MV Skansonia Wedding // Ngoc + Mitchell


Anticipation hangs in the air as we prepare to unravel the enchanting tale of Ngoc and Mitchell’s MV Skansonia Wedding! Nestled on the serene shores of Lake Union, MV Skansonia emerges as a dreamy haven, beckoning couples seeking an extraordinary venue. The historic ferry boat exudes vintage allure. Its sweeping views of Seattle’s skyline add a touch of magic to the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Ngoc and Mitchell’s love story unfolded in the careful hands of Seattle Wedding Photographers, artists who skillfully transformed fleeting moments into timeless treasures. As the couple prepared for their special day, the photographers captured the essence of every emotion, turning nerves into art.

Against the backdrop of shimmering waters, Ngoc and Mitchell exchanged heartfelt vows, marking the start of a new chapter. Post-ceremony, surrounded by loved ones, they joyously toasted to love, laughter and shared dreams.

The first dance and cake-cutting, each moment meticulously documented by the Seattle Wedding Photographers team, became snapshots of pure joy. Their lens immortalized the raw emotion, making every glance and step a testament to the couple’s unique love story.

Beyond the celebration, Washington opens its arms to a plethora of wedding venues. For those seeking engagement photographers or romantic elopements, the state offers a canvas of possibilities.

For more love stories and a deeper dive into the enchanting world of weddings, explore our website. Ngoc and Mitchell’s MV Skansonia Wedding is but a glimpse into the myriad tales of love and celebration, waiting to inspire your own extraordinary journey.

MV Skansonia Wedding Photos

MV Skansonia History

Nestled gracefully on the serene waters of Seattle’s Lake Union, MV Skansonia transcends the boundaries of time, weaving its narrative through decades of rich history. This unique ferry, like a monument, graces the tranquil currents of Lake Union, narrating its own story over the years. Dating back to 1929, MV Skansonia initially served as a passenger vessel on the Pacific Northwest waterways. Evolving over time, it transformed into a dance hall and event venue, becoming a distinctive symbol in the city. MV Skansonia, a top choice for romantic events, blends vintage charm, scenic lake views, and historical richness for lasting memories. This unique ferry remains a jewel, reflecting Seattle’s past and present.

MV Skansonia Parking

MV Skansonia takes the stress out of parking, ensuring that the journey to this historic venue is as smooth as the waters surrounding it. Nestled near the shores of Lake Union, the parking experience at MV Skansonia is a thoughtful part of the overall event design. Guests are greeted by the convenience of strategically located parking spaces, eliminating the hassle of searching for suitable spots. The commitment to a seamless arrival experience reflects MV Skansonia’s dedication to every detail of the event. Upon arrival, parking accessibility subtly enhances the overall charm of this unique venue.

Boat Wedding Seattle

Boat weddings in Seattle seamlessly blend romance and a unique experience. These special events, surrounded by the dazzling skyline of the city, offer couples an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Floating on Lake Union, boat weddings not only provide a romantic atmosphere by the waterfront but also showcase the iconic structure of Seattle in the background. Couples, along with their loved ones, enjoy a distinctive experience, making their special day truly memorable. Boat weddings not only celebrate the union of marriage but also create a fairytale ambiance against the breathtaking backdrop of Seattle’s spectacular views.

Unique Wedding Venues Seattle

Seattle boasts an array of distinctive wedding venues, each offering a unique atmosphere for couples seeking an unforgettable celebration. Chihuly Garden and Glass provides an artistic backdrop with mesmerizing glass installations, while The Ruins combines vintage elegance and eclectic charm. Sodo Park, set in a century-old building, exudes rustic chic, and The Great Hall at Union Station offers a timeless and grand ambiance. Thornewood Castle, with its Tudor Gothic architecture, adds a fairytale touch, and Fremont Foundry Events provides a modern, industrial vibe. For a truly unconventional experience, Woodland Park Zoo offers various settings. It caters to different preferences, ensuring that every couple finds their perfect, unique wedding venue in Seattle.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers are masters at capturing special moments, crafting them into timeless tales. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, this team transforms weddings into unforgettable stories. Navigating Seattle’s diverse wedding scenes, they skillfully tell each couple’s unique story. Known for blending seamlessly into the background, they preserve the authenticity of every moment. To immortalize your cherished memories, contact the Seattle Wedding Photographers team. Visit our website for details and let them professionally capture your most precious moments, turning them into everlasting treasures.


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