Blockhouse PDX Wedding


Blockhouse PDX offers a unique and intimate setting for weddings, located in the vibrant Slabtown neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. The venue sits conveniently close to downtown, providing easy access for guests. Nearby attractions include Forest Park, known for its extensive hiking trails, and the lively Pearl District, filled with shops, restaurants, and art galleries. This central location makes Blockhouse PDX an ideal choice for couples looking to blend urban sophistication with a touch of nature.

The venue features an indoor area with an open floor plan, large windows, and plenty of natural light. This allows for flexible seating arrangements and creative decor options. Outdoors, a lush garden space offers a serene backdrop for ceremonies or receptions. The garden’s greenery and peaceful ambiance create a romantic setting perfect for exchanging vows or hosting cocktail hours.

Wedding packages typically include access to both indoor and outdoor spaces, essential furniture, and basic decor elements like lighting and linens. The venue also offers additional services such as catering, bar service, and coordination. These services ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for couples and their guests. For those seeking a more customized celebration, Blockhouse PDX allows outside vendors, giving couples the freedom to personalize every aspect of their wedding.

The cost of hosting a wedding at Blockhouse PDX varies based on the chosen package and season. Prices generally start around $4,000 for a basic package, which includes venue rental and essential amenities. More comprehensive packages, including catering and full-service coordination, can range from $8,000 to $15,000. 

The venue’s adaptable spaces and comprehensive services make it a top choice for Portland weddings. To see stunning photos and videos of weddings held at Blockhouse PDX, scroll down and explore our galleries showcasing unforgettable moments captured at this exceptional venue.

Blockhouse PDX Wedding Photos

Blockhouse PDX provides a stunning backdrop for wedding photos, with its modern indoor space and lush outdoor garden. The venue’s natural light and stylish decor make every shot look vibrant and elegant. Browse the gallery below to see how Sound Originals captures the beauty and magic of weddings at Blockhouse PDX.

Blockhouse PDX Wedding // Daniel + Alexandra

Blockhouse PDX Wedding // Daniel + Alexandra

We’re very excited to share Daniel and Alexandra’s botanical Blockhouse PDX wedding photos with you! Blockhouse PDX is located in Portland, OR. Portland is comprised of many neighborhoods. This venue is in the Pearl District. Blockhouse PDX is inside of the Pomarius Nursery. This venue is built around a chef-inspired open kitchen. In fact, the nursery has been in business since 2002. Their tagline is “Plants with Character.” Alexandra looked gorgeous on her wedding day. […]

Blockhouse PDX Wedding Videos

Blockhouse PDX offers a picturesque setting for wedding videos, featuring both modern indoor spaces and a charming outdoor garden. The venue’s versatility and beautiful surroundings ensure every moment is captured perfectly. Watch the stunning wedding videos below to see how Sound Originals brings the magic of Blockhouse PDX to life.

  • Blockhouse PDX Wedding Video // Michaela & Mohammadbagher

  • Blockhouse PDX Wedding Video // Alexandra & Daniel

  • Blockhouse PDX Wedding Video // Josella & Ariel

Wedding Venues Similar to Blockhouse PDX

Blockhouse Events

Blockhouse PDX isn’t just perfect for weddings; it’s an ideal venue for a variety of events. This versatile space can host corporate gatherings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and intimate dinner parties. With its modern indoor area and charming outdoor garden, Blockhouse PDX offers a unique backdrop for any occasion. The venue’s flexibility allows for creative layouts and personalized decor, ensuring your event reflects your style and vision. Whether it’s a casual get-together or a formal affair, Blockhouse PDX provides a welcoming and stylish setting that will leave your guests impressed and your event unforgettable.

Hood River Wedding Venues

When it comes to wedding venues in Oregon, Hood River is incredibly popular. Nestled in the stunning Columbia River Gorge, Hood River offers breathtaking views and diverse venue options. Couples can choose from charming vineyards, rustic barns, and elegant inns. Notable venues include Gorge Crest Vineyards, known for its panoramic views, and The Ruins, offering a unique historical setting. For those seeking a riverside ceremony, Riverside at the Best Western Plus provides a beautiful waterfront backdrop. Hood River’s natural beauty, combined with its array of venue choices, makes it a top destination for unforgettable weddings.

Columbia Gorge Hotel Wedding

Let’s talk about the Columbia Gorge Hotel, located in Hood River, Oregon. This premier wedding destination is renowned for its historic charm and breathtaking views. Overlooking the majestic Columbia River, the hotel provides a stunning backdrop for ceremonies and receptions. The venue features beautiful gardens, a picturesque waterfall, and a variety of indoor and outdoor event spaces to suit any wedding style. Couples can enjoy luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and exceptional service, ensuring a seamless and memorable celebration. The Columbia Gorge Hotel’s blend of natural beauty and timeless elegance makes it a top choice for couples seeking a romantic and unforgettable wedding venue.

Lakeside Gardens Wedding Cost

Let’s take a closer look at the wedding costs for Lakeside Gardens, a highly acclaimed venue in Portland, Oregon. Lakeside Gardens offers a picturesque setting with its beautiful lake, lush gardens, and elegant indoor spaces. The cost of hosting a wedding here typically starts around $4,500 for a basic package, which includes venue rental, tables, chairs, and basic linens. More comprehensive packages, including catering, bar service, and additional decor, can range from $10,000 to $15,000. These packages ensure a seamless and memorable event, with the added beauty of the serene lakeside setting making it a popular choice for couples.

Stevens Pavilion Wedding

Continuing our exploration of premier wedding venues, let’s take a closer look at Stevens Pavilion. Located in Washington Park, Portland, Stevens Pavilion is renowned for its enchanting setting and versatile event spaces. The venue offers both indoor and outdoor options, making it ideal for various wedding sizes and styles. The elegant indoor hall features large windows with ample natural light, while the surrounding gardens provide a picturesque backdrop for ceremonies and receptions. Wedding packages start around $5,000, with comprehensive options ranging from $10,000 to $18,000. Stevens Pavilion’s serene location and exceptional service make it a top choice for a memorable wedding.

Portland Wedding Photographers

At Sound Originals, our team of Portland Wedding Photographers captures the magic of your special day with creativity and precision. We focus on documenting the genuine emotions, candid moments, and intricate details that make your wedding unique. Our photographers excel at blending into the background, allowing you to enjoy your celebration while we capture every important moment. From stunning portraits to spontaneous shots, we ensure your wedding album tells the complete story of your love. For exceptional wedding photography that you’ll cherish forever, reach out to the Sound Original steam. Let us help make your wedding memories last a lifetime!

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