefully navigating Puget Sound’s waters. Resurrected in 1970, it transformed into an enchanting event venue, anchored on the shores of Lake Union. Beyond its panoramic city views, the MV Skansonia is a living testament to a bygone era, each plank and porthole whispering tales of decades in ferry service. For couples seeking a venue where history dances with every vow, MV Skansonia offers more than an event space—it’s a timeless narrative.

Boat Wedding Seattle

Seattle’s boat weddings invite couples to set sail on a narrative-rich journey across Puget Sound. Here, amidst the maritime poetry of classic yachts and ferry tales, love stories are written against the backdrop of Seattle’s iconic skyline. The wedding ceremony becomes a performance, nature’s stage graced by the drama of majestic mountains and the gentle ripple of waves. The boat, an elegant vessel of dreams, carries couples into the embrace of a watery symphony, where vows echo, and the city whispers blessings to those navigating the seas of love.

Fox Hollow Farm Wedding

Fox Hollow Farm, an oasis in Washington’s countryside, unfolds as a love story waiting to be told. With barns that exude rustic charm and gardens that bloom with natural elegance, this venue invites couples to script their fairytales amidst nature’s embrace. The ponds mirror the serenity of commitment, while ancient oak trees whisper tales of enduring love. Fox Hollow Farm isn’t merely a location; it’s a partner in crafting memories. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, it provides the stage for love to unfurl, painting the countryside with the hues of romance that linger in hearts forever.

Ray’s Boathouse Wedding

Ray’s Boathouse, a lakeside haven on the shores of Lake Union, unveils a chapter of enchantment for couples seeking a uniquely romantic wedding venue. This iconic landmark, steeped in stories, harmonizes elegance with a touch of rustic poetry. Imagine pledging love against the lake’s serene canvas, boats gently waltzing in the background. The expansive deck, aglow with lights, transforms into a celestial stage for a reception painted in culinary artistry and sunset hues. Ray’s Boathouse, a blend of indoor grandeur and outdoor intimacy, offers the perfect setting for a wedding where memories are born amidst the whispers of Lake Union.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Within the tapestry of every wedding, a story lies in wait—a tale of love, commitment, and joy. In the heart of Seattle, the maestros of this narrative are none other than Sound Originals, the city’s unrivaled wedding photographers. Their craft is an art form, a masterful orchestration of capturing moments that transcend time. With an unwavering dedication to authenticity and an acute awareness of the profound significance of each fleeting second, the Sound Originals team transforms wedding photography into a gallery of emotions. Join us in unraveling the symphony of love as they seamlessly blend technical prowess with a boundless creative vision, ensuring that your special day becomes an enduring masterpiece etched in the sands of time.


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