Woodmark Hotel Wedding // Daniel + Alexi


We are thrilled to share Daniel and Alexi’s Woodmark Hotel wedding with you. The excitement was palpable as the couple eagerly for their special day. Amid this anticipation, the Woodmark Hotel provided the perfect setting for their celebration, uniquely combining elegance and natural beauty. As the anticipation built up, Daniel and Alexi’s wedding preparations were a whirlwind of excitement.

The talented team from Sound Originals, renowned for their exceptional photography and videography skills, expertly captured every moment. They shared in the couple’s excitement, creating stunning visuals that will forever encapsulate their joyous journey. Seattle’s finest wedding photographers, indeed.

Under the meticulous planning of Jenna Boldt, the day unfolded seamlessly. Woodmark’s exquisite catering and Deru Market‘s delectable desserts delighted the guests’ palates. The Flower Lady‘s enchanting floral arrangements added a touch of romance to the atmosphere, while Zazzle‘s invitations set the tone for the event. The La Belle Elaine gown elevated Daniel’s radiant appearance, adding to her charm and beauty. Anne Timss‘ artistic touch further enhanced her beauty, adding a captivating glow to her overall look. Sounds Unlimited‘s music sets the rhythm for a joyous celebration, infusing the air with energy and love.

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Woodmark Hotel Wedding Photos

Woodmark Hotel Wedding Menu

The Woodmark Hotel‘s wedding menu is a culinary masterpiece that indulges the senses. Crafted with expertise, it offers an array of delectable dishes to suit every palate. From sumptuous appetizers to exquisite entrees and decadent desserts, the menu showcases a fusion of flavors and artistry. The locally sourced ingredients ensure freshness and quality, while the presentation is a feast for the eyes. Whether you crave classic elegance or modern innovation, the Woodmark Hotel’s wedding menu has it all. Elevate your special day with a gastronomic journey that delights and satisfies, leaving a lasting impression on your guests’ taste buds.

Woodmark Hotel Wedding Reviews

Woodmark Hotel’s wedding reviews are nothing short of exceptional. With a picturesque backdrop of Lake Washington, couples praise the venue’s romantic ambiance. The attentive staff consistently earns rave reviews for their dedication to making each wedding flawless. The diverse indoor and outdoor spaces cater to various preferences, ensuring a perfect setting for every couple. Guests can’t stop raving about the delectable wedding menu, where culinary excellence meets creativity. From the elegant decor to the seamless service, the Woodmark Hotel consistently exceeds expectations. These glowing reviews solidify the Woodmark Hotel‘s reputation as a premier wedding destination, promising unforgettable moments for couples and guests alike.

Marina Room Woodmark Hotel

Nestled within the Woodmark Hotel, the Marina Room is a gem of a wedding venue. With panoramic views of Lake Washington, it’s a picturesque setting that exudes romance and elegance. The expansive windows bathe the space in natural light, creating an enchanting atmosphere for ceremonies and receptions. The Marina Room‘s intimate ambiance, complemented by the breathtaking lake backdrop, ensures unforgettable moments for couples and guests alike. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a lavish affair, the Marina Room at Woodmark Hotel offers a dreamy canvas to paint your perfect wedding memories.

Edgewater Hotel Wedding

Celebrate your love story at the iconic Edgewater Hotel. Overlooking Elliott Bay, this Seattle gem offers a breathtaking backdrop for weddings. The Edgewater’s rustic elegance and stunning waterfront views create a magical atmosphere, ideal for intimate or grand celebrations. From the charming indoor spaces to the scenic outdoor terraces, every corner tells a story of romance. Exchange vows with the shimmering bay as your witness, and indulge in exquisite culinary creations that tantalize your taste buds. The Edgewater Hotel‘s timeless charm ensures a wedding day filled with elegance and charm, making it a cherished memory for you and your guests.

Woodmark Hotel Event Space

Find out more about the Woodmark Hotel’s adaptable event spaces, which are ideal for your special occasion. The hotel provides a beautiful venue for weddings, corporate parties, and meetings with its breathtaking lakefront views. Natural splendor and refinement provide as a backdrop for the beautiful event venues, like the Lake Washington Ballroom. Whether you’re organizing a small wedding or a large party, the Woodmark Hotel’s committed staff will make sure that every last element is carefully chosen. Your event will be flawless, with customized menus and dedicated service. Create enduring memories at the Woodmark Hotel by elevating your meetings against a backdrop of calm waterways.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Sound Originals stands as a beacon of excellence among Seattle Wedding Photographers. With a passion for storytelling, they capture the essence of love through their lens. Their skilled team creates timeless memories, weaving emotions and moments into each frame. Every click reflects their dedication to preserving your special day’s magic. Through a blend of artistic vision and technical expertise, Sound Originals crafts images that resonate with authenticity. Their portfolio showcases a range of styles, from candid to posed, ensuring your unique love story is told beautifully. Trust in their expertise to turn fleeting moments into cherished treasures that will be cherished for generations to come.


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