Best Wedding Venues for a Country Rustic Wedding

Ideas & Inspiration

So, you have decided on a wedding style, and theme, and it is going to be all country! This is a wonderful choice and is very popular nowadays, however, if you are looking to organize a country rustic wedding in Seattle, then we might have a couple of options for you! Take a look below to discover some of the best venues that embody this style and charm:

Rein Fire Ranch

Rein Fire Ranch is a terrific venue for a country rustic wedding in the Seattle area. If you are looking for a garden-style wedding that can still serve a lot of lush, lavishness, and peaceful venue styles all at once, then you are in for a treat for this one! Rein Fire Ranch is located about 45 minutes from Seattle.

Historic Farmhouse 14

The setting at Historic Farmhouse 14 lends itself to a unique country rustic vibe. The scenery is perfect for a Seattle wedding. Couples love the green grass, combined with the large trees, that give you the liberty to include any lighting you want – be it low or high, candles or lights, the venue is considered one of the best ones you can find! Malia and Jason decorated the wood picnic-style tables with flowers candles and clothes for a touch of class and style, mixed with the historic rustic feel from the venue. Wedding photographers love the string lights above the guest dining area. Historic Farmhouse 14 is about 45 minutes south of Seattle, Washington, making it an accessible wedding venue in Washington state.

Cattle Barn Wedding Venue

Are you looking for a rustic wedding venue in Washington state? Be sure to explore the Cattle Barn. This venue is located about an hour east of Seattle, across the Cascade mountains. The beautiful energy that you and your family and friends feel throughout the ceremony will be something that will last all through the night! Many couples say a wedding at Cattle Barn feels like it has a touch of Montana vibes with the rolling hills and dry vegetation.

Pickering Barn

You’d never guess the Pickering Barn is smack in the middle of Issaquah, Washington. As a result, your guests will love the rustic country atmosphere inside, and the easy access to the city. Pickering Barn is a classic venue for those of you who have a difficult time picking between an outdoor or indoor space, since it can provide you with both, and they are both absolutely gorgeous! Lovely and romantic, this venue is considered quite the charmer if you wish to have a country rustic wedding in Seattle.

Edlynn Farm

Weddings at Edlynn Farm enjoy one of the best views of Mount Rainier you can find at any wedding venue in Washington state. Are you looking for a Seattle wedding venue, but want it to be a bit of halfway to Tacoma? If your guests are arriving from both cities, then you should take into consideration a space not too far for traveling. This is the perfect venue option for you since it can provide you with the perfect conditions to host your Seattle wedding, without technically being in Seattle. As Seattle wedding photographers, we adore the views of the mountain, while also enjoying the elegance and class of the interior space for your reception.

Kelley Farm

Kelley Farm – looking for a place that is incredibly picturesque, rustic, and features a certain elegant flair? Then this is the perfect wedding venue for you. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for you to choose from – this is quite the special farm to pick for celebrating your special day!

Mountain View Manor

Mountain View Manor – outdoorsy, rustic, and with a country vibe – the perfect combination! Situated in the foothills of the Cascade range with Mount Rainier standing proud in the background, you will be spoiled for iconic backdrops for your ceremony setting, reception and, of course, photography!Picking a wedding venue, especially if you are looking into having a country rustic wedding in Seattle, can be plenty of work. However, we are hoping that with the options we have provided for you today, we have taken you one step closer to picking your dream venue. After you have dealt with that, it is time to move on to the next steps that are waiting for you! If one of the next steps is wedding photography and videography, and you don’t know where to start, get in touch with us – we will make sure to assist you in any way we can!