MV Skansonia Wedding // Veloria + Thomas


Veloria and Thomas’s MV Skansonia Wedding was a day to remember. And we’re thrilled to share their love story with you. They held their ideal wedding at the beautiful waterfront site known as MV Skansonia. As they got ready for their special day, the couple’s joy was obvious.

The skilled Sound Originals team, a Seattle-based wedding photography and videography company, captured every moment. Sound Originals team beautifully documented Veloria and Thomas’s big day.

This wedding was the ideal fusion of elegance and unspoiled beauty, from the painstaking planning under the direction of wedding planner Ruby Sainsbury to the spectacular waterfront vistas. Visit our website for more inspiring love stories and helpful wedding advice if you’re looking for ideas for your own love story.

MV Skansonia Wedding Photos

MV Skansonia Parking

Finding convenient parking for your MV Skansonia event is a breeze. The venue offers ample parking options to ensure your guests arrive stress-free. There’s plenty of space nearby, allowing everyone to comfortably attend your special day. You won’t have to worry about searching for parking or guests struggling to find a spot. MV Skansonia‘s commitment to a hassle-free experience extends to its parking facilities. With accessibility and convenience in mind, you can focus on creating wonderful memories during your event. So, rest assured that when you choose MV Skansonia, you’re also choosing a stress-free parking experience for you and your guests.

MV Skansonia History

With its lengthy history, the MV Skansonia is a real treasure of Seattle’s maritime past. It was first used as a ferry in 1929, and for many years it carried both people and cars across Puget Sound. It underwent a painstaking restoration and transformation into the attractive event location it is now in 1999.
The MV Skansonia offers a distinctive fusion of nostalgia and contemporary luxury because to its retro appeal and breathtaking riverfront setting. With its original timber decor and timeless appeal, boarding seems like traveling back in time. It is the perfect option for weddings, parties, and other events who wish to capture the spirit of the past while celebrating in the present since this living piece of history lends a touch of magic to every occasion.

Fox Hollow Farm Wedding

Fox Hollow Farm, nestled in the heart of Washington’s countryside, is a picturesque wedding location. It provides the setting for weddings to remember with its charming barns, alluring gardens, and rustic elegance. Couples looking to marry in a serene rural setting will discover this charming farm as the ideal backdrop, perfectly blending natural beauty with romantic refinement. Every part of Fox Hollow Farm, from the serene ponds to the towering oak trees, oozes charm. This location can support your vision for a small-scale get-together or a lavish party. Fox Hollow Farm ensures a truly unforgettable wedding day by fostering enduring memories for couples and their guests alike with its welcoming atmosphere and picturesque surroundings.

The Ruins Wedding Venue

The Ruins is an unusual wedding location. An old fruit cannery that has been transformed into a gorgeous event facility serves as the location. The Ruins has high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and lots of windows that let in sunlight. Additionally, the location offers a range of indoor and outdoor venues, making it ideal for weddings of different sizes.
Couples looking for a special and unforgettable wedding frequently choose The Ruins. The venue’s eclectic interiors and industrial appeal make it the ideal setting to celebrate your special day.

Imperia Lake Union Wedding

A lovely wedding location called Imperia Lake Union can be found in Seattle, Washington. Imperia Lake Union boasts grand ceilings, exposed brick walls, and floor to ceiling windows with breathtaking Lake Union views. Additionally, the location offers a range of indoor and outdoor venues, making it ideal for weddings of different sizes. For couples want to have a chic and contemporary wedding, Imperia Lake Union is a popular option. It’s the ideal setting to enjoy your special day thanks to the venue’s industrial chic atmosphere and range of venues.

Yacht Wedding

A yacht wedding is a luxurious and romantic way to celebrate your special day. Imagine getting married on a beautiful yacht, cruising along the coast with your loved ones. It’s a truly unforgettable experience. There are many benefits to having a yacht wedding. The first is the sheer luxury of it. You can also customize the event to your liking, choosing the perfect menu, decorations, and music.
Another benefit of a yacht wedding is the romance. There’s something about being out on the water that makes people feel more connected. You can take advantage of this by having a sunset ceremony or a moonlight cruise. If you’re looking for a truly unique and unforgettable wedding experience, a yacht wedding is the perfect option for you.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle is a great destination for couples looking for a picture-perfect wedding because of its beautiful scenery and varied backdrops. Your most important helpers to capture these moments in time are Seattle wedding photographers, known as Sound Originals. These experts have a special talent for converting your love story into an artistic masterpiece. They are committed to capturing every emotion, every smile, and every tear because they recognize that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Seattle wedding photographers make sure that your pictures tell tales as well as being merely images. You invest in priceless memories that will last a lifetime when you hire Seattle Wedding Photographers; you don’t just hire a service.


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