Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding // Allie + JD


Allie and JD celebrated an extraordinary Salish Lodge & Spa wedding, choosing this venue for its breathtaking setting embraced by towering fir trees and flowing water. The allure of Salish Lodge & Spa lies in its authentic Pacific Northwest experience, resonating with couples seeking a unique atmosphere.

Perched above Snoqualmie Falls, the hotel provides a magnificent backdrop, and Allie’s bridal suite, positioned directly above the waterfall, offers a stunning setting. The sound of rushing water adds a serene ambiance as she prepares for her big day.

Following Allie’s preparation, the couple shared a heartwarming first look at the garden, surrounded by vibrant flowers and lush greenery. Their intimate wedding ceremony unfolded on the patio, offering a panoramic view of Snoqualmie Falls.

Venturing into the enchanting woods, we captured a couple of portraits amid moss-covered trees, ivy, and scattered leaves, encapsulating the true essence of Northwest aesthetics. Allie and JD’s wedding photographs beautifully depict the lush greenery, creating an authentic Northwest photography vibe that we absolutely adore!

Salish Lodge & Spa Wedding Photos

Snoqualmie Falls Wedding Venue

Salish Lodge & Spa is the best place to get married for a Snoqualmie Falls wedding venue. The lodge itself is right next to the waterfall. In fact, you feel like you might fall over! Kidding, of course. As wedding photographers, we can’t emphasize enough how close it is to Snoqualmie Falls. You can easily walk to the overlook. It’s a great place for pictures. There is a long pathway with many viewpoints of Snoqualmie Falls. Looking for an engagement session? Check out Diana and DJ’s Snoqualmie Falls engagement photos!

Salish Lodge & Spa Intimate Wedding

Allie and JD wanted to celebrate their marriage with a Salish Lodge & Spa intimate wedding. They invited a couple dozen guests. The lodge’s wedding space is perfect for intimate celebrations. The ceremony area overlooks the falls and feels cozy and private. As a result, guests can see and hear the couple and the officiant. After tying the knot, you can walk inside to the dining room. That’s where the couple cut their wedding cake, enjoyed toasts and ate dinner. The entire experience feels small and intimate.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Washington State. It’s a giant waterfall! It’s also easily accessible. You can drive to the waterfall in about 30 minutes from downtown Seattle. You can enjoy nice hikes and walking trails near the observation platforms.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

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