Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding


Are you envisioning a wedding that exudes timeless elegance and vintage charm? Look no further than Jefferson Street Mansion by Wedgewood Weddings. Inspired by Queen Victoria’s eclectic style, this American Colonial estate offers an exclusive vintage haven for your special day.

Situated in Benicia, California, this historic mansion boasts exquisite bay views and features a mature garden ceremony setting enveloped in verdant foliage and fragrant wisteria. Its neo-classical architecture adds to its unique allure. The mansion offers private access and a tranquil neighborhood, setting the stage for a VIP ambiance.

Couples are drawn to Jefferson Street Mansion for its historic charm and captivating surroundings. The mansion seamlessly combines classic elegance with modern amenities, providing a picturesque backdrop for your wedding. The experienced Wedgewood Weddings team ensures a stress-free planning experience, letting you focus on celebrating joyfully.

Jefferson Street Mansion offers three distinct wedding packages: Basic, Standard, and Luxury. Each package is tailored to different preferences and party sizes. The Basic Package includes venue rental, catering, bar service, photography, videography, and floral arrangements. For those seeking more, the Standard and Luxury Packages offer additional services and customization options. Detailed pricing can be found on their website.

Costs can vary depending on factors such as guest count, wedding date, and the chosen package. On average, weekend weddings for 100-150 guests range from $30,000 to $60,000. Additional services like extra menu options, beverages, photography, videography, and floral design come at varying costs. For a more detailed breakdown, consult their website.

Jefferson Street Mansion is an excellent choice for couples seeking a blend of historic charm and modern convenience. Ready to create lasting memories in this timeless venue? Scroll down and explore the weddings held at the Jefferson Street Mansion wedding venue below! You’re sure to love them all!

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding Photos

Discover the charm of Jefferson Street Mansion weddings through captivating photos. Our skilled photographers capture the unique moments and love that define each wedding. Explore these visuals to glimpse the venue’s timeless elegance and historic allure.

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Sayde + Dillon

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Sayde + Dillon

We can’t wait to tell you about Sayde and Dillon’s Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding! Located in the heart of San Francisco, Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding is a picturesque venue that exudes timeless elegance. Couples flock to this historic mansion for its romantic ambience and stunning architecture. From the moment Sayde and Dillon stepped into the venue, they knew it was the perfect place to exchange their vows and celebrate their love. With the help of […]

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Amelia + Aymeric

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Amelia + Aymeric

In historic Benicia, CA, Jefferson Street Mansion served as the enchanting backdrop for Amelia and Aymeric’s wedding. This boutique venue, inspired by the timeless elegance of Queen Victoria, exudes vintage charm and has earned the prestigious ‘Best of the Bay’ award, solidifying its status as one of the Bay Area’s top wedding destinations. Our talented Sound Originals photographers were on hand to capture every moment of this unforgettable day. The festivities commenced as Amelia and […]

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Laura + Weston

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Laura + Weston

We are thrilled to share the enchanting celebration of Laura and Weston’s Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding. Located in Benicia, California, this historic wedding venue offers a picturesque setting for a truly memorable event. At Jefferson Street Mansion, grand pavilions with elegant chandeliers create an enchanting atmosphere for couples seeking a magical wedding venue. Laura and Weston’s love story came to life in this extraordinary wedding. The Wedgewood team meticulously planned every detail, ensuring that everything […]

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Armon + Alexandria

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Armon + Alexandria

We’re very excited to share Armon and Alexandria’s stunning Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding! Evidently, the Jefferson Street Mansion is located in Benicia, CA. At just under an hour away from San Francisco, CA, it is relatively convenient to drive to this wedding destination. Historically, the mansion was built in 1861. This makes it a Civil War period mansion. Additionally, the architecture is Empire Style.   Above all, the right wedding planners help ensure your ceremony is […]

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Yvonne + Armand

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding // Yvonne + Armand

We are excited to share Yvonne and Armand’s Jefferson Street Mansion wedding! Jefferson Street Mansion, located about 45 minutes northeast of San Francisco, is an elegant American Colonial estate providing perfect photo opportunities for your special day. Get married under their mesmerizing wisteria-draped veranda or inside the beautiful mansion before enjoying a fun-filled reception in their open-air tent. With four customizable wedding packages, the onsite coordination team is excited to help you plan the wedding […]

Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding Videos

Relive the magic of Jefferson Street Mansion weddings through our captivating wedding videos. Reconnect with the emotions, moments, and love stories that unfold in this historic venue. Contact us to discover more and preserve your Jefferson Street Mansion wedding memories for a lifetime.

  • Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding Video // Nicollette & Harrison

  • Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding Video // Sayde & Dillon

  • Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding Video // Laura & Weston

  • Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding Video // Armon & Alexandria

  • Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding Video // Armand & Yvonne

Wedding Venues Similar to Jefferson Street Mansion

Wedgewood Weddings

Wedgewood Weddings is an event planning company designed to make your weddings unforgettable. With an extensive venue portfolio, Wedgewood Weddings offers couples the opportunity to realize their dream weddings. This company provides options suitable for every wedding theme and budget, along with an experienced planning team and exclusive venues to offer full support to couples. They offer comprehensive services for wedding preparations, organization, and even post-wedding events. Wedgewood Weddings is here to help couples celebrate their special days in the most extraordinary way.

Jefferson Wedding Venue

Jefferson Street Mansion stands as a captivating blend of history and sophistication in the heart of Benicia, California. This splendid wedding venue offers couples a chance to exchange vows amidst the grandeur of a bygone era, with its historic mansion and waterfront location providing a unique and enchanting backdrop. The venue’s versatile event spaces and dedicated staff ensure that every wedding is tailored to perfection. Not only does it receive glowing reviews on Yelp for its services, but it also offers a range of amenities, from waterfront views to customizable wedding packages, making it a top choice for those seeking an unforgettable and elegant wedding experience.

Jefferson Street Mansion History

Discover the rich history of Jefferson Street Mansion, a timeless wedding venue in Benicia, California. Originally constructed in 1861 as the Captain’s Quarters, this three-story Arsenal building has been meticulously restored to its pre-Civil War grandeur. With an elegant Empire Style, the mansion stands as a testament to history, surrounded by formal gardens and pavilions on its 1-acre estate. Once in decay, it was lovingly revived by J. Reed Robbins in 1998. The mansion showcases neo-classical architecture, 12-foot-high windows, crystal chandeliers, and intricate wall details. Its legacy continues to captivate, offering couples a unique blend of vintage charm and modern luxury.

Jefferson Street Mansion Reviews

Jefferson Street Mansion has garnered rave reviews from couples who have celebrated their weddings at this historic Benicia venue. Couples praise the mansion for its timeless elegance, exquisite bay views, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Many highlight the mansion’s meticulous restoration, which preserves its pre-Civil War grandeur, and the Empire Style decor that adds a touch of classic luxury to their special day. The attentive staff and attention to detail have left couples stress-free and able to savor every moment of their celebration. With its unique blend of history and modern amenities, Jefferson Street Mansion continues to be a cherished choice for couples seeking a truly enchanting wedding experience.

Jefferson Street Mansion Yelp

Jefferson Street Mansion by Wedgewood Weddings is a breathtaking event venue nestled in Benicia, California. With a stellar 4.4-star rating derived from 112 Yelp reviews, it has garnered acclaim for its picturesque charm and captivating waterfront views, making it an idyllic choice for weddings. The dedicated staff has been highly praised for their meticulous wedding planning services, ensuring seamless execution. Clients also rave about the delectable cuisine and the convenience of all-inclusive wedding packages. Overall, Jefferson Street Mansion shines as a stunning, well-reviewed venue that promises to transform any special occasion into an unforgettable experience.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

The San Francisco Wedding Photographers of Sound Originals are absolute magicians when it comes to capturing your special moments. With their expertise and boundless creativity, they transform your wedding day into an unforgettable visual masterpiece. They skillfully harness the unique beauty and ambiance of San Francisco to encapsulate your cherished moments in every frame. Their exceptional talent lies in highlighting the distinctiveness and romance of your wedding. The Sound Originals team meticulously works to deliver you and your loved ones the very best memories. Reach out to the San Francisco Wedding Photographers at Sound Originals to immortalize every moment of your special day and create extraordinary memories.

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