Olympic National Park Wedding


If you’re dreaming of a picturesque wedding surrounded by nature’s finest, look no further than Olympic National Park in Washington. Nestled in the lush landscapes of the Olympic Peninsula, this iconic national park provides an enchanting setting for exchanging vows.

Located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, Olympic National Park is easily accessible via Highway 101, offering convenient access from various nearby cities like Seattle and Tacoma. The park’s diverse ecosystems include rugged coastline, temperate rainforests, and towering mountains, making it renowned.

Couples are attracted to Olympic National Park because of its unparalleled natural beauty and serene ambiance. Imagine saying “I do” against the backdrop of towering evergreens, pristine lakes, or panoramic mountain views. The park’s unique landscapes provide a stunning and unforgettable setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Within Olympic National Park, several venues cater to different wedding styles and preferences. From intimate forest clearings to scenic lakeside spots, couples have a range of options to choose from. The park offers wedding packages that include venue rental, setup, and sometimes even catering services.

Wedding packages in this renowned national park typically range from $2,000 to $5,000. The price varies based on the selected features and services. Couples can choose elopement or comprehensive wedding packages with accommodation and activities.

Imagine exchanging vows under the canopy of ancient trees, with the sounds of nature as your soundtrack. Olympic National Park offers a variety of settings, including beaches, rainforests, and mountain overlooks, each with its own unique charm. Whether you prefer a rustic outdoor affair or an elegant celebration in nature, the park has something to offer.

To envision your dream wedding at Olympic National Park, browse through our gallery of stunning wedding photos and videos. Scroll down to immerse yourself in the magic of weddings amidst nature’s grandeur.

Olympic National Park Wedding Photos

Explore the captivating beauty of Olympic National Park weddings through our curated collection of photographs. Each image captures the natural splendor and romance of ceremonies amidst lush rainforests, pristine lakeshores, and majestic mountain vistas. Our photos reflect the joyous moments and serene ambiance that make weddings in this iconic park truly unforgettable.

Olympic National Park Wedding // Mariah + Price

Olympic National Park Wedding // Mariah + Price

Mariah and Price’s Olympic National Park Wedding was an absolutely stunning use of the iconic Washington park as their wedding venue. This Olympic National Park Wedding took place in the heart of Washington State, offering diverse landscapes, from lush forests to serene beaches. The couple fell in love with its natural beauty and peaceful ambiance. This setting perfectly complemented their dream of a romantic, outdoor ceremony. The wedding day she started with joyful anticipation. Mariah […]

Olympic National Park Wedding // Katya + Travis

Olympic National Park Wedding // Katya + Travis

We’re very excited to share Katya and Travis’ forested Olympic National Park Wedding! First off, Katya and Travis chose a unique outdoor venue that is special to them- the Olympic National Park! Of note, the Olympic Forest is about two to two and a half hours West of Seattle. In total the Olympic National Park is almost a million acres in size. Throughout the park there are many different topographies, like wild coastline, glacier topped […]

Olympic National Park Wedding // Julia + Ryan

Olympic National Park Wedding // Julia + Ryan

We’re thrilled to present Julia and Ryan’s Olympic National Park Wedding gallery. Olympic National Park is located in the state of Washington, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Joy, laughter, and heartfelt moments filled the day. Family and friends joined in to make it truly magical. It was an unforgettable celebration of love and happiness. Stay tuned to see the breathtaking moments captured in our gallery! Their journey began with a heartfelt […]

Olympic National Park Wedding // Nicole + Zach

Olympic National Park Wedding // Nicole + Zach

When you plan an Olympic National Park wedding, sometimes you need to expect mosquitoes. At least, if your first look takes place at Madison Falls. Sound Originals was thrilled to be Nicole and Zach’s photography and videography team for their adventure elopement. The special day began at Madison Falls. Nicole snuck up on Zach for their emotional first look. Madison Falls is a short hike from the parking lot. Washington Trails Association says it’s less […]

Olympic National Park Wedding Videos

Experience the magic of Olympic National Park weddings through our captivating wedding videos. Our skilled videographers expertly capture each moment, narrating the unique love story of every couple and preserving the emotions and cherished memories of your special day. Contact us today to bring your wedding to life on screen.

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Olympic National Park Wedding Permit

If you’re looking to host a wedding in Olympic National Park, you’ll need a special use permit. This permit is required for events such as weddings, ceremonies, meetings, or gatherings within the park. To apply for a Special Use Permit, you can download the application form from the park’s website or contact them directly via email or mail. The permit application process typically takes 3-4 weeks, so it’s recommended to apply well in advance of your wedding date. Additionally, special permits may still be required for photography or other activities to ensure the preservation of park resources and visitor experiences. For detailed information and assistance with permits, reach out to the management of Olympic National Park.

Olympic National Park Elopement Photographer

Capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest with stunning photographs for an Olympic National Park Elopement. Exchange vows amidst waterfalls, rainforests, beaches, or mountains—each backdrop offers unique beauty. As experienced elopement photographers, we guide you to the best spots for your love story. Ensure your special day is perfect with the necessary wedding permits from the National Park Service. Whether it’s Hurricane Ridge, Ruby Beach, Hoh Rainforest, or elsewhere, immortalize your magical moments against nature’s awe-inspiring backdrop. Contact Sound Originals to discuss your Olympic National Park escape and create lasting memories.

Olympic National Park Micro Wedding

Olympic National Park offers an idyllic setting for micro weddings, allowing couples to exchange vows in intimate ceremonies amidst breathtaking landscapes. Whether it’s a romantic beachside affair, a tranquil rainforest gathering, or a mountain backdrop ceremony, the park provides diverse and memorable locations for weddings. To host a micro wedding in the park, couples need a special use permit, ensuring compliance with park regulations. Collaborating with park staff simplifies the planning process, from acquiring permits to organizing logistics, creating a seamless and unforgettable experience. Choose Olympic National Park for your micro wedding and celebrate love amidst nature’s splendor.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Looking for Seattle wedding photographers across Washington state? Look no further! Our team at Sound Originals specializes in capturing beautiful moments that tell your unique love story. From intimate elopements to grand weddings, we are dedicated to creating stunning photographs that you’ll cherish forever. Whether you’re dreaming of exchanging vows in the lush landscapes of Olympic National Park or against the iconic backdrop of Seattle’s skyline, we’re here to make your wedding day unforgettable. Contact us today to discuss your wedding photography needs and let’s create beautiful memories together.

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