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“Hiring Sound Originals was one of the best decisions we made. Dan captured the beauty of our venue, our family and friends, and so many incredible moments. He was patient and easy to work with through the whole process. We were blown away by the photos! Highly recommended!” 
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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

We love weddings at San Francisco City Hall! You can't match the gorgeous architecture and affordable price. Your wedding pictures will be absolutely stunning. We'd love to be considered as your wedding photographer. Check out our comprehensive guide to planning a wedding or elopement at the famous City Hall!

Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Your love story is waiting to be told! Sound Originals is the Bay Area wedding photographer you've been searching for. We're trustworthy, experienced and obsessed with excellent photography. Your story deserves beautiful photos you'll absolutely love. We know it's overwhelming planning a wedding. As a result, many couples say it's tough to find the best wedding photographer. There are so many choices from so many websites, lists and magazines. Our mission is to help couples capture their marriage with a smooth and stress-free experience. Feel relaxed. Look great. Love your memories. We are available for wedding photo and video in San Francisco, the Bay Area and all over Northern California. No matter where you're getting married, we'd be honored to tell your story!

Fine Art Wedding Photography Bay Area

Planning a wedding is the easy part. Picking the right wedding photographer is the hard part. Kidding aside, it's important to understand the different styles of wedding photography. Sound Originals specializes in fine art wedding photography for Bay Area couples. Fine art photography is another way of describing artistic images with bright colors and a look inspired by film. Our team uses light, composition and emotion to tell stories through fine art photography. As a result, your pictures are light, airy and colorful. Your marriage will be documented with natural colors and authentic storytelling. The Bay Area lends itself to fine art wedding photography thanks to its geography and natural landscapes. Some couples, however, prefer a more dramatic or darker look to their wedding pictures. That's why Sound Originals also offers a Rustic photography editing style. These photos capture a moody, bold and deep vibe. Our Rustic collection is inspired by our roots in the Pacific Northwest. No matter which photography style you prefer, you can't go wrong with the best fine art wedding photographers in San Francisco.

Storytelling lasts forever.

Here's an example of a fine art wedding photography portrait. This gorgeous bride got married at San Francisco City Hall. We used natural light from the windows to light her face. The sunlight is dramatic, but understated. She's posing in a more formal style, which is common for fine art portraiture. The image is also edited with a light and airy technique. Fine art wedding photography is often intended to be appreciated as an art. The style originated with actual film stock. Today, many wedding photographers still incorporate film into their process. But digital tools can simulate the aesthetic of film to a large degree. There is no "right" approach to wedding photography. It depends on the story your artist is trying to tell, and what kind of imagery speaks to you.

Fine Art Bridal Portraits


Documentary wedding photography captures authentic moments. This photo is an example of a photojournalistic approach. The bride and groom are listening to their loved ones deliver speeches. It's natural, real and candid. Documentary wedding photography requires experience and skill. Your photographer needs to know where to stand, and how to capture the moment at precisely the right time. As a result, it's challenging to be a great documentary wedding photographer. For example, this image is wonderful because it captures the groom's expression. He's laughing and looks surprised. The image is composed nicely and includes the beautiful wedding flowers in the background. We believe in using flattering candids to tell your story. 

Documentary Style Wedding Photography Bay Area

Discover why couples across the Bay Area trust us to capture their wedding memories with gorgeous photos and videos. You'll be so glad you chose us as your wedding photographer or videographer.


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Best San Francisco Wedding Photographers

When you're getting married, it's important to search for the best San Francisco wedding photographers. Your marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You want an artist who can tell your story with beautiful images and fine art photography. Our storytellers are skilled wedding photographers with experience at Bay Area wedding venues. It can be overwhelming when you're researching California wedding photographers. After all, you'll find hundreds of choices and dozens of websites. We put together a list of some popular guides to the best San Francisco wedding photographers.

Best Wedding Photographers in the Bay Area

The Knot is the most popular website in the country to find the best wedding photographers. The Knot lists hundreds of photographers who specialize in weddings, elopements and engagements. You can also use The Knot's extensive directory to find vendors. As a result, it's a terrific resource for planning your wedding in San Francisco. Be sure to read reviews from past couples and check pricing guides. Photography pricing varies greatly for wedding photography and videography.

Best Wedding Photographers in San Francisco // The Knot

Peerspace put together its own list of the 12 best wedding photographers in San Francisco. Peerspace is a national website. As a result, it's not clear how the editors picked the photography professionals to feature on its list. Couples should always vet each photographer and check reviews from multiple platforms. Sound Originals is proud to have a 5.0 average rating (out of 5 stars) on Wedding Wire, The Knot and Google. We are obsessed with making sure you love your photos, forever!

Best San Francisco Wedding Photographers // Peerspace

Not to be outdone, SFist weighed in with its own guide to San Francisco wedding photography. We think it's important to talk to more than one wedding photographer or videographer before picking the right one. You want to make sure you like the photographer's style, as well as his or her approach to documenting moments. 

Best Wedding Photographers in San Francisco // SFist

Many engaged couples are looking for affordable wedding photography. Yelp is a great resource. Check out its guide to the best Bay Area wedding photographers who have affordable prices. As a result, this can help you save money on wedding photography costs. However, we have a word of caution. The word "affordable" means something different to everyone. My definition of affordable is different from yours. We suggest contacting two or three of your favorite photographers before picking someone to capture your wedding. Ask about pricing and package options.

Affordable Wedding Photographers in San Francisco, California

Discover why couples across the Bay Area trust us to capture their wedding memories with gorgeous photos and videos. You'll be so glad you chose us as your wedding photographer or videographer.


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The cost of a Bay Area wedding photography varies. We believe wedding photography pricing is sort of like car pricing. Why? After all, hiring a wedding photographer seems totally different from buying a car. Yes, and no. When you're buying a car, you're bombarded with lots of options. The basic function of every car is the same. Your car helps you travel from one place to another. The difference is in the details: the car's brand, finish, style, color, amenities, space, features, horsepower, technical specifications, and so on. These differences might make the experience feel better, more comfortable or more luxurious. But the car's function won't change much. It'll still take you from one place to another. We think Bay Area wedding photography cost is similar. Every photographer in California is performing a similar function. They're taking pictures with their camera to help you remember your wedding ceremony and reception. Again, the difference is in the details. Some photographers are more experienced. They're more talented and skilled. They have better equipment. They're more reliable and trustworthy. They're more creative. In short, they'll deliver a better experience and make you feel better during the whole wedding photography process. When you hire a wedding photography, you're paying for so much more than photos. You're paying for experience, talent, trustworthiness, reliability and skill. Wedding planning guru WithJoy says most couples spend about $5,000 for a wedding photographer in the Bay Area. They point out that travel costs can be a factor in pricing, since the photographer him or herself might live in different parts of the region. 

You might get sticker shock when you start budgeting for your wedding. After all, San Francisco can be an expensive place to live. This translates to wedding costs, too. Your photographer lives in the same region as you do and pays the same prices for rent, housing, transit and more. Couples sometimes ask how to find affordable wedding photographers in Northern California. We suggest looking for deals and discounts, sometimes centered around the holidays. You might also ask about weekday rates, which might offer more affordable costs for wedding photography packages.

Affordable Wedding Photographers in the Bay Area

Bay Area Wedding Photographer Cost

The price of a San Francisco wedding photographer includes the entire storytelling experience.

Consultation & Planning
Your photographer will help you plan the perfect timeline so your marriage runs smoothly.

Photographer's Talent and Time
We know what to capture on your wedding day, and how to make sure the photos are flattering and creative. Our team of photographers knows where to stand, what to focus on and how to capture candid memories through a photojournalistic technique.

Reviewing, Sorting and Editing Photos
While you're on your honeymoon, the real work begins! As your wedding photographer, we'll review thousands of pictures. We'll sort them by category, such as details, getting ready, portraits, ceremony and reception. From there, we'll edit the photos with our unique stylistic looks. The price of a wedding photographer includes all of the work after the grand exit and your guests go home.

Delivery of Images

You can expect your gallery of edited wedding pictures in about three or four weeks. This is included in the price. You'll be able to admire the photos and download them in full-resolution. Your package price for a wedding photographer in San Francisco includes print rights. As a result, you can download the images and order physical products or prints from labs or stores anywhere in the world.

Album Design
Sound Originals offers some of the best albums in the world. We'd love to help you design a gorgeous album to relive your wedding day forever.

San Francisco Wedding Photographer Price

Wedding Photography Packages in San Francisco

We're proud to offer a huge selection of wedding photography packages for couples getting married in San Francisco. We'd love to explain our pricing guide. As a result, you have many options. Wedding photography is one of the most important decisions you'll make leading up to your milestone day.

- Initial consultation telephone call or video meeting
- Advice and suggestions to plan the perfect wedding timeline
- Ideas for creative wedding portraits
- Inspiration for engagement session locations
- One or two hour engagement session in California
- 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours of wedding day photography coverage
- Sorting, culling, editing and color-correction of thousands of wedding photos
- Professional back-up of photos on the cloud
- Sneak preview the day after your wedding
- Online gallery with hundreds of full-resolution images sorted by the day's best moments
- Fully edited images
- Print release and rights, so you can download original-size versions of the images
- Easy to use gallery to share with family and friends
- Photos in full-resolution JPEGs for printing at labs worldwide
- Commemorative USB hard drive in decorative wooden box
- Fine art prints
- Canvasses, wall art, metal prints, picture frames, posters, physical products
- Heirloom or signature album designed by professionals
- Parents or grandparents album
- Guestbook album with engagement photos for guests to sign at the wedding day

Storytelling lasts forever.

San Francisco Engagement Photographer

Sound Originals is proud to be a creative San Francisco engagement photographer. Couples love adding engagement photos to wedding photography or videography packages. Getting engaged is such a special moment in time. You can feel the joy and anticipation in every image. We love helping couples find the perfect place to take engagement pictures in the Bay Area. As a professional engagement photographer, we'll work with you to find location ideas and options. The best places to take engagement photos in San Francisco include personal stories or locations that tell your story. We can't wait to tell your love story!
Click here to check out our guide to the best places to take engagement photos in San Francisco!

Frequently Asked Questions

A wedding photographer in San Francisco will cost something different depending on which studio or team you hire. You can expect wedding photography prices to range from $1000 on the low side to $7000 and up on the luxury side. Wedding photographer cost in San Francisco is determined by the artist's experience, talent and demand. A photographer with significant bookings will charge more than a photography studio that's still trying to attract new clients. It's supply and demand, just like buying anything else. According to industry research, the average cost for a Bay Area wedding or engagement photographer is about $1500 to $2500.

How much does a wedding photographer cost in San Francisco?

A reasonable amount to pay for a wedding photographer is about $2000. This price is calculated by research from WeddingWire, which surveyed engaged couples and wedding vendors across the country. Sound Originals is the best wedding photographer in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. As a result, we understand prices in large cities on the West Coast. We agree that $2000 is a reasonable amount to pay for a wedding photographer in California. The price will also be determined by the number of hours you book and any physical products, albums, prints or wall art you purchase.

What is a reasonable amount to pay for a wedding photographer?

Yes, one photographer can be enough for a wedding. About half of the couples who book Sound Originals as their wedding photographer select the package that includes 1 photographer. As a result, the other half of couples book 2 photographers for a wedding. We usually ask one question to engaged couples when helping them decide if they want to hire one or two photographers to capture their special day. Are you having a first look? We ask that question because if they're not having a first look, they expect to see each other for the first time when the bride is walking down the aisle. For many women, this is a special moment they've imagined their whole lives. They can't want to see the adoring expression on their partner's face when he sees her for the first time in her gorgeous wedding dress, walking down the aisle, with her arm on her father's. The bride wants to see her groom's face, emotions, tears, joy and expression. This is why we suggest hiring two photographers for your wedding. One photographer can focus on the stunning bride walking down the aisle in her pristine white dress. The second wedding photographer captures the groom's reaction when he sees his lovely bride for the first time. 

Is 1 photographer enough for a wedding?

The bride's family traditionally pays for the photographer at a wedding. However, times are changing. These days, many couples split the cost of wedding photography between their families. As a result, the groom's family would also contribute a portion of the photography cost. Some couples pay for weddings themselves with their own savings. In this case, the couple will pay for the photographer. Martha Stewart wrote an interesting article describing who usually pays for a wedding photographer and how the traditions are changing with the times.

Who pays for the photographer at a wedding?

The average wedding cost in California is about $30,000. You'll find plenty of websites that publish their own studies or research. They've surveyed couples and their families to find out how much they paid for their wedding. The average wedding cost in California includes the budget for vendors, venue, catering, flowers, bridal dress, favors, decor, bakers, the wedding cake, decorations, DJ, band and any rentals. As a result, the average cost of a marriage is fairly high, since couples need to pay for so many items. However, it's well worth the investment.

What is the average wedding cost in California?

Wedding photographers have two cameras so they can capture as many moments as possible. This is your special day! You want a photographer who can document different angles, perspectives and emotions with creative pictures. One camera might be a zoom lens. The other camera might be a speciality lens, such as a "prime" lens. As a result, your photographer can take photos of different parts of your day, such as the ceremony, first look or decorations. Wedding photographers carry two cameras for another reason: backup. We always want to be prepared!

Why do wedding photographers have two cameras?

You should book your wedding photographer as soon as you select your wedding date. Wedding photographers fill their calendars very quickly. Sound Originals is generally booked 12 to 18 months in advance of a couple's marriage date. As a result, we have limited availability for popular spring, summer and fall weekend wedding dates. You can inquire with several California wedding photographers to determine who is available on your special day. Most photographers require a deposit to reserve your date.

When should you book a wedding photographer?

Your wedding photography package should include plenty of coverage hours. You'll want to make sure your photographer is spending enough time during your day to capture your special moments. As a result, we suggest your package includes at least six hours. Most couples like us to document their getting ready process, including hair and makeup. After all, it's a fun and joyous time surrounded by your closest friends! We'll take pictures of the bridal dress and flowers, rings, jewelry, heirlooms and other special details, including invitations and stamps. From there, your wedding photography package should include enough time to capture your first look, ceremony, toasts, reception and dances. Don't forget about your first dance, father and daughter dance or your grand exit! If you're ordering sparklers or something else festive, your photographer would love to capture the moment with gorgeous images. 

What should be included in a wedding photography package?

Yes, most wedding photographers include engagement photos. Your engagement is a special time. It's filled with love and romance! We love helping couples plan an exciting engagement session that tells their unique story. How'd you meet? What are your hobbies? What activities do you enjoy together? Where did your special someone pop the question? Engagement photos tend to be more fun, relaxed and casual than wedding pictures. As a result, your engagement pictures show off your authentic personalities in a meaningful way. 

Do wedding photographers include engagement photos?

Some photographers carry more than one camera so they can capture more than one style of photograph. A zoom lens can capture moments that are far away. On the other hand, a specialty prime lens can include a blurry background or a close-up shot of a ring, earring or jewelry.

Why do some photographers carry more than one camera?

It's a common question to ask why a wedding photographer is so expensive. Keep in mind that your definition of expensive is different than someone else's. Wedding photography costs include so much more than a photographer taking pictures on one day. You're investing in their time, skill and talent. You're paying for their knowledge and experience. You're also covering their costs to review and edit your photos with impeccable detail and passion. An 8-hour wedding will include two or three times as many hours spent preparing for the special day and working on your pictures afterwards. 

Why is a wedding photographer so expensive?

Wedding photographers in California cost something different depending on who you hire. Each photographer sets his or her own pricing. They also determine what to include in photography package options. Sound Originals offers affordable wedding photography for couples in California. As a result, we're one of the most popular photo and video teams on the West Coast.

How much do wedding photographers cost in California?

We believe you should give as many photos for a wedding as possible. Sound Originals has no limit on the number of wedding photos we deliver. In general, couples can expect about 100 edited images for every hour of photography coverage. One-hundred photos per hour is standard for professional wedding photography. This includes the first look, ceremony, toasts, family formals, portraits, detail shots and reception. The photos are color-corrected and edited and delivered in full resolution.

How many photos should you give for a wedding?

It's a common question why photographers don't give you all the photos. The photos that are not delivered typically are blurry, test shots, duplicates or feature very awkward expressions. This is what many professional wedding photographers will explain. It's also overwhelming for couples when they receive thousands of images, many of them exactly the same from one another. As a top San Francisco wedding photographer, we believe our job is to make the experience smooth and simple for you. Couples tell us they prefer a wedding photo gallery that's organized and easy to browse.

Why photographers don't give you all the photos?

There are many different types of wedding photography. As a result, you can pick the type of wedding photography that matches your style. In general, there are several main styles of wedding pictures. They are classic, light and airy, dark and moody, dramatic and photojournalism. Sound Originals offers two editing styles. You can pick the type of wedding photography that matches your vision for your special day. Wedding guides can also help you narrow down the style of images you prefer.

What are the different types of wedding photography?

West Coast Wedding Photographers

Sound Originals Photo & Video is proud to be the best wedding photographers on the West Coast. We have a team of storytellers based in Seattle and Portland. We love the natural beauty of Washington and Oregon, as well as California! We'd love to help you plan your elopement, engagement or wedding.

San Francisco Photographers

The Bay Area is a wonderful place to live for San Francisco photographers. We have so many favorite places to take beautiful landscape, nature and portrait photography. As a result, many people love being photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can take magical images of the Golden Gate Bridge followed by stunning sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. There are many websites offering to help customers find San Francisco photographers. For example, Thumbtack lets you hire affordable photographers according to your budget and price range. As a result, many inexperienced and hobby photographers join these websites. We suggest doing your research before hiring a photographer for your wedding or elopement. You only have one chance to get great images!

San Francisco Couple Photographer

Are you looking for the top couple photographer in San Francisco? You've come to the right place. Our team photographs couples across the Bay Area, from Napa to San Jose to Sacramento. A couples photographer specializes in documenting the love and special moments between two engaged partners. Usually, this means photographing an engagement session or a wedding. We'd love to help you plan the perfect place to tell your story with engagement pictures you'll love forever! 

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