Rancho Roble Vineyards Wedding // Raj + Sumana


We will share with you Raj and Sumana’s Rancho Roble Vineyards Wedding, a picturesque haven in Sacramento, CA. Nestled among the vine-covered hills, this venue exudes rustic charm and elegance. The lush vineyards provide a romantic backdrop, and the open-air spaces invite celebration beneath the California sun. Rancho Roble Vineyards offers a timeless setting for Raj and Sumana’s love story.

Guiding this enchanting celebration was planner Maryssa Sayabath, ensuring every detail reflected the couple’s vision. Catering by ‘Catered to You‘ treated guests to a culinary journey, complementing the vineyard ambiance. With the talented Carlo Sandoval as DJ, the night resonated with music that echoed the couple’s unique love. All Dolled Up took care of the couple’s beauty needs, ensuring they looked radiant on their special day. Sound Originals immortalized the memories of this unique day.

Let Raj and Sumana’s love story inspire your own journey into love. Visit us to discover more stories like theirs, each a testament to the magic of love in beautiful California.

Rancho Roble Vineyards Wedding Photos

Rancho Roble Wine Club

Discover a haven for wine enthusiasts at Rancho Roble Wine Club, nestled in the scenic landscapes of California’s Central Coast. Renowned for exquisite wines, culinary delights, and serene ambiance, it’s a premier destination. Enter the tasting room, where knowledgeable staff guides you through award-winning wines, each crafted with meticulous attention. Indulge in culinary perfection, harmoniously paired with their wines, elevating the experience. Rancho Roble’s commitment to excellence extends beyond wines, enveloping guests in genuine hospitality. Whether a seasoned enthusiast or curious novice, embark on a journey of discovery and delight. Let Rancho Roble Wine Club transport you to a world of elegance and pure enjoyment.

Rancho Roble Chardonnay

Sip into delight with Rancho Roble Chardonnay, perfect for California gatherings. Grown in California’s Central Coast, this wine charms with fruity flavors, smooth texture, and a refreshing zing. Inhale ripe apples, citrus, and stone fruit; taste a creamy blend of pear, apple, and peach. The well-balanced acidity leaves a crisp finish. Enjoy it solo or pair it with seafood, like grilled salmon, roasted oysters, or crab cakes. It’s also splendid with roasted or grilled chicken, and a variety of cheeses. Crafted from 100% Chardonnay grapes in Santa Lucia Highlands AVA, aged for 10 months in oak barrels, Rancho Roble Chardonnay promises delightful moments in every sip—a perfect companion for California gatherings.

Rancho Roble Vineyards Reviews

Discover the magic of Rancho Roble Vineyards, a family-owned farm in California’s Santa Lucia Highlands AVA. Famous for its award-winning wines grown in its vineyards, I have recently tasted the flavors offered by these wines. 2022 Chardonnay emerges with refreshing notes of pear, apple, and citrus, delicately kissed by oak. Equally stunning, the 2021 Pinot Noir captivates with its elegance; Red fruits, spices, and earth dance harmoniously, resulting in a velvety smoothness. Rancho Roble impressed not only with its exceptional wines but also with its natural setting and friendly, knowledgeable staff. For an unforgettable California wine experience, Rancho Roble Vineyards is a real recommendation that resonates with locals like Maria from San Francisco, John from Los Angeles, and Mary from Sacramento.

Rock Hill Winery

Uncover Rock Hill Winery, a California wine haven. As a local blogger, I share this gem for wine enthusiasts and weddings. Nestled in picturesque landscapes, Rock Hill combines rustic charm with refined elegance. Explore the tasting room, a journey through time with antique tools and vintage labels. Guides orchestrate a symphony of flavors, from crisp Sauvignon Blancs to bold Cabernet Sauvignons. Indulge in gourmet pairings, where each dish harmonizes with exquisite wines. Join a guided vineyard tour, witnessing winemaking from grape cultivation to barrel aging. Rock Hill Winery transcends a winery; it’s a sanctuary where love stories unfold amidst enchanting vineyards. Let Rock Hill Winery set the stage for your special day, where passion and excellence intertwine, creating unforgettable moments.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

Embark on a visual journey with San Francisco Wedding Photographers, where every frame tells a love story. Among the stellar choices, Sound Originals Photography stands out. Capturing the city’s dynamic energy and natural beauty, their passionate team transforms weddings into timeless narratives. Sound Originals goes beyond photography; they weave the essence of San Francisco into each image, ensuring every moment is an artful celebration. Trust them to encapsulate your special day with the city’s vibrancy and your love’s timeless elegance.


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