MV Skansonia Wedding // Gillian + Joshua


With the captivating backdrop of Seattle, this MV Skansonia Wedding is a perfect wedding venue. Gillian and Joshua chose this historic ship for their special day, and the result was truly enchanting. The venue‘s expansive water views and the Seattle skyline created a romantic atmosphere. The couple, surrounded by their loved ones, experienced unforgettable moments in a setting that blended both classic and modern elements.

The preparation process was filled with excitement as Gillian and Joshua eagerly awaited their big moment. Gillian dazzled in her lace-embroidered gown, while Joshua looked sharp in his elegant black suit. The exchange of heartfelt vows brought emotional moments for everyone present. After the ceremony, joyous laughter and toasts filled the air as guests enjoyed a delightful meal together.

The couple’s first dance, set against the stunning water backdrop of MV Skansonia, was a highlight of the evening. Gillian and Joshua’s cake cutting was another memorable moment, with guests savoring the delectable treats from Trophy Cupcakes. The celebration continued with dancing and music, ensuring everyone had a night to remember.

The talented team from Seattle Wedding Photographers captured every special moment of this day beautifully. The photos showcased the couple’s genuine affection and the breathtaking scenery, highlighting the unique charm of the event.

If you’re considering a wedding venue in Washington, MV Skansonia should be on your list. For those looking for engagement photographers or romantic getaways in the Washington area, you’re in the right place. For more love stories and information, visit our website.

MV Skansonia Wedding Photos

MV Skansonia Parking

Parking at the MV Skansonia, located on North Lake Union in Seattle, can be a consideration for guests attending events. The venue itself offers limited on-site parking, which can accommodate a modest number of vehicles. For larger events, additional parking options are available in the surrounding area. Nearby street parking is an option, though availability can vary depending on the time and day. Guests are also encouraged to consider local pay-to-park lots, which provide a reliable alternative. To ensure a smooth experience, event planners often recommend carpooling or arranging transportation services like shuttles for guests, especially when hosting significant gatherings or weddings.

Sodo Park Wedding Cost

Sodo Park in Seattle stands out as a popular wedding venue known for its blend of rustic and modern aesthetics. The cost of hosting a wedding at Sodo Park can vary widely depending on several factors such as the date, guest count, and selected package options. Typically, the venue rental fees range from $3,500 to $7,000. This cost often includes the space rental and basic amenities but excludes catering, which is exclusively provided by Herban Feast. Catering expenses can start at around $100 per person. Additionally, couples should budget for extras like decorations, DJ services, and photography to get a complete picture of their wedding expenses at Sodo Park.

MV Skansonia Reviews

The MV Skansonia, a vintage ferryboat, permanently docks on North Lake Union in Seattle, offering a unique venue for events, particularly weddings. Reviewers consistently praise its charming nautical theme and stunning views of the Seattle skyline and Gas Works Park. The Skansonia’s intimate and cozy ambiance is highlighted, by its ability to create a memorable and distinctive experience for guests. Couples appreciate the professional staff who are noted for their attentiveness and ability to handle details seamlessly. The venue’s all-inclusive packages, which often include catering and decor options, make planning easier and stress-free. Overall, the MV Skansonia receives high marks for its atmosphere, service, and unforgettable setting.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle wedding photographers specialize in capturing the essence of nuptial celebrations in the picturesque settings of the Pacific Northwest. Known for their creativity, they blend traditional and contemporary styles to produce unique and memorable photographs. These professionals are adept at utilizing Seattle’s diverse landscapes, from lush green forests and urban cityscapes to misty waterfronts. They excel in managing the city’s often cloudy and rainy weather to enhance the mood and lighting of their shots. Seattle wedding photographers focus on storytelling through their images, ensuring that each couple’s special day is immortalized with emotion and beauty. Their work not only documents the event but also artfully highlights the intimate moments and grand celebrations of love.


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