Olympic National Park Wedding // Nicole + Zach


When you plan an Olympic National Park wedding, sometimes you need to expect mosquitoes. At least, if your first look takes place at Madison Falls.

Sound Originals was thrilled to be Nicole and Zach’s photography and videography team for their adventure elopement.

The special day began at Madison Falls. Nicole snuck up on Zach for their emotional first look. Madison Falls is a short hike from the parking lot. Washington Trails Association says it’s less than 0.2 miles to the gorgeous waterfall. As a result, it’s an easy hike. Even a bride in a wedding dress carrying a bridal bouquet can do it! First, we took romantic photos under the canopy of trees. Secondly, the majestic waterfall added a humming soundtrack to the elopement videography. As a result, we dodged mosquitoes at every turn! The couple brought their three dogs to the marriage. They watched eagerly as we scrambled down the rocks to the waterfall to pose for intimate and loving photos.

At Hurricane Ridge, 5,000 feet high, Zach serenaded his vows amid breathtaking views of forested hills. Check National Park Service updates for weather-related road closures and cloudy conditions. Prepare for any weather when planning your Olympic National Park elopement.

After the ceremony, the couple removed their masks and celebrated with a passionate first kiss. This is the kind of moment that wedding photographers and videographers crave. Pure emotion. Authentic feelings.

Nicole and Zach had their first wedding dance at Salt Creek Beach, about 30 minutes away from Hurricane Ridge. Salt Creek Beach is still on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s a secluded beach with rocky outcroppings and fantastic sunsets.

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Olympic National Park Wedding Permits

For your Olympic National Park elopement, obtaining a permit is a crucial step. Fortunately, the National Park Service offers assistance throughout the process. Park rangers are available to provide valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring you choose the ideal location for your ceremony amidst the park’s breathtaking scenery. The special use permit, required for weddings and elopements within Olympic National Park, facilitates a seamless and unforgettable experience, allowing you to exchange vows in the midst of nature’s grandeur without any hassles.

Olympic National Park Wedding Venues

Exploring the perfect venue within the breathtaking landscapes of Olympic National Park adds an exhilarating dimension to your wedding planning journey. Amidst a myriad of lodging options and picturesque vistas, opportunities abound. Delve into quaint accommodations and awe-inspiring panoramas to discover the ideal setting that aligns with your wedding vision. Embrace the process of choosing the venue that will elevate your unforgettable celebration to new heights.

Olympic National Park Elopement Locations

Exploring the PNW’s remarkable destinations, Olympic National Park elopements hold a special place in our hearts! Renowned for its remarkable diversity, the park offers couples the chance to say “I do” by the ocean and celebrate at 5,000 feet elevation. Venture into lush forests, towering peaks, and pristine coastlines for a wedding adventure unlike any other. Whether envisioning a tranquil beach ceremony or a mountaintop celebration, Olympic National Park provides stunning settings for your big day. Allow us to lead you through the wonders of this natural haven for an unforgettable elopement journey.

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