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Nestled in the heart of Oregon City, a stone’s throw from downtown Portland, the Abernethy Center wedding venue is a haven of timeless elegance and unwavering dedication to service. It proudly stands as one of Portland’s most coveted venues for weddings and events, celebrated for its boundless versatility.

What truly distinguishes Abernethy Center are its enchanting gardens, a refined ballroom, and the delightful Abernethy Chapel. Be it your dream of an outdoor celebration embraced by nature’s beauty or an indoor extravaganza within a splendid ballroom, Abernethy Center unfurls the canvas for your wedding masterpiece.

Understanding that every couple is beautifully unique, Abernethy Center extends a warm embrace with an array of wedding packages. These offerings encompass day-of coordination, partial planning assistance, and full-service planning, with pricing thoughtfully customized based on your chosen package and guest count, ensuring accessibility to a spectrum of budgets.

With a generous capacity for up to 678 standing guests or 300 seated, Abernethy Center plays host to weddings, corporate gatherings, and jubilant social soirees. For those seeking an intimate union, Abernethy Center thoughtfully offers elopement packages tailored for ceremonies with up to 25 cherished guests.

Since its inception in 2001, Abernethy Center has been synonymous with the art of hospitality. Infusing the flavors of award-winning catering with unparalleled customer service, they craft extraordinary memories. Your celebration is lovingly curated by a dedicated team comprising accomplished chefs, attentive service staff, and an astute event manager, leaving no detail untouched.

As you continue your journey below, discover a treasure trove of inspiration from the splendid weddings held at Abernethy Center. Here, dreams come to life, and your own special day awaits, poised to be an enchanting chapter in this storied venue’s history.

Abernethy Center Wedding Photos

Explore the enchanting world of Abernethy Center weddings through our captivating photos. Sound Originals, as Portland’s trusted wedding photographers, beautifully captures the love and moments that make each Abernethy Center wedding unique.

Abernethy Center Wedding // Anna + Joseph

Abernethy Center Wedding // Anna + Joseph

Anna and Joseph’s magical Abernethy Center wedding stole our hearts!  Abernathy Center is a premier wedding venue in Oregon City, OR. The stunning venue features two lovely gardens (Abigail’s Garden and Veiled Garden), the classic Abernathy Chapel, and also an elegant ballroom that offers beautiful settings for your special celebration. As Portland Wedding photographers, we had an opportunity to photograph many gorgeous weddings at this stunning Portland wedding venue. We love the Abernathy Center due […]

Abernethy Center Wedding // Sonja + Jonathan

Abernethy Center Wedding // Sonja + Jonathan

Step into the enchanting world of Sonja and Jonathan’s Abernethy Center Wedding! Nestled in the heart of picturesque Oregon, the Abernethy Center served as the idyllic venue for their love-filled celebration. Surrounded by nature’s beauty and imbued with a charming ambiance, it set the stage for unforgettable moments. As the big day approached, the couple embarked on an exciting journey of preparations. They meticulously planned every detail, and with each passing moment, the anticipation grew. […]

Abernethy Center Wedding // Sonja + Jonathan

Abernethy Center Wedding // Sonja + Jonathan

We’re thrilled to share Sonja and Jonathan’s stunning Abernethy Center Wedding!  Starting with the location, the couple selected the Abernethy Center in Oregon City, OR to host their wedding. If you’re planning a wedding, consider Abernethy Center – it’s the ideal wedding venue as it houses everything you need for your big day. The area is entirely wheelchair accessible, features outdoor heating for colder months, and beautiful feature lighting. The Chapel showcases a historic wedding bell […]

Abernethy Center Wedding // Christine + Zack

Abernethy Center Wedding // Christine + Zack

We’re so thrilled to share these gorgeous photos from this Abernethy Center wedding! Christine and Zack were such a lovely couple. They chose our Rustic Collection, which was perfect for a late summer wedding. The Abernethy Center is a large wedding venue located in Oregon City. It’s about a half-hour drive from Portland, Oregon. As a result, many couples who live in the Portland area plan weddings near Oregon City. Abernethy Center weddings look elegant […]

Abernethy Center Wedding Videos

Experience the enchantment of Abernethy Center weddings through our captivating wedding videos. Relive the cherished moments, emotions, and love stories that unfold in this remarkable venue. Contact us to learn more and ensure your Abernethy Center wedding is beautifully captured for a lifetime.

  • Abernethy Center Wedding Video // Fahiima & Mubarig

  • Abernethy Center Wedding Video // Maya & Josh

  • Abernethy Center Wedding Video // Sonja & Jonathan

  • Abernethy Center Wedding Video // Sarah & Austin

  • Abernethy Center Wedding Video // Elizabeth & Carson

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Abernethy Center Wedding Cost

Abernethy Center offers a range of wedding packages catering to diverse budgets and preferences. While exact costs can vary based on factors like guest count and customization, they typically start at $2000 for day-of coordination, $4000 for partial planning, and $6000 for full-service planning. These packages provide couples with options to align with their specific needs and ensure a memorable wedding day. However, please note that prices may change, so it’s advisable to contact Abernethy Center directly for the most accurate and up-to-date cost information. They are dedicated to helping couples achieve their dream wedding while staying within their financial comfort zone.

Abernethy Center Parking

Abernethy Center has your parking needs covered! They offer two spacious parking lots along with plenty of street parking, providing your guests with convenient and hassle-free parking options. You won’t have to worry about limited space; Abernethy Center ensures that everyone can easily access your event without any parking concerns. So, you can fully enjoy your special day, knowing that your guests’ parking experience is well taken care of. Bid farewell to parking hassles and say hello to a stress-free celebration at Abernethy Center, where your guests’ comfort and convenience are their top priority. Your worry-free wedding day begins from the moment your guests arrive!

Abernethy Center Menu

Abernethy Center takes pride in its culinary expertise, promising a delectable Northwest dining experience for your special occasion. The culinary team’s dedication to exceptional flavor and stunning presentation ensures that your wedding meal will be a memorable highlight. With the freedom to curate a menu that perfectly aligns with your preferences and budget, you can savor every moment. All dishes are prepared on-site for freshness, and courteous servers enhance your reception experience. Abernethy Center offers a diverse array of over 150 menu selections and recipes, with customizable package pricing ranging from $35 to $72, ensuring a perfect fit for your celebration. To explore their menus further, please click here.

Abernethy Center Instagram

Abernethy Center’s Instagram is a visual treasure trove of inspiration for couples planning their special day. With a stunning collection of photos and stories, it offers a glimpse into the enchanting weddings and events hosted at this remarkable venue. From beautifully decorated spaces to heartfelt moments, their feed captures the essence of each celebration. It’s where fresh ideas and creativity thrive as couples connect, sharing their unique event experiences. Abernethy Center’s Instagram offers wedding inspiration and a vibrant wedding community. Explore their feed for a visual feast that will spark your imagination and get you excited for your own celebration!

Abernethy Center Elopement

Abernethy Center has thoughtfully designed exclusive elopement packages to celebrate the most important aspect: your love story. The available packages, Juniper and Cypress, offer an intimate setting for up to 25 guests at the Veiled Garden & Chapel. Each package includes pre-event and event hours, dressing suites, a buffet dinner with appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and non-alcoholic beverages. A formal Champagne and Sparkling Cider toast, along with a dedicated team of professionals, will ensure your day runs smoothly. Additionally, the Cypress package includes a Beer & Wine Bar. Please note a $250 security deposit is required, and these packages are limited to Tuesdays and Wednesdays, ideal for new bookings. For pricing details, kindly contact Abernethy Center to begin your journey toward officially celebrating your love story with them!

Abernethy Center Reviews

Abernethy Center, a renowned wedding and event venue in Portland, has garnered a stellar reputation, with glowing reviews that reflect its commitment to excellence. Couples and guests have lauded its enchanting gardens, elegant ballroom, and charming chapel, perfect for unforgettable celebrations. The experienced and attentive staff consistently receive accolades for delivering exceptional service, ensuring they flawlessly execute every detail. These positive testimonials underscore Abernethy Center’s dedication to creating cherished memories. If you’re seeking a venue with a stellar track record and heartfelt endorsements, Abernethy Center’s outstanding reviews speak volumes about its ability to bring dream weddings to life.

Abernethy Center Jobs

Abernethy Center, known for hosting weddings, offers career opportunities in hospitality. Positions available include Event Server, Bartender, Cook, and Dishwasher. The team prides itself on the mission of “Extraordinary People Creating Extraordinary Memories,” emphasizing exceptional service and teamwork. With competitive hourly pay rates and a commitment to excellence, Abernethy Center provides an excellent work environment for those seeking rewarding roles in the event and hospitality field. Join their Award-Winning Team and contribute to crafting unforgettable experiences for clients.

Portland Wedding Photographers

Portland Wedding Photographers are an integral part of the Sound Originals team. As dedicated and experienced photographers, we’re here to capture your engagements, weddings, and special moments throughout the Oregon region. Our goal is to transform your special days into unforgettable memories, preserving each moment with emotion and creativity. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible. As the Sound Originals team, we are eagerly looking forward to being a part of your special occasions and immortalizing your memories. Contact us now to allow us to share in creating unforgettable moments with you.

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