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Discover a hidden wedding paradise nestled in the tranquil ambiance of Fairfax, California—Deer Park Villa awaits your exploration. Situated at 367 Bolinas Road, this enchanting venue is just a short distance from downtown Fairfax and is surrounded by the natural beauty of Marin County.

What draws couples to Deer Park Villa is its magical atmosphere and unique features. Surrounded by towering Redwood trees and lush greenery, this historic venue offers a romantic setting like no other. Deer Park Villa holds a special place in the hearts of many due to its rich history and captivating allure. It’s more than just a wedding venue; it’s where dreams come true.

Deer Park Villa caters to various wedding styles and preferences. Whether you envision an outdoor ceremony under the towering trees or an elegant celebration in the chic dance hall, this venue offers versatility and charm. Wedding packages are meticulously curated to fulfill different dreams, with options including access to the Redwood Grove, outdoor fire pits, and a charming Bridal Cottage.

As for costs, Deer Park Villa accommodates weddings on weekends (Thursday through Sunday) and weekdays (Monday through Wednesday) with fees ranging from $6,000 to $12,000, depending on the day and season. These fees cover essential amenities such as the Bridal Room, indoor dance hall, and outdoor lounge areas.

Deer Park Villa exemplifies rustic elegance embraced by nature, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a magical Redwood forest wedding. To learn more about weddings at Deer Park Villa, including pricing details and available packages, visit their website or reach out to the venue directly.

Scroll down to explore galleries and videos of weddings held at this enchanting venue and let your imagination wander amidst the beauty and romance of Deer Park Villa.

Deer Park Villa Wedding Photos

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Deer Park Villa Wedding Photos, where every moment is expertly captured to preserve the essence of your special day. Our talented photographers skillfully document intimate exchanges, joyous celebrations, and heartfelt emotions, ensuring that you can cherish and relive unforgettable memories from your Deer Park Villa wedding for years to come.

Deer Park Villa Wedding // Shelby + Drew

Deer Park Villa Wedding // Shelby + Drew

We’re very excited to share Shelby and Drew’s forested Deer Park Villa Wedding! To begin, Deer Park Villa is located in Fairfax, CA. Additionally, Fairfax, CA is about a fifty minute drive north of San Francisco, CA. After booking their wedding venue, Shelby and Drew sent out wedding invitations that they made themselves. Of course, their wedding planner, Erin Meadows, handled many of the small details that made up their big wedding day!  Initially, Shelby […]

Deer Park Villa Wedding Videos

Experience the enchanting atmosphere of Deer Park Villa weddings through our heartfelt and intimate wedding videos. Our dedicated videographers capture every memorable moment of your special day. They document everything from getting ready to exchanging vows amidst the Redwood forests. Let us tell your unique love story through moving images. These images capture joy and beauty, ensuring that every smile and heartfelt moment is beautifully preserved for you to cherish forever.

  • Deer Park Villa Wedding Video // Keiko & Dan

  • Deer Park Villa Wedding Video // Shelby & Drew

Wedding Venues Similar to Deer Park Villa

Deer Park Wedding Venue

Deer Park Villa, located in Fairfax, California, offers a picturesque setting for weddings amidst majestic Redwood forests. This romantic and historic venue is a favorite for couples seeking a unique and memorable wedding experience. Nestled among Redwoods and gardens, Deer Park Villa offers versatile indoor and outdoor ceremony options. Wedding packages are carefully crafted to accommodate different preferences and visions, ensuring each celebration is personalized and unforgettable. Deer Park Villa is perfect for couples dreaming of a magical Redwood forest wedding with its rustic elegance and natural beauty.

Deer Park Villa Restaurant

Located in Fairfax, California, Deer Park Villa is a sought-after venue for private events and weddings. Surrounded by Redwoods and gardens, the venue offers event catering but is not a public restaurant. It is especially popular for weddings, providing couples with a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. Deer Park Villa’s appeal lies in its enchanting natural setting and meticulously planned services for special events. For daily dining needs, visitors are encouraged to explore restaurants in Fairfax or nearby areas. With its romantic setting amidst beautiful surroundings, Deer Park Villa is a top choice for hosting private events, especially weddings.

Deer Park Villa Wedding Planner

Deer Park Villa, located in Fairfax, California, is a sought-after wedding venue nestled amidst beautiful Redwood forests. The venue’s staff actively assists with event coordination to ensure weddings are executed smoothly and seamlessly. Although the venue does not offer full-scale wedding planning services, couples closely collaborate with the venue’s team. They work together to arrange setup, catering, and other important details, ensuring a memorable and stress-free celebration for everyone involved. To learn more about event coordination services, consider reaching out directly to the staff. Their experienced team can provide information and guide you through hosting your special day at this enchanting location.

Deer Park Villa Reviews

Deer Park Villa, located in the town of Fairfax in Marin County, is a unique wedding venue highly favored by couples. Reviews of the venue often highlight its stunning natural surroundings, warm atmosphere, and attentive service. The magnificent views of the Redwood forests surrounding Deer Park Villa mesmerize couples, making it a preferred choice for a romantic wedding experience. Additionally, comments frequently praise the venue’s meticulous and helpful approach to wedding planning and coordination. Deer Park Villa’s high-quality service and distinctive natural beauty combine to create an ideal setting for making couples’ special days truly unforgettable.

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