Eden Gardens Wedding // April + Angel


We will share April and Angel’s Eden Gardens Wedding with you. Nestled in the heart of nature, Eden Gardens provided a picturesque backdrop for the celebration of love. The vibrant blooms from Flowers By Leah adorned the venue, creating a whimsical atmosphere that echoed the couple’s joy.

April and Angel’s excitement radiated in every moment, from the exchange of vows to the lively reception. The air buzzed with laughter and the sweet melodies of GTZ Entertainment, filling the garden with the rhythm of love. Fairytale Hair & Makeup transformed April’s look with their enchanting skills, highlighting her innate beauty. Della Curva adorned her in a breathtaking gown that captivated everyone’s admiration.

Soltana, the mastermind behind the seamless event, orchestrated a day that felt like a fairy tale brought to life. Command Performance Catering curated a delightful menu that satisfied every palate, while Skiff’s Cakes crafted a masterpiece dessert that was both delicious and visually stunning. Invitations by The Knot curated the perfect vibe for the celebration, setting the tone with elegance. Sound Originals skillfully captured every cherished moment, preserving timeless memories for April and Angel. As the sun set over Eden Gardens, the couple danced the night away, surrounded by the love and warmth of friends and family.

In this intimate union, April and Angel forged memories that will last a lifetime. Their Eden Gardens Wedding authentically mirrored their love story, brimming with enchantment and timeless moments. Every detail unfolded as a testament to a love that will be treasured eternally. Discover more wedding and engagement inspiration, along with romantic getaways and videography for couples on our website. Dive into a world of love stories just like this one!

Eden Gardens Wedding Photos

Eden Wedding Package

Continuing the love story, let’s dive into the enchanting Eden Wedding Package. Elevate your celebration with nature’s embrace and curated elegance. Picture saying ‘I do’ surrounded by the lush beauty of Eden Gardens. This exclusive package brings the fairy tale to life, offering a seamless experience from planning to execution. Revel in the magic of Flowers By Leah’s blooms, the delectable creations from Command Performance Catering, and the captivating melodies by GTZ Entertainment. Your journey to forever deserves nothing less than the Eden Wedding Package – where dreams become reality.

Eden Gardens Wedding Hall

Let’s head into the center of the festivities and take a closer look at the gorgeous Eden Gardens wedding hall. This magnificent location creates the ideal environment for a memorable union. The wedding hall at Eden Gardens is a romantic canvas for love stories, boasting classic charm and unspoiled beauty. It transforms into the perfect backdrop, bringing couples’ dreams to life. Take in the cozy atmosphere as you exchange vows in front of the gorgeous backdrop that Flowers By Leah has chosen. Every meticulous detail at your Eden Gardens wedding ensures a perfect blend of romance and elegance. The warm setting and flawless service come together to create an unforgettable celebration.

Eden Garden Jewelry

Transitioning to the finer details, let’s explore the allure of Eden Garden Jewelry. Complement your love story with exquisite pieces that mirror the enchantment of your Eden Gardens wedding. Each carefully crafted piece is a testament to elegance and sophistication. Whether it’s a dazzling engagement ring or delicate bridal accessories, Eden Garden Jewelry adds the perfect finishing touch to your special day. Elevate your wedding ensemble with timeless pieces that capture the essence of your love, making every moment as unforgettable as the sparkle in your eyes.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

Let’s turn our attention to timeless memories and highlight Sound Originals, a San Francisco wedding photographer. This gifted group captures the spirit of your love story and turns moments into treasures that last a lifetime. With a focus on sincere and expressive photography, Sound Originals creates a picture that captures the distinct beauty of your big day. They guarantee that every look and every touch is captured in breathtaking detail since they have an artistic eye and a love of telling stories. Put your faith in the Sound Originals crew to capture the essence of your San Francisco wedding, turning ephemeral moments into a lifetime of treasured memories.


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