Machias Meadows Wedding // Lea + Drew


Sharing the enchanting tale of Lea and Drew’s journey, we invite you to relive their Machias Meadow Wedding. Nestled in the heart of Washington’s natural beauty, Machias Meadows wedding venue’s serene ambiance amidst the breathtaking Snohomish Valley created the perfect setting for their love story to unfold.
Under the guidance of planner Victoria Patterson, every detail was meticulously curated, resulting in a seamless celebration. The delectable aroma of J & L BBQ‘s catering tantalized taste buds, while Simply Sweet‘s desserts added a touch of sweetness. Adorning the surroundings, Snohomish Valley Floral‘s arrangements added an enchanting touch. Amidst an atmosphere brimming with excitement, AM Beauty gracefully wielded its expertise. Skillfully applying hair and makeup, they enhanced the couple’s natural radiance.

The talented Seattle Wedding Photographers team from Sound Originals captured every moment, preserving the joy and love through their exquisite photography. Finally, the presence of the Sound Originals team added an extra layer of magic to the day. The photographs they captured clearly showed their dedication to immortalizing each precious moment. As you browse through these memories, we invite you to explore our website for more love stories and exceptional services. Discover the array of wedding venues and romantic getaways that Washington has to offer. Let us be your guide in celebrating love and creating cherished memories. Machias Meadow Wedding is a testament to the beauty of love amidst nature’s embrace.

Machias Meadows Wedding Photos

Craven Farm Weddings

Craven Farm Weddings is a farm wedding venue located in the foothills of North Carolina. The farm is housed in a late 1800s farmhouse and offers space for weddings with 50-200 guests. Offering the allure of a rustic countryside wedding, the venue provides an array of amenities to realize couples’ wedding visions. From ceremonies in the open air to receptions in charming barns, Craven Farm caters to diverse wedding styles. Capture the moments with Seattle Wedding Photographers, ensuring timeless memories. Explore the website for more information about this picturesque venue and start planning your dream wedding at Craven Farm.

Machias Meadows Reviews

Discover the allure of Machias Meadows through heartwarming reviews. Guests emphasize its breathtaking scenery and attentive staff. Machias Meadows Holiday Market has received generally positive reviews from visitors. Visitors have praised the market’s variety, the skills of the artists and craftspeople, and the family-friendly atmosphere. Some visitors have noted that the market is a bit pricey. Overall, Machias Meadows Holiday Market is a great place to do Christmas shopping in Snohomish.

Hidden Meadows Farm Wedding

Learn more about the magic of a wedding at Hidden Meadows Farm. For weddings with up to 200 guests, lush surroundings create a picture-perfect occasion. The rural environment of the site adds to its appeal and makes it the ideal place to exchange vows amidst the splendor of nature. Hidden Meadows Farm Wedding in Snohomish, Washington, is a fantastic option for couples hoping to make priceless memories because of the variety of wedding packages it offers.

Crossroads Wedding

Take in the allure of this charming location tucked away in Snohomish, Washington. This charming location can host weddings with up to 200 people, making it the perfect place to exchange vows. It combines the magic of nature with the energy of the city and is conveniently placed in the center of the town. Crossroads Wedding offers a seductive setting to celebrate your love story with a variety of wedding packages to select from. To ensure a flawless celebration day, every element is carefully planned. For a wonderful and unique wedding experience in Snohomish, select Crossroads Wedding.

Snohomish Wedding Venues

Discover the allure of Snohomish Wedding Venues, offering a range of enchanting options. From the hidden gem of Hidden Meadows Farm Wedding to the elegance of Crossroads Wedding, Snohomish has it all. Machias Meadows Holiday Market adds a festive touch, featuring local artisans and crafts. Visitors praise the variety and family-friendly atmosphere. Reviews highlight the market’s charm, although some note higher prices. Snohomish’s allure extends to weddings, with diverse venues catering to every budget. Couples planning their big day can explore these spaces to find their ideal setting. In Snohomish, weddings blend seamlessly with the town’s natural beauty and rich history.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle’s enchanting landscapes and vibrant energy make it a prime destination for couples seeking memorable weddings. Seattle Wedding Photographers artfully capture the essence of each love story against the backdrop of this captivating city. Their expertise turns candid moments into timeless memories. From romantic waterfront shots to urban scenes, they masterfully capture emotions that tell your unique tale. Sound Originals, a renowned team, is there to ensure every cherished memory is preserved. With their dedication and creativity, your wedding becomes a work of art. For couples ready to embark on this photographic journey, Seattle Wedding Photographers promise an album filled with love and joy


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