Best Spots for Engagement Photos in Portland

Ideas & Inspiration

Portland, Oregon is full of absolutely wonderful locations for engagement photos. If you’re feeling adventurous, we can also head to the mountains or coast for more stunning locations to celebrate your engagement photography. Sound Originals is proud to be the top Portland wedding photographer. As a result, we know the best places for pictures, from urban settings to lush forests to rugged ocean beaches.

As professional photographers, we’ll help you pick the perfect location for engagement pictures. Here are some questions we ask engaged couples. Where did you meet? What hobbies do you enjoy together? Where was your first date? Where was your most meaningful date? What kind of theme do you envision for your engagement photos? Do you prefer an urban and city setting, or something with fields, forests and meadows?

Portland is a dream for engagement photographers. You can find so many wonderful romantic places for engagement pictures.

Here’s our list of the best spots for engagement photos in the Portland, Oregon area!

  • Eastbank Esplanade
  • Rocky Butte
  • Northwest 23rd
  • Washington Park
  • Mount Tabor
  • Hood River Lavender Fields
  • Cannon Beach
  • Mount Hood
  • Cathedral Park

Portland Engagement Photos

Eastbank Esplanade

We love taking couples to the Eastbank esplanade for their engagement photos. There’s a paved path that leads all along the Willamette River. As a result, you’ll get sweeping views of the city of Portland skyline and its famous bridges. Couples love this location for engagement pictures because its urban, a little gritty and shows off the city of Portland buildings.

Rocky Butte

Rocky Butte is perched on a butte overlooking the city. Hence it’s name, Rocky Butte! From atop the butte, aka a hill, you can see sweeping views over the city and Mount Hood in the distance. When you’re lucky, your engagement photos feature Mount Hood positioned directly atop the stone ledge. We love the stone ledge and steps, by the way! Rocky Butte engagement photos have it all. There’s twinkling city lights, stone architecture, fir trees and unique landscapes.

Northwest 23rd

There’s something uniquely intimate and romantic about Portland’s Northwest 23rd neighborhood. Couples love the local shops, authentic dining and casual atmosphere. Check out some of the photos from Angela and Trenton’s amazing engagement session!

Washington Park

Portland’s Washington Park is famous for its enormous expanse of lush forests and greenery. This is absolutely perfect for couples looking for a forest engagement photography feel — but still within the city limits of Portland! We love exploring the trails and looking for trees, shrubs and moss. Engagement photos at Washington Park look wonderful with our Rustic Collection editing style. Be sure to check out Alex and Danny’s engagement photos!

Mount Tabor

Hood River Lavender Fields

If you love mountains, you’ll love taking engagement pictures at Hood River Lavender Fields. It’s about an hour away from Portland. The lavender looks absolutely stunning with Mount Hood towering in the background. Romantic, passionate, colorful and intimate engagement photos. Lavender fields are some of the best places in Oregon for truly unique and special pictures.

Cannon Beach

We admit that Cannon Beach is not technically within the city of Portland. But it still deserves a spot on our list of the best places for engagement photos in Portland! Why? Because it’s one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Couples love taking romantic pictures with Haystack Rock looming in the distance. You’ll get terrific engagement photography at Cannon Beach no matter what the weather holds. And we all know that the Oregon Coast is famous for its unpredictable weather. Rainy, sunny, foggy or anything in between? You’re in luck! You’ll love your engagement photos from Cannon Beach!

Mount Hood

Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park is a stunning location for engagement photos in Portland. This wonderful location is nestled along the Willamette River under the St. John’s Bride. As a result, couples enjoy gorgeous waterfront pictures along with a majestic bridge. Photographers think there’s something magical about the St. John’s Bride. It’s gothic and stately, yet elegant and classic. Your engagement pictures at Cathedral Park will show off Portland’s unique style and your personality as an engaged couple!