SoDo Park Wedding // Reeghan + Cameron


We will be sharing Reeghan and Cameron’s SoDo Park Wedding with you. Imagine a venue where history meets modern elegance, where rustic charm intertwines with industrial chic. SoDo Park, nestled in the heart of Seattle, offers just that. With its exposed brick walls, lofty ceilings adorned with chandeliers, and expansive windows letting in soft, natural light, this venue exudes a captivating charm.

As Reeghan and Cameron walked hand in hand into the venue, their joy was palpable. Their smiles lit up the room, reflecting the love that surrounded them. You could see it in the way they looked at each other, in the laughter that bubbled up effortlessly.

Melissa Han orchestrated every detail flawlessly, ensuring that every moment was as magical as the next. Landmark Catering delighted guests with a culinary journey, while Trophy Cupcakes, crafted by Cindy Chou, satisfied sweet cravings. Invitations, designed by the couple themselves and printed with MOO, hinted at the elegance to come.

Krista Joy Kintner of Little Joy Fleurs is a Seattle floral designer specializing in artistic & whimsical designs. She utilizes blooms from local farms & upholds sustainable practices with each unique piece, partnering with nature to create intentional floral artistry. You can also view her Instagram to see her amazing designs!

Reeghan stunned in her Wtoo gown from a&bé bridal shop, while the sounds of joy were accompanied by Sounds Unlimited, keeping the dance floor alive. Hair, styled to perfection by OffWhite Makeup & Hair, framed her glowing face. Every moment was captured beautifully by the talented team at Sound Originals, preserving memories to last a lifetime.

Reeghan and Cameron’s love story unfolded in the most breathtaking way at SoDo Park, surrounded by the love and warmth of their closest family and friends. It was a day of laughter, happy tears, and promises whispered in the wind. As they danced under the twinkling lights, they knew that this was only the beginning of their forever. To learn more and see more love stories like this one, visit our website.

SoDo Park Wedding Photos

SoDo Park Parking

Now, let’s dive into the practical details that make every wedding day run smoothly. Parking at SoDo Park is as convenient as it is hassle-free. The venue offers ample parking spaces for guests, ensuring that arriving and departing is a breeze. With easy access to the venue entrance, guests can focus on celebrating without the stress of parking. This thoughtful touch is just one example of how SoDo Park goes above and beyond to make your special day effortless. So, rest assured that your guests will have a seamless experience from the moment they arrive until the last dance.

SoDo Catering

As we continue to explore the attractions of SoDo Park, let’s speak about the food you can expect. The on-site food crew, SoDo Food, has a mouthwatering menu that will entice your palate. Every bite, from the sophisticated pastries to the delectable main courses, is a celebration of flavor. Regardless of your preferences for a sophisticated sit-down meal or an exciting buffet, SoDo Catering will surpass your expectations. Every meal is transformed from a simple dinner into a culinary masterpiece because of their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality. Prepare a feast that will satisfy your guests’ appetites long after the last toast.

The Foundry Wedding

Let’s explore The Foundry, another magnificent wedding location. This historic location, tucked away in the center of Long Island City, offers a unique blend of modern elegance and industrial charm. Picture saying your vows in front of exposed brick walls and high ceilings covered with sparkling lights. Cocktail hours beneath the stars are a charming affair in the lovely courtyard of The Foundry. For couples looking to have a special and distinctive wedding celebration, The Foundry is the ideal venue because of its timeless beauty and adaptable areas. Prepare to make priceless memories in this undiscovered New York City gem.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Moving on to the domain of immortalizing moments, allow me to introduce you to Seattle Wedding Photographers, the outstanding group at Sound Originals. These talented photographers specialize in producing classic pictures that capture each couple’s individual love tale. They skillfully capture every feeling and subtlety of your special day since they have a passion for telling stories and attention to detail. Sound Originals makes sure that all of life’s special moments—from passionate kisses to joyful gatherings with loved ones—are captured in breathtaking pictures. Prepare to relive the enchantment of your wedding day via their eyes.


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