MV Skansonia Wedding // India + Dan


India and Dan’s wedding photos aboard the MV Skansonia turned out absolutely spectacular. As Seattle wedding photographers, we love the maritime vibe. The MV Skansonia is the best-known and most-popular wedding venue that’s actually on the water in Seattle.

Couples usually enjoy their First Look on the bow of the boat or on the upper deck. The bride sometimes gets ready in the getting ready room on the upper deck. In India’s case, she and her bridesmaids got their hair and makeup done at a hotel in Downtown Seattle.

The backdrop for a wedding ceremony on the MV Skansonia is the Seattle skyline with Lake Union. It’s a truly unique Pacific Northwest marriage experience.

Guests sit on the bow of the vessel. It looks and feels like an elegant waterfront venue. Nevertheless, you are on the water itself! The boat is not operating any longer. As a result, it doesn’t move at all. The couple stands at the very tip of the MV Skansonia’s bow. As a result, MV Skansonia wedding photos feature the bride, groom, their alter and the Seattle skyline framed perfectly behind them. The best wedding photographers in Seattle understand the importance of a variety of angles and perspectives. That’s why Sound Originals positioned one wedding photographer at the back of the aisle and another photographer on the upper deck.

The result was lovely! After India and Dan exchanged rings, said their vows and enjoyed their first kiss, we captured their kiss and grand exit with a picture from the main level and upper level of the MV Skansonia.

MV Skansonia Wedding Videography

MV Skansonia Wedding Photos

MV Skansonia History

The MV Skansonia has a rich history long before it became a wedding venue on Lake Union. According to the MV Skansonia’s profile on The Knot, the vessel was built in 1928. The boat used to be a Washington State Ferry! But don’t worry if you get seasick. Our team at Sound Originals has photographed and filmed many weddings on the boat. We have never once felt it move at all. Even though it’s a Lake Union wedding venue, the boat does not actually move at all. The ceremony and reception rooms, inside the boat, feel like they are sturdy and traditional indoor venues. That’s part of the Skansonia’s magic. It looks maritime down to the original floors and windows, but it also feels very standard and sturdy when you’re on board.

MV Skansonia Reviews

Couples love their weddings on board the MV Skansonia. The wedding venue is owned by Landmark Event Co., which also owns several other wedding venues in Seattle. According to reviews from real couples, the MV Skansonia weddings earn fantastic reviews. The staff earned an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. Couples awarded the staff excellent marks for quality of service, value, professionalism, responsiveness, and flexibility. MV Skansonia weddings also earned 4.5 stars out of 5.0 from reviewers who posted on Yelp.

Lake Union Wedding Venues

Couples love getting married on Lake Union because it offers wonderful waterfront and skyline views. Plus, it is a classic Seattle experience. You have many options for Lake Union wedding venues. MV Skansonia is a boat on the lake itself. There are other restaurants and venues that feature waterfront wedding venues next to the lake. For example, Imperia Lake Union is another Lake Union wedding venue. Some couples prefer to take engagement photos on Lake Union and get married somewhere else. That’s what Corissa and Michael decided to celebrate their wedding. They took their engagement pictures on a boat win Lake Union (one of the best places to get engaged), but held their actual ceremony and reception in Bellevue.

MV Skansonia Wedding Cost

The price of a wedding on the MV Skansonia varies. Pacific Northwest wedding venue guides say the average MV Skansonia Wedding cost is $100 to $250 per person based on time of year and package booked. Guests enjoy delicious meals from the catering team as well as beverage and alcohol service. Landmark Events Co., which owns the MV Skansonia, touts its “exquisite cocktails” as a unique feature.

MV Skansonia Wedding Parking

Why are you surprised? One of the most common questions people ask is where can they park when they’re attending a wedding or other event aboard the MV Skansonia. The vessel is docked on the north end of Seattle’s Lake Union. It’s a short distance to Gasworks Park. Parking can be tricky to find during the week. There is a small parking lot next to the vessel. As a result, it fills up quickly. You can find street parking with 2 and 4 hour meters. Don’t forget to pay the meter! Even with the parking challenge, guests still award the Skansonia terrific reviews.

Washington Ferry Wedding

An MV Skansonia wedding features charm and nostalgia. But maybe you’re looking for something more modern? How about a real Washington Ferry wedding? The Washington State Ferries offers weddings, memorial services and other special events on board its operating vessels. You might be disappointed to learn that ferry captains are not allowed to perform weddings. However, couples can bring their own officiants. There is nothing more classic than a Washington Ferry wedding on board an actual sailing, such as Seattle to Bainbridge Island. Ferry wedding ceremonies have to be held in public, as there is no private changing rooms available. WSF suggests planning ferry weddings or marriages during quieter times on board. As a result, they suggest not getting married during peak commute hours.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers, the premier choice for couples in the Seattle area, specialize in capturing every cherished moment from preparations to the dance floor. With an artful blend of Seattle’s natural beauty, these photographers expertly narrate each couple’s distinctive story through their lens. Renowned for their mastery of light and emotion, Seattle Wedding Photographers stand out as leaders in the region. Beyond their photographic skill, their warm and confident approach ensures the essence of the wedding day is immortalized. Trust Seattle Wedding Photographers to transform your special moments into timeless treasures, creating a unique visual story for each couple they serve.


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