Mountain View Manor Wedding


Sissi + Billy

Huge congratulations to Sissi and Billy after their wonderful Mountain View Manor wedding!

Let me tell you about Sissi and Billy. They love hiking! That’s one of the main reasons they picked Mountain View Manor as their wedding venue. It’s located in Enumclaw, Washington, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. As a result, you enjoy a splendid view of Mount Rainier. Mountain View Manor weddings are outdoorsy and rustic with a country vibe.

This Mountain View Manor wedding lived up to its name. Sissi and Billy were so fortunate. Guests enjoyed a terrific view of snowcapped Mount Rainier behind the couple during the ceremony. As Seattle wedding photographers, we loved the chance to capture the couple with the mountain behind them during their couples portraits.

Sissi and Billy celebrated their engagement with an adventure photography session at Mount Rainier National Park. It’s one of the best places to elope in Washington, as well as one of the most stunning places for engagement photos. We drove most of the way to Paradise and took epic and romantic photos on the side of the winding mountain road.

After their wedding ceremony, Mountain View Manor weddings offer a tent for the reception and dancing. It’s nice to cool off from the sun. There’s a large lawn area with games for the kids. Yes, you can still enjoy views of Mount Rainier from almost all parts of the ceremony and reception space.

Mountain View Manor Wedding Video

Mountain View Manor Wedding Photos

It’s almost a requirement to take wedding photos in front of Mount Rainier for every Mountain View Manor wedding. That’s why couples choose this venue! We were fortunate to have clear skies with little haze for Sissi and Billy’s wedding photos. Our photographer also hung the bride’s white dress on a nice backdrop. We took bridal portraits in the field near the venue overlooking the Cascade Mountains.

Mountain View Manor Enumclaw

Encumlaw is a small town on the way to the Sunrise entrance of Mount Rainier National Park. Visit Rainier offers more information on things to do and see in the vicinity of Mount Rainier. Mountain View Manor gets very good reviews from couples. According to Wedding Wire, the venue earned 5-star reviews from two-dozen couples. If you arrive early to the wedding, you might enjoy shopping or eating in downtown Enumclaw. It’s not big, by any means. But it’s cute and charming. We love the antique shops!

Sun Mountain Lodge Wedding

Sun Mountain Lodge is hundreds of miles away from Mountain View Manor. However, it shares some key features. Your wedding ceremony overlooks mountain peaks and wide expanses. It feels very Northwest! Sun Mountain Lodge is located in Winthrop, Washington. As a result, the climate is dryer and color. The terrain looks very different from the western foothills of Enumclaw. Sun Mountain Lodge weddings are also located on the resort property. Therefore, guests can stay in the hotel. Mountain View Manor does not have a hotel. Here’s an example of a wedding video from Sound Originals at Sun Mountain Lodge!

Rein Fire Ranch

Rein Fire Ranch is another similar venue offering mountain views. Rein Fire Ranch is located in Ravensdale, Washington. It is a working horse ranch. Rein Fire Ranch weddings feature sunshine, sunflowers and vintage details. There’s even a horse-drawn carriage for the couple! Sound Originals was honored to be wedding photographer and videographer for Melanie and Dakota’s Rein Fire Ranch wedding.