Historic Farmhouse 14 Wedding

Portrait of a couple at the crown bus of the farmhouse


Malia + Jason’s Wedding

Historic Farmhouse 14 Wedding Venue

The Historic Farmhouse 14 is a wedding venue in Washington where Malia and Jason celebrated their wedding. In addition to being a farmhouse with refined touches, it offers the perfect location for an elegant wedding. The most popular wedding celebration for couples is the “old meets new” style.

In 1903, Amy and Derrick Johnson built the Historic Farmhouse 14. The farmhouse is located in Puyallup Valley, Washington. You can see Mount Rainier from this area. It’s one of the nicest wedding venues in Washington State.

This event venue is a unique combination of charm and history. It is the ideal location for outdoor ceremonies, receptions, and other special events.

Historic Farmhouse 14 Scenery

As the Seattle wedding photographer and videography team for Malia and Jason’s wedding, Sound Originals was honored to capture special moments from beginning to end. Taking pictures of their love story was such an honor for us!

This ceremony can be held on the lush, green lawn. Hence rows of benches or chairs can be divided into aisles by setting up arches. For receptions, there are spaces under the trees. On the other hand, the farmhouse is where guests can get ready. You can create hang lights or make other creative choices to light a space. The couple’s table is decorated with flowers and candles. There is a sumptuous buffet. It also includes cake and chocolate puddings.

Malia and Jason have beautiful green lawns for the photography session! The historic farmhouse green lawn has a superb location, scenery, and first-class amenities. Therefore, the serene atmosphere and elegant view are popular with couples and wedding photographers alike. A wedding at this Washington venue will also be a historical event.

Historic Farmhouse 14 Wedding Photos

Malia’s sisters and mother were the first to see Malia as a bride. However, this is an emotional moment. But perfect for a Seattle wedding photographer, with tears and hugs all around.

Bride’s sisters wore lavender dresses and held bouquets made by Amy Johnson. In addition to the tuxedo, Jason wore a garland. At the same time, Malia wore a gorgeous white wedding dress.

Malia entered the ceremony with her father. They read their love letters before the wedding. Then they exchange rings. After saying their vows, exchanging rings, and saying ‘I do,’ they head back to the venue to celebrate their wedding!

In addition to the wedding ceremony, Malia and Jason enjoyed a walk in the lush forest. We decided to photograph their couples’ portraits in natural light and a garden shining with evening light. Jason and Malia look gorgeous together! So, we took a few pictures near the doors, likewise, On the track and in the lush forest.

The Flower Bouquet

The perfect gift for any occasion is a fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers. Wedding colors come and go, few remain. However, white remains a classic color that will never be out of style. There’s a reason why White wedding dresses and White wedding bouquets are so popular among brides. Choosing white flowers for your bouquet enhances the elegance, style, and romance of the event.

In “The Farmhouse Flower Company,” you can choose between traditional bouquets, colorful and eye-catching arrangements.


In the gardens, starry-string lights provided the perfect backdrop for dinner. However, the newlywed couple presents their first dance on the dance floor. The party then continued for the rest of the evening on the dance floor.

Nevertheless, the DJ plays a vital role on your wedding day. Entertainment is key to making your event successful. Music is only a tiny part of what makes a wedding unforgettable. But this is a chance to tell the story of your love.

Entertainment and Wedding Games

The “shoe game” is a hugely popular wedding reception activity. It is sure to make guests laugh. A popular reception activity, Wedding Shoe Game, tests a couple’s knowledge about one another without seeing each other.

At End

We’re excited to share Malia and Jason’s Historic FarmHouse 14 wedding photos! These are just a few of the beautiful wedding photos that we took on their special day!