Machias Meadows Wedding


Naturally set against the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Northwest, Machias Meadows Weddings & Events stands as an idyllic retreat. The venue appeals to couples seeking a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication. Encompassing 29 acres of unspoiled farmland, with the Pilchuck River gracefully winding along 750 feet of frontage, the venue offers an enchanting canvas for unforgettable celebrations.

Conveniently located, Machias Meadows invites guests to explore lush forests and serene lakes, enhancing the magical atmosphere. Since 2017, under the Revenig family’s care, the venue seamlessly merges history with modern amenities, crafting enduring memories.

Whether you envision an outdoor ceremony with sweeping views or an intimate affair in a historic barn, Machias Meadows caters to diverse wedding styles. Options include the expansive Pole Barn with a 500sqft patio, the charming 1906 Barn, and the sprawling Lawn overlooking the Pacific Northwest.

The venue offers flexibility with a long rental period from 10 am to 11 pm, allowing you ample time to create lasting memories. Choose from various seating options for up to 200 guests, and revel in the convenience of on-site amenities such as luxury restrooms and ample parking.

Weddings at Machias Meadows are priced competitively, with packages ranging from $5500 to $7500, depending on the season. The venue also caters to special events, starting at $1500. A 50% deposit secures your date, and flexible payment plans are available.

Curious to see how other couples have brought their visions to life at Machias Meadows? Scroll below to catch a glimpse of enchanting weddings held in this idyllic setting.

Machias Meadows Weddings & Events is more than a venue; it’s a canvas for creating memories that last a lifetime. Begin your journey towards a magical wedding day by exploring the rustic-meets-modern charm of this Pacific Northwest gem.

Machias Meadows Wedding Photos

Machias Meadows Wedding Photos capture the mesmerizing beauty of this Pacific Northwest haven. Whether set against the backdrop of the serene landscapes or within the charming indoor venues, each photo narrates a story of love, nature, and unforgettable celebrations. Let these captivating visuals inspire and envision your dream wedding at Machias Meadows.

Machias Meadows Wedding // Florencia + Brendan

Machias Meadows Wedding // Florencia + Brendan

Get ready to be inspired as we unveil Florencia and Brendan’s Machias Meadows Wedding, sharing every heartfelt moment with you! Nestled in the heart of Washington, this enchanting venue boasts breathtaking views and emerald charm. Couples flock to Machias Meadows wedding venue for its picturesque surroundings and intimate atmosphere. With its lush greenery and tranquil ambiance, it’s the perfect setting for a romantic celebration. The anticipation leading up to their big day was palpable. Excitement […]

Machias Meadows Wedding // Molly + Christian

Machias Meadows Wedding // Molly + Christian

We will share with you Molly and Christian’s Machias Meadows Wedding. Nestled in nature’s embrace, Machias Meadows exuded rustic charm, a haven for love stories. Surrounded by rolling hills and blooming meadows, the venue echoed romance at every turn. Molly and Christian’s eyes sparkled with excitement, their joy contagious. In Machias Meadows, their dreams unfolded amidst a natural tapestry. The air buzzed with their names. The magic of this day was crafted by an expert […]

Machias Meadows Wedding // Danielle + Ryan

Machias Meadows Wedding // Danielle + Ryan

Danielle and Ryan’s Machias Meadows Wedding is a story we’re excited to share with you! This charming venue, nestled in the serene beauty of Washington’s lush landscapes in Snohomish County, offers a captivating ambiance surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque meadows. Now, let’s dive into the world of Danielle and Ryan’s wedding day, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Machias Meadows. The couple’s excitement was palpable as they prepared for this momentous occasion. Thanks to […]

Machias Meadows Wedding // Lea + Drew

Machias Meadows Wedding // Lea + Drew

Sharing the enchanting tale of Lea and Drew’s journey, we invite you to relive their Machias Meadow Wedding. Nestled in the heart of Washington’s natural beauty, Machias Meadows wedding venue’s serene ambiance amidst the breathtaking Snohomish Valley created the perfect setting for their love story to unfold.Under the guidance of planner Victoria Patterson, every detail was meticulously curated, resulting in a seamless celebration. The delectable aroma of J & L BBQ‘s catering tantalized taste buds, […]

Machias Meadows Wedding // Trish + Nicholas

Machias Meadows Wedding // Trish + Nicholas

Trish and Nicholas’s Machias Meadows Wedding was a perfect celebration! We are so thankful to have been a part of their special day! Machias Meadows is a gorgeous historic farm wedding venue in Snohomish, WA. Nestled on 29 acres of beautiful PNW land, this venue has so much to offer. The venue features scenic outdoor spots for ceremonies and an elegant farmhouse and barn for indoor celebrations. As Seattle wedding photographers, we loved that the […]

Machias Meadows Wedding Videos

Machias Meadows Wedding Videos capture the essence of exceptional celebrations amidst the charm of the Pacific Northwest. Our skilled team excels in crafting cinematic masterpieces that encapsulate the enchantment and romance of your unique day. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Machias Meadows through our wedding videos, where each frame tells a story of the love and beauty that defines your special moments.

  • Machias Meadows Wedding Video // Danielle & Ryan

  • Machias Meadows Wedding Video // Molly & Christian

  • Machias Meadows Wedding Video // Florencia & Brendan

  • Machias Meadows Wedding Video // Lea & Drew

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Tucked away in the scenic town of Snohomish, just north of Seattle, Lord Hill Farms unveils itself as a natural sanctuary, embracing the inherent beauty of the Cascade Mountains and lush landscapes. As a captivating wedding venue spread across 450 acres, it seamlessly merges the allure of indoor elegance with the splendor of outdoor vistas. With year-round availability, Lord Hill Farms becomes a canvas for crafting personalized celebrations, accommodating up to 350 guests for ceremonies and 450 for receptions. From sophisticated indoor spaces to nature-inspired outdoor settings, this enchanting venue invites couples to weave their unique love stories into its timeless tapestry.

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Hidden Meadows in Snohomish, Washington, stands as a captivating wedding venue nestled in the scenic Snohomish Valley. The venue, besides weddings, hosts various events like company picnics. Located at 11805 Springhetti Rd, Snohomish, WA 98296, it captivates with Mt. Pilchuck views and features a covered patio with a bar, a fire pit, and reception-ready buildings. Ensuring a seamless planning experience, Hidden Meadows provides chairs, tables, a dance floor, and parking attendants. For those curious to explore in person, check their website and social media for open house updates. Promising a fusion of natural beauty and versatility, Hidden Meadows stands out for memorable celebrations in Snohomish.

Maroni Meadows

Now, let us introduce you to another venue that closely resembles the charm of Machias Meadows. Maroni Meadows, a picturesque 5-acre outdoor wedding venue in Snohomish, Washington, offers a captivating blend of gardens, meadows, and woods, creating a stunning backdrop for weddings. The venue boasts natural beauty, perfect for exquisite wedding photos. With amenities like a 40×40 reception tent, floating beverage bar, covered dance floor, and DJ area, Maroni Meadows accommodates up to 200 guests. Affordable and romantic, it stands as an ideal choice for couples seeking a charming wedding venue in the Seattle area. Available for rental from June to September, the venue provides a serene atmosphere for unforgettable celebrations. Visit their website for more details.

Dairyland Wedding

Dairyland, situated in Snohomish, Washington, offers a charming wedding venue immersed in rustic elegance and scenic landscapes. The venue features a weathered wood barn, creating a warm ambiance for weddings. With expansive fields providing views of the Cascade Mountains, Dairyland serves as an idyllic backdrop for ceremonies and receptions, accommodating both intimate and large gatherings. The venue provides event coordination services, a comfortable bridal suite, and flexibility in choosing vendors. Dairyland’s official website offers additional information, including contact details and a gallery of previous weddings. Couples can schedule tours to explore the venue and discuss their wedding plans with the Dairyland team.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Discover the artistry of Seattle wedding photographers, weaving love stories into visual masterpieces.
Seattle wedding photographers expertly capture your special day against iconic backdrops like the Space Needle and Puget Sound. Skilled in navigating the city’s unique charm, Seattle wedding photographers blend creativity with technical expertise. They immortalize moments of joy, laughter, and romance with their exceptional skills. Whether an intimate elopement or a grand celebration, these professionals curate timeless memories. They ensure your love story unfolds authentically and elegantly in every frame.

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