San Ramon Waters Wedding // Kristina + Kevin


We will share Kristina and Kevin’s San Ramon Waters Wedding with you. Nestled in the heart of San Ramon, the enchanting San Ramon Waters is where Kristina and Kevin’s love story unfolded. Surrounded by the glistening waters and the gentle caress of nature, the venue exudes a magical aura, perfect for a union of two souls. As the sun painted the sky in hues of gold, the couple exchanged vows amidst the breathtaking scenery.

Months of meticulous planning led by the talented planner ensured a flawless celebration. Anticipation and excitement filled the air as the bridal party prepared. The bride looked stunning in her Jenny Yoo gown, accentuated by Noemi Hair by Noemi‘s artful touch and skilled makeup by Olivia Applin. The venue was adorned with Dana’s Florist‘s exquisite floral arrangements, adding a touch of elegance. Guests were treated to a delectable feast curated by San Ramon Waters and scrumptious delights from Old Towne Bakery. The celebration resonated with laughter and the lively beats spun by DJ Cali, making it an unforgettable evening.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers captured every magical moment with finesse. Their presence was unobtrusive yet omnipresent, turning fleeting instants into timeless photographs, a treasure to cherish for generations to come. As the night drew to a close, the couple expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Sound Originals team, whose photography immortalized the essence of their love story. If you seek the most exquisite San Francisco wedding and engagement photography, look no further. Visit our website to explore more love stories and find the perfect match for your dream celebration.

San Ramon Waters Wedding Photos

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San Ramon Golf Course Wedding

Love takes center stage at the enchanting San Ramon Golf Course, where couples embark on a journey of eternal togetherness amidst the rolling greens and breathtaking landscapes. The venue’s inherent charm provides the perfect backdrop for a jubilant celebration, where couples exchange vows and unite their hearts in joyous harmony. The sun delicately paints the sky with golden hues, enveloping the air with the enchanting aura of love. From intimate ceremonies to grand festivities, the San Ramon Golf Course caters to the unique dreams of every couple’s wedding. Skillful photographers artfully capture the reverberations of laughter from loved ones, eternally preserving the cherished memories of this extraordinary day.

Eagle Ridge Wedding

Eagle Ridge, situated in the picturesque Santa Cruz Mountains of California, stands out as an exquisite wedding venue. Offering a range of packages to suit diverse budgets, it promises a captivating setting for your special day. The committed Eagle Ridge staff passionately strives for wedding perfection, meticulously coordinating every aspect to ensure your dreams come true. The venue’s allure is heightened by additional amenities, including a serene swimming pool, an inviting tennis court, and a pampering spa. For an enchanting and cost-effective wedding venue in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Eagle Ridge unquestionably emerges as an optimal selection.

Redwood Canyon Wedding

In the heart of Redwood Canyon, love finds its sanctuary amidst ancient giants. Towering redwoods embrace couples as they embark on a new chapter of life. The natural beauty of this enchanting venue sets the stage for a celebration of love that is both intimate and grand. Surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing whispers of nature, vows are exchanged, and hearts beat as one. Redwood Canyon’s serene ambiance and attentive services create an unforgettable wedding experience. Photographers weave their artistry into this tapestry of love, capturing the essence of every moment in timeless imagery.

San Ramon Marriott

Nestled in the heart of San Ramon, the Marriott offers an elegant setting for couples seeking a luxurious wedding experience. This refined venue brings together sophistication and warmth, creating a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. As couples say “I do” under the soft glow of chandeliers, love takes center stage. The Marriott‘s impeccable services cater to every need, ensuring a seamless celebration. Skilled photographers preserve the joyous moments, freezing time in a collection of photographs that reflect the love and happiness shared by the couple and their loved ones.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

San Francisco wedding photographers create timeless visual stories with an artistic eye and a love of romance. They weave the enchantment of love into each photo while posing in front of the city’s famous attractions. Photography for weddings is offered by Sound Originals. Photographers with skill and expertise who are passionate about capturing the beauty of the city make up the team. A range of wedding photography packages are available from Sound Originals to suit any price range. Photo shoots, video shoots, and photo albums are all included in the packages. The group will assist you in immortalizing the most significant moments of your wedding day and capturing the beauty of the city. Visit Sound Originals if you’re seeking for wedding photos in San Francisco. The group will assist you in immortalizing the most significant moments of your wedding day.


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