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Nestled amid the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains within Malibu Wine Country, Calamigos Ranch is a beacon of timeless elegance and natural splendor. Spanning over 5,500 acres of pristine beauty, this enchanting venue offers a captivating blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, making it a perfect destination for weddings and special events.

Located at 327 Latigo Canyon Rd, Malibu, CA 90265, Calamigos Ranch boasts a convenient yet serene location. Easily accessible, it’s just a short drive from Los Angeles, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by lush landscapes and vineyards, the ranch provides a tranquil setting with stunning mountain vistas.

Each space offers unique charm, whether exchanging vows under ancient oak trees, beside cascading waterfalls, or on a sweeping deck overlooking the sunset. The rustic elegance and historic ambiance of the Redwood Room, Oak Room, Pavilion, and Birchwood Room set the stage for unforgettable moments.

Calamigos Ranch provides comprehensive wedding packages tailored to each couple’s vision. Wedding services include site rental and setup for ceremony and reception areas, tables, chairs, linens, and tableware. Couples can choose from formal sit-down dinners or elegant buffet options, complemented by impeccable tableside wine service.

While prices may vary depending on specific requirements and seasonal factors, a typical wedding package at Calamigos Ranch starts from $275 per person. This includes three hours of unlimited beer, wine, champagne, and soda service alongside a selection of delectable menu options. Additional services, such as extended bar service or customization, are available upon request. Couples can budget transparently for their dream wedding with a 22% service charge, a 4% sustainability fee, and sales tax included.

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Calamigos Ranch Wedding Photos

Embark on a visual odyssey through the captivating allure of Calamigos Ranch Wedding Photos, where our curated collection showcases the romance, joy, and unforgettable moments woven into the fabric of your special day against the picturesque backdrop of Malibu Wine Country. From intimate ceremonies to lavish receptions, each photograph encapsulates the essence of love and celebration that defines weddings at this enchanting venue.

Calamigos Ranch Wedding // Charles + Stephanie

Calamigos Ranch Wedding // Charles + Stephanie

Join us on an unforgettable journey as we share Charles and Stephanie’s magical Calamigos Ranch Wedding in the heart of San Francisco. Calamigos Ranch provided the perfect backdrop for their dream day, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Under the expert guidance of planner Andrew Acevedo, every detail fell into place, creating a seamless and awe-inspiring celebration. The atmosphere was enchanting, with Village Florist‘s stunning floral arrangements adding an elegant touch to the venue. Stephanie looked radiant […]

Calamigos Ranch Wedding Videos

Step into the enchanting world of Calamigos Ranch Wedding Videos, where our captivating films beautifully encapsulate the essence of your special day. With artful storytelling and cinematic expertise, our skilled videographers ensure every moment, from the heartfelt vows to the joyous celebrations, is immortalized in a stunning visual narrative. Let us preserve your unforgettable moments and love story in a way you’ll cherish forever. Contact us today to bring your Calamigos Ranch wedding to life on screen.

  • Calamigos Ranch Wedding Video // Charles & Stephanie

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Calamigos Ranch Wedding Cost

Calamigos Ranch offers comprehensive wedding packages starting at $275 per person. These packages include site rental, setup for ceremony and reception areas, tables, chairs, linens, and tableware. Additionally, couples can choose between formal sit-down dinners or elegant buffet options. The cost covers three hours of unlimited beer, wine, champagne, and soda service. It’s important to note that prices may vary based on specific requirements and seasonal factors. With a 22% service charge, 4% sustainability fee, and current sales tax included, couples can plan their dream wedding with a transparent breakdown of costs.

Calamigos Ranch Map

Discovering Calamigos Ranch is like stumbling upon a hidden gem in Malibu’s embrace. Located at 327 Latigo Canyon Rd, Malibu, CA 90265, Calamigos Ranch provides a picturesque setting for weddings. It’s easily accessible from Los Angeles, offering a scenic drive through the Santa Monica Mountains. Whether you’re arriving from the city or nearby coastal towns, the journey promises breathtaking views and a sense of anticipation. Follow the winding roads until you reach this idyllic retreat, where lush landscapes and rustic charm await. In its tranquil beauty, Calamigos Ranch beckons visitors to craft unforgettable memories.

Calamigos Ranch Wedding Reviews

Calamigos Ranch consistently earns glowing reviews from couples celebrating their special day amidst its picturesque landscapes. With enchanting settings, impeccable service, and attention to detail, this venue consistently earns praise. Couples rave about the stunning outdoor ceremony sites at Calamigos Ranch. The Redwood Room and Oak Room offer a romantic backdrop for exchanging vows. The professionalism of the staff, from coordinators to wait staff, ensures seamless execution of every wedding day aspect. Guests also commend the delicious cuisine and the overall ambiance, describing their experiences as magical. For those seeking a dream wedding venue in Southern California, Calamigos Ranch consistently exceeds expectations and leaves lasting impressions.

Calamigos Ranch Winery

Calamigos Ranch, despite not being a winery itself, is nestled amidst the breathtaking landscape of Malibu Wine Country, renowned for its sprawling vineyards and picturesque tasting rooms. Visitors to this enchanting region can partake in tastings of locally-produced wines surrounded by stunning natural vistas. Guided tours of vineyards offer insights into the winemaking process, providing wine enthusiasts with a rich and immersive experience. With a diverse selection of varietals ranging from crisp Chardonnays to robust Cabernet Sauvignons, there’s something to please every palate. After wine tasting, guests relax at Calamigos Ranch, enjoying its tranquil ambiance and scenic views. Whether celebrating love or enjoying nature, Calamigos Ranch offers an unforgettable experience. Located in Malibu Wine Country, it’s a promise of lasting memories.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

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