Northwest 23rd Portland Engagement // Angela + Trenton

Northwest 23rd Portland Engagement


This was such a romantic Northwest 23rd Portland Engagement session!

Northwest 23rd is a historic avenue in Portland, Oregon. It features an award-winning ice cream shop and city scapes. If you want a fun urban photoshoot, mention a Northwest 23rd Portland Engagement to your professional photographer.

We began our session by getting ice cream at Salt & Straw! They had a beautiful interior for photos. Also, it gave us a chance to enjoy delicious ice cream while getting some candid shots. The couple posed and laughed with their ice cream cones and created two cute waffle hearts to commemorate their love. To highlight this moment, we captured their two hearts with Angela’s engagement ring! The shop had a lovely open window for romantic windowsill shots. Next, we took a stroll around Northwest 23rd. Here, we found a few picture worthy buildings. Angela and Trenton gave each other a few kisses in front of an array of windows. We couldn’t forget the classic dip in front of a historic Portland hotel. The greenery around the street also added a dreamy mood to our engagement photos.

NW 23rd Portland Restaraunt

Are you hungry after your session and looking for a bite? Choose a NW 23rd Portland Restaurant to visit on Northwest 23rd. Yelp has a list of Top 10 Best Restaurants in Portland, OR. Closer to Salt & Straw, you can check out this list of The 10 Best Restaurants Near Salt & Straw on TripAdvisor.com. If you just want a great place to eat in Portland, Eater.com has a detailed guide on Where to Eat in Portland’s Northwest District.

NW 23rd Portland Stores

You may be overwhelmed with the shopping options at Northwest 23rd. To help you out, read this NW 23rd shopping guide with a detailed list of popular shopping destinations. If you’re looking for places outside of the avenue, you can read about Northwest Portland Shopping on the official city of Portland website.


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