Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding


Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, atop the mesmerizing Snoqualmie Falls, Salish Lodge & Spa is a wedding destination unlike any other. Located just a short drive from Seattle, this enchanting venue offers couples a picturesque escape surrounded by natural beauty.

Salish Lodge & Spa boasts an idyllic location, with the iconic Snoqualmie Falls as its backdrop. Easily accessible from Seattle, it provides couples and guests with a tranquil retreat. The lodge is enveloped by the lush Cascade Mountains, offering panoramic views, making it an ideal choice for nature enthusiasts.

Couples choose Salish Lodge & Spa for its enchanting ambiance and awe-inspiring vistas. The lodge’s culinary offerings take advantage of the region’s seasonal ingredients, creating a memorable dining experience.

Salish Lodge & Spa offers various wedding venues to suit your preferences. Whether you envision an intimate celebration in the Chef’s Studio overlooking Snoqualmie Falls or a grand affair in the neutral-toned Salish Ballroom, the options are diverse. You can exchange vows at the Hidden Terrace, just steps from the crest of the falls, or in the Wine Cellar Room with its vintage chic ambiance.

While wedding costs can vary, Salish Lodge & Spa provides comprehensive wedding packages to simplify the planning process. The Falls Wedding Package, starting at $350 per person, includes an exclusive event space in Hidden Terrace and a two-night stay in the Patio Riverside Suite. The Snoqualmie Wedding Package, beginning at $250 per person, offers an event space in the Wine Cellar Room and a two-night stay in a Deluxe guestroom.

To see how couples have celebrated their love at Salish Lodge & Spa, scroll down and explore our featured weddings. Discover the magic that awaits you at this Pacific Northwest wedding oasis.

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding Photos

Journey through the enchanting weddings at Salish Lodge & Spa with our captivating photos. Seattle Wedding Photographers team, proud members of the Sound Originals, expertly capture the love and moments that make each Salish Lodge & Spa wedding truly special.

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Amanda + Zachary

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Amanda + Zachary

We can hardly contain our excitement to share Amanda and Zachary’s Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding with you! Situated in the heart of Washington, this captivating venue offers an idyllic backdrop for couples exchanging vows. Set atop Snoqualmie Falls, the Salish Lodge & Spa provides a breathtaking setting, making it a dream wedding destination. Get ready to immerse yourself in their love story! While Amanda found her perfect dresses at David’s Bridal, Zachary exuded confidence […]

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Liliana + Chris

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Liliana + Chris

We will share with you Liliana and Chris’s Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding. Nestled in the heart of nature’s embrace, Salish Lodge & Spa set the stage for Liliana and Chris’s intimate celebration. The venue, perched atop Snoqualmie Falls, offered a breathtaking backdrop, as if nature itself toasted to the couple’s union. Liliana and Chris, wrapped in bliss, exchanged vows overlooking the cascading falls. The joy radiating from the couple echoed in the rustle of […]

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Bradley + Rungnapa

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Bradley + Rungnapa

We are thrilled to share Bradley and Rungnapa’s magical wedding at the Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding venue. They brimmed with excitement and joy while preparing for their dream wedding, making their journey to this momentous day truly memorable. Salish Lodge & Spa provided an exquisite backdrop for their celebration, nestled in the magnificent Washington region. The setting was ideal for their special day due to its rustic charm and natural beauty. Wedding planner Renee […]

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Joyana + Scott

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Joyana + Scott

Located in the captivating embrace of Salish Lodge & Spa and Spa, Joyana and Scott’s wedding day took place amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Snoqualmie, WA. With the majestic Snoqualmie Falls as their witness, their day unfolded like a dream. The venue’s blend of nature and sophistication ensured an elegant affair. Sound Originals, captured every detail of the day – from the delicate invitations to the decor, and the shimmering wedding rings. Once they were […]

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Kristina + Jay

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Kristina + Jay

We are excited to share Kristina and Jay’s Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding! Situated on top of Snoqualmie Falls, Salish Lodge & Spa is a stunning PNW venue for your special day. The space Kristina and Jay chose was called the Falls Terrace which included a beautiful room, with a wood burning fireplace and an attached terrace. Salish Lodge & Spa, ideal for 64 guests, offers outdoor ceremonies with mountain backdrops and indoor dinners in the […]

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Trisha + Marc

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Trisha + Marc

Trisha and Marc’s Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding is a tale of love set against the picturesque backdrop of Snoqualmie Falls in Washington. Nestled in nature’s embrace, Salish Lodge & Spa has become a sought-after wedding venue for its enchanting location. Couples are drawn to its charm, making it an ideal choice for exchanging vows amid the cascading beauty of the falls. Transitioning to Trisha and Marc’s wedding day, the excitement begins with their preparations—captured […]

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Allie + JD

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Allie + JD

Allie and JD celebrated an extraordinary Salish Lodge & Spa wedding, choosing this venue for its breathtaking setting embraced by towering fir trees and flowing water. The allure of Salish Lodge & Spa lies in its authentic Pacific Northwest experience, resonating with couples seeking a unique atmosphere. Perched above Snoqualmie Falls, the hotel provides a magnificent backdrop, and Allie’s bridal suite, positioned directly above the waterfall, offers a stunning setting. The sound of rushing water […]

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding Videos

Immerse yourself in the magic of Salish Lodge & Spa weddings through our enchanting wedding videos. Relive the cherished moments, heartfelt emotions, and love stories that come to life in this extraordinary venue. Contact us to ensure your Salish Lodge & Spa wedding is beautifully captured, preserving the memories for a lifetime.

  • Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding Video // Caitlin & Rickpal

  • Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding Video // Trisha & Marc

  • Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding Video // Tiffany & Kolby

  • Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding Video // Amanda & Zach

  • Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding Video // Tiffany & Kolby

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Salish Lodge & Spa

Salish Lodge & Spa offers a luxurious retreat in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Nestled near Snoqualmie Falls, this stunning lodge provides upscale accommodations with Pacific Northwest-inspired décor and modern amenities.
Guests can relax in the soothing atmosphere of the spa. They can also enjoy farm-to-table dining at the lodge’s restaurants and explore the area’s natural beauty through outdoor activities. Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a wellness retreat, or an adventure-filled vacation, Salish Lodge & Spa provides an unforgettable experience in a picturesque setting. Enjoy the tranquil ambiance, impeccable service, and a true taste of the Pacific Northwest.

Salish Lodge Wedding Reviews

Salish Lodge & Spa has garnered rave reviews from couples who have celebrated their weddings here. Guests consistently praise the breathtaking backdrop of Snoqualmie Falls, creating a truly magical atmosphere for their special day. The dedicated wedding team is often commended for their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and memorable event. The lodge’s commitment to crafting personalized experiences, from customized menus to stunning décor, has left a lasting impression on newlyweds and their guests. With its idyllic location, exceptional service, and world-class amenities, Salish Lodge & Spa continues to be a cherished destination for unforgettable weddings.

Salish Lodge Romance Package

Experience enchanting romance at Salish Lodge & Spa with the “Romance at the Falls” package. Couples will find their cozy room adorned with fragrant rose petals and a bottle of Salish Lodge & Spa Brut upon arrival. The mesmerizing falls provide a backdrop for a romantic evening by the gas fireplace, where they can sip sparkling wine and relish each other’s company. In the morning, lovebirds can enjoy a sumptuous four-course Country Breakfast for two at The Dining Room. This breakfast is paired with a generous $92 dining credit for a memorable culinary experience. This retreat is ideal for those seeking an idyllic romantic escape.

Salish Lodge Hidden Terrace

Hidden Terrace at Salish Lodge & Spa is the epitome of romance and natural beauty. With a ceremony capacity of 40, it offers an unparalleled setting to exchange vows at the crest of Snoqualmie Falls. This one-of-a-kind space brings you as close as possible to this iconic Pacific Northwest landmark. It incorporates the refreshing breeze and mesmerizing falls’ roar into your unique ceremony. Whether you’re envisioning an intimate reception or a cocktail party for 28 guests, this breathtaking venue will create unforgettable memories in the heart of nature’s wonderland.

Snoqualmie Falls Wedding Venue

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, offers a captivating backdrop for couples seeking a unique wedding experience. The region boasts a variety of both indoor and outdoor wedding venues to suit different preferences. Salish Lodge & Spa, an iconic choice, provides stunning views year-round, with both indoor and outdoor settings. For those with rustic tastes, Evergreen Meadows offers breathtaking Cascade Mountain vistas. The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge, a private golf club, features both indoor and outdoor options, including a spacious ballroom with panoramic Snoqualmie Valley views. North Fork Farm Events, set in a scenic valley, offers farm-to-table dining. These venues cater to various budgets, guest list sizes, and wedding styles, allowing couples to say “I do” amidst the splendor of nature.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

As Seattle Wedding Photographers, we specialize in capturing the most precious moments of your special day. Our talented team has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the unique charm that Seattle and the greater Washington region offer, allowing us to create stunning visual narratives that encapsulate the love, joy, and beauty of your wedding. Whether you choose a picturesque venue like Maroni Meadows or opt for the rustic elegance of Thornewood Castle, our photographers excel at transforming these settings into timeless works of art. Trust us to turn your wedding memories into cherished keepsakes. Contact us today to ensure we capture your Washington wedding beautifully.

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