MV Skansonia Wedding


Seattle’s MV Skansonia, nestled on the shores of Lake Union, emerges as an enchanting haven for couples seeking a unique and picturesque wedding venue. The location offers a stunning panorama of the iconic Seattle skyline on one side and the tranquil waters of Lake Union on the other.

MV Skansonia’s proximity to the heart of Seattle provides not only a convenient location but also opens the door to the vibrant cityscape. The allure of this location is further enhanced by its adjacency to local parks, offering a serene ambiance for couples and their guests. Couples are drawn to MV Skansonia for its historic charm, embodying the romance of a bygone era. The hand-carved wood accents, rustic ferryboat allure, and inviting outdoor deck create an atmosphere that captures the essence of timeless love stories.

MV Skansonia offers couples a range of options to tailor their wedding vision. The venue offers diverse options, including open-air ceremonies on the outdoor deck and intimate gatherings indoors. Additionally, for those seeking a unique twist, the picturesque “Brunch on the Bow” package is available for a morning celebration. With each option, the venue seamlessly integrates history and modernity.

Making your dream wedding a reality at MV Skansonia comes with a transparent price starting at $159 per person, requiring a minimum spend of $5,000 (excluding service charges and taxes). This comprehensive package includes event-day staff and meticulously arranged table setups. It also features comfortable seating, exquisite glassware, fine china plates, elegant flatware, and an array of linens with coordinating napkins.

For those yearning to see the magic that unfolds at MV Skansonia, scroll down to witness glimpses of weddings hosted in this iconic Seattle venue. From open-air ceremonies to intimate indoor affairs, the venue’s unique charm sets the stage for memories that last a lifetime.

MV Skansonia Wedding Photos

We have taken photos of many spectacular weddings aboard the MV Skansonia! As Seattle wedding photographers, we love the maritime vibe. The MV Skansonia is the best-known and most-popular venue that’s actually on the water in Seattle.

MV Skansonia Wedding  // Gillian + Joshua

MV Skansonia Wedding // Gillian + Joshua

With the captivating backdrop of Seattle, MV Skansonia Wedding is a perfect wedding venue. Gillian and Joshua chose this historic ship for their special day, and the result was truly enchanting. The venue’s expansive water views and the Seattle skyline created a romantic atmosphere. The couple, surrounded by their loved ones, experienced unforgettable moments in a setting that blended both classic and modern elements. The preparation process was filled with excitement as Gillian and Joshua […]

MV Skansonia Wedding // Sophie + Brandon

MV Skansonia Wedding // Sophie + Brandon

Prepare to be captivated as Sophie and Brandon’s MV Skansonia Wedding unfolds before your eyes, revealing every magical moment! Located in the heart of Seattle, MV Skansonia Wedding offers a picturesque setting for couples looking to tie the knot. Perched on Lake Union, the venue offers stunning city skyline views and tranquil waters. Sophie and Brandon chose MV Skansonia for its romantic ambiance and unique charm, setting the perfect backdrop for their special day. The […]

MV Skansonia Wedding // Kevin + Annalisa

MV Skansonia Wedding // Kevin + Annalisa

Embark on an enchanting journey as we unveil the magical moments of Kevin and Annalisa’s MV Skansonia wedding! Located in the heart of Seattle, MV Skansonia offers a picturesque setting for couples seeking a unique wedding venue. These stunning vistas were the main draw for their wedding venue selection. It’s easy to see why! Transformed into a dreamy haven, MV Skansonia provided the perfect backdrop for Kevin and Annalisa’s love story to unfold. Planner Sarah […]

MV Skansonia Wedding // Kimberly + Kent

MV Skansonia Wedding // Kimberly + Kent

Get ready to dive into the heartwarming tale of Kimberly and Kent’s enchanting MV Skansonia Wedding. Nestled in the heart of Seattle, MV Skansonia provided the dreamiest backdrop for Kimberly and Kent’s nuptials. The vintage boat venue exuded timeless charm with panoramic views of the city skyline and tranquil waters of Lake Union. Kimberly and Kent radiated joy, their happiness is infectious to all lucky enough to witness their special day. The couple’s names echoed […]

MV Skansonia Wedding // Samantha + AJ

MV Skansonia Wedding // Samantha + AJ

We will share with you Samantha and AJ’s MV Skansonia Wedding. The MV Skansonia set the stage for Samantha and AJ’s dreamy celebration. Perched on the shores of Seattle, this historic ferry-turned-venue provided a picturesque backdrop for their love story. Amidst panoramic views, the couple exchanged fairytale vows, surrounded by sparkling waters and cityscapes. Samantha and AJ radiated pure joy throughout the day, their smiles infectious. The air buzzed with excitement as they said “I […]

MV Skansonia Wedding // Scott + Sasha

MV Skansonia Wedding // Scott + Sasha

We will share with you Scott and Sasha’s MV Skansonia Wedding. Nestled on the shores of Lake Union, MV Skansonia boasts vintage charm with panoramic Seattle views. The venue‘s timeless elegance creates an intimate setting for weddings, blending cityscape and nature seamlessly. Scott and Sasha radiated joy at their MV Skansonia celebration. The air buzzed with excitement, mirroring the couple’s palpable happiness. Scott’s eyes gleamed as he took Sasha’s hand, sealing a promise of forever. […]

MV Skansonia Wedding // Carly + Joe

MV Skansonia Wedding // Carly + Joe

We will share with you Carly and Joe’s MV Skansonia Wedding. The MV Skansonia, a historic ferry-turned enchanting venue, set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. Nestled against the Seattle skyline, it offered panoramic views that mirrored the vastness of Carly and Joe’s love. Overflowing with excitement and happiness, Carly and Joe’s smiles lit up the MV Skansonia. The air buzzed with their joy, creating an atmosphere as warm and inviting as their love for […]

MV Skansonia Wedding // Katherine + Alec

MV Skansonia Wedding // Katherine + Alec

Katherine and Alec’s MV Skansonia Wedding is a tale of love, laughter, and cherished moments against the picturesque backdrop of Seattle. Nestled in Washington, MV Skansonia served as the enchanting venue where this couple chose to embark on their journey of forever. Located on the shores of Lake Union, MV Skansonia provided a dreamy setting with its panoramic views of the city skyline. The couple, captivated by the venue’s charm, found in it the perfect […]

MV Skansonia Wedding // Veloria + Thomas

MV Skansonia Wedding // Veloria + Thomas

Veloria and Thomas’s MV Skansonia Wedding marked a day of love, joy, and unparalleled beauty, and we are delighted to unfold the pages of their enchanting love story for you. Against the backdrop of the picturesque MV Skansonia waterfront, this couple crafted their dream wedding, radiating happiness as they prepared for their special day. The talented team at Sound Originals, Seattle wedding photographers and videography company, skillfully captured each moment, beautifully documenting the essence of […]

MV Skansonia Wedding // Anika + Connor

MV Skansonia Wedding // Anika + Connor

In the heart of Seattle, MV Skansonia played host to the beautiful wedding of Anika and Connor. This historic venue, with its rich maritime legacy dating back to 1929, now stands as an emblem of iconic Seattle. With its center bar, gleaming wood floors, expansive outdoor deck, and postcard-worthy views of the city skyline, the Skansonia served as the perfect backdrop for this special day. Our Sound Originals photographers, intimately acquainted with this picturesque locale, […]

MV Skansonia Wedding Videos

Experience the timeless allure of MV Skansonia through our mesmerizing wedding videos. Each video captures the romance and elegance of couples celebrating their special day against the backdrop of Seattle’s iconic skyline and the serene waters of Lake Union. Let the magic of MV Skansonia unfold in cinematic beauty, preserving the cherished moments of your wedding day for years to come.

  • MV Skansonia Wedding Video // Veloria & Thomas

  • MV Skansonia Wedding Video // Stephanie & Trevor

  • MV Skansonia Wedding Video // Kimberly & Kent

  • MV Skansonia Wedding Video // Sophie & Brandon

  • MV Skansonia Wedding Video // Courtney & Nick

  • MV Skansonia Wedding Video // Yuki & Leo

  • MV Skansonia Wedding Video // Katherine & Alec

  • MV Skansonia Wedding Video // Erin & Ben

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MV Skansonia History

Embark on a journey through the maritime legacy of MV Skansonia. Constructed in 1929 by Skansie Brothers in Gig Harbor, WA, this venerable ferryboat connects the past and present. Once a lifeline between Point Defiance and Vashon Island, it now stands as a captivating tale on the waters of Washington State. With the passage of time, MV Skansonia underwent a significant transformation. Acquired in 1940, it evolved from ferry duty to a private residence on Lake Washington, marking a remarkable transformation. Resurrected in the mid-1980s as a breathtaking banquet hall, MV Skansonia has found its timeless home on Lake Union. This transformation promises a unique venue for unforgettable celebrations, adding to the charm and allure of this historic ferryboat.

MV Skansonia Parking

Nestled on the serene waters of Lake Union, MV Skansonia offers a unique venue for celebrations, complete with its own parking amenities. The convenience of accessibility is evident with two designated “Skansonia” marked spots available for tours, meetings, and rehearsals. Additionally, exclusive access to a private lot from Waterfront Construction provides up to 17 spots for customers and guests during evenings and weekends. For added convenience, ample street parking surrounds the area. The venue’s commitment to ensuring hassle-free access enhances the overall experience for guests. This dedication makes MV Skansonia an easily reachable and charming location for a variety of events and celebrations.

MV Skansonia The Knot

MV Skansonia, a historic ferryboat venue on Northlake Union in Seattle, offers a unique wedding experience. Built in 1928, this retired Washington State Ferry has been crafting unforgettable memories for over 30 years. Rated 4.9 stars on The Knot with 51 positive reviews, it provides couples with the chance to say “I do” against the backdrop of Seattle’s iconic skyline. Both indoor and outdoor spaces provide year-round waterfront views, exuding a vintage yet luxurious atmosphere. Creating a dream day is guaranteed with MV Skansonia all-inclusive wedding packages, encompassing catering, bar services, and event rentals. Recognized as a top-rated wedding venue on The Knot, MV Skansonia is praised for its distinctive ambiance, award-winning catering, and personalized support.

MV Skansonia Reviews

The reviews for MV Skansonia reflect the exceptional nature of this unique wedding venue. Couples emphasize how this historic ferry, set against the iconic backdrop of Seattle, provides an incredible atmosphere. The venue’s vintage charm and its fixed location on the lake make weddings truly memorable. Reviews highlight the flexibility offered by both indoor and outdoor spaces, with meticulous attention to every detail. The professional team at MV Skansonia assists couples in wedding planning, and Landmark Events’ excellent catering services receive praise. These reviews unequivocally affirm that this historic venue is an ideal choice for weddings.

Boat Wedding Seattle

A boat wedding in Seattle is a dreamy and distinctive way to exchange vows amidst the city’s breathtaking waterfront scenery. Seattle, with its tranquil atmosphere and stunning views, sets an idyllic backdrop for nautical-themed celebrations. Several enchanting boat venues, such as Argosy Cruises and Waterways Cruises, offer customizable packages, ensuring a unique and personalized experience. The historic charm of boats like the fully renovated On the Hiyu or the Scandinavian-style MV Skansonia adds a touch of romance. From private yacht clubs to spacious ships, Seattle provides diverse options for couples seeking a memorable and picturesque boat wedding experience.

Lake Union Ferry Wedding

Getting married on a Lake Union ferry offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Several companies, including Argosy Cruises, Waterways Cruises and Events, On the Hiyu, MV Skansonia, and Seattle Yacht Club, provide wedding packages against the stunning backdrop of the lake. Argosy Cruises provides elegance with its yachts, Waterways Cruises offers spacious ships, and On the Hiyu brings historic charm. MV Skansonia presents Scandinavian allure, while Seattle Yacht Club provides an exclusive setting with breathtaking city and mountain views. These diverse options cater to various preferences for Lake Union ferry weddings. Lake Union ferry weddings provide versatility, convenience, and affordability, making them a popular choice. Contact ferry companies directly for availability and pricing. Plan carefully, choose a suitable date, ferry size, amenities, and stay within budget for a stress-free wedding.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

As Seattle Wedding Photographers, we proudly extend our services throughout the enchanting region of Washington. Our mission is to transform your precious moments into timeless memories. With a blend of passion and expertise, we endeavor to make your special day truly unforgettable, capturing emotions with artistry. Each couple’s narrative is unique, and we are eager to connect with you to tailor our services to your distinctive story. Trust our dedicated team for the excellence and aesthetic appeal of your wedding photos. We are excited to meet you, craft extraordinary memories, and showcase our artistic approach to immortalizing your unforgettable moments. Contact us to explore how we can contribute to preserving your cherished memories.

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