Olympic National Park Wedding // Katya + Travis


We’re very excited to share Katya and Travis’ forested Olympic National Park Wedding!

First off, Katya and Travis chose a unique outdoor venue that is special to them- the Olympic National Park! Of note, the Olympic Forest is about two to two and a half hours West of Seattle. In total the Olympic National Park is almost a million acres in size. Throughout the park there are many different topographies, like wild coastline, glacier topped mountain ranges, and temperate rainforest. As they drove into the forest for their wedding, they spotted massive Roosevelt Elk

Initially, the two arrived to the park ready for their wedding. Specifically, Katya wore a dress from Reformation. Interestingly, Reformation is a carbon neutral company that follows sustainable practices and offers a vintage aesthetic. At first, Katya had on rubber Hunter boots and a tartan coat over her wedding dress. Next, she slipped into her pointed-toe wedding flats. Also, she paired her wedding day look with a bouquet of dried flowers. In detail, her bouquet featured shades of orange and forest green.

Correspondingly, Travis wore a hunter green suit and a faded orange next tie. Together, the two posed in the patches of sunlight coming through the trees. Additionally, they posed on sandy beaches with driftwood along the shores and massive rocks in the water. While standing in the old growth forest, the couple were met by a wizard! That’s right! Uniquely, their wedding officiant was dressed in full wizard regalia. As you can see, he wore a long robe, a pointed wizard’s hat, and held a staff.

Next up, it was time for their ceremony. Within the forest, Katya and Travis were joined by an intimately sized wedding party. During the ceremony there was laughter between the couple and a few happy tears were shed by Katya. Finally, they read their vows and exchanged rings. At last, they shared their first kiss as a newly wed couple. Afterwards they celebrated with a cake from That Takes the Cake.

Our team at Sound Originals loved being there to capture Katya and Travis’ wedding day. Please enjoy their photos!

Olympic National Park Wedding Photos

Olympic National Park Wedding Permit

Previously, our team at Sound Originals has covered the steps to elope in Olympic National Park. Ideally, prospective couples would check out that guide here. Furthermore, the National Park Services website has a page detailing the necessary permits. Of course, the special use permit covers events like weddings, ceremonies, meetings, and gatherings. Typically, this permit costs between $50-$100. Be aware that a special use permit needs 3-4 weeks of processing time. 

Afterwards, newlyweds might want to stay nearby. Incidentally, staying at a nearby lodge is another cost that should be budgeted for. The Kalaloch Lodge is located within the National Park and offers an array of accommodations. Finally, for the adventurous couple, camping is an option too!

Hoh Rainforest Wedding

Historically, the Hoh Rainforest was formed thousands of years ago by glaciers. It is worth mentioning that the Hoh Rainforest is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the US. Naturally, the Hoh Rainforest is part of the Olympic National Park. Meaning that the same special use permits apply as above. Within the Olympic National Park, you can choose from so many different vignettes. This can include Hurricane Ridge, Ruby Beach, and Sol Duc Falls. 

Across our team at Sound Originals we are comfortable shooting in forests. Again, after a forest wedding, couples tend to stay nearby. Thirdly, less than an hour away from the Hoh is the town of Forks, WA. In the event that the town of Forks rings a bell, then you might be thinking of the Twilight book series. In fact, the town of Forks hold a Twilight festival for fans of vampire stories.  

Seattle Wedding Photographers

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