Zenith Vineyard Wedding // Patrick + Caitlin


Patrick and Caitlin in Zenith Vineyard Wedding, we are excited to share their love story with you. Nestled in the heart of Oregon, Zenith Vineyard captivates with its rustic charm and scenic vineyard views, providing an enchanting backdrop for their special day. As the sun-kissed vineyard set the scene, the couple’s excitement echoed through the air. Portland Wedding Photographers, the talented team from Sound Originals, beautifully captured every moment, from the anticipation-filled preparations to the joyous celebration under the stars.

Amidst the vibrant blooms curated by Distinctive Designs by Denice and the exquisite cuisine from Willaby’s, love blossomed. The invitations, a masterpiece by Paperjam Press, hinted at the elegance that awaited. Caitlin, adorned in a gown from Charlotte’s Weddings, looked radiant. Rian from Pure Vision Entertainment filled the air with music that resonated with their love. Tiffany Randolph Beauty and makeup artist Whitney Stassi ensured the couple looked their best on this memorable day.

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Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photos

Zenith Vineyard Bungalow

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Zenith Vineyard’s Bungalow, a hidden gem nestled amid Oregon’s wine country. This idyllic retreat offers a perfect blend of elegance and countryside simplicity. Surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills, the Bungalow provides a serene escape for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Step inside to find cozy interiors, adorned with tasteful decor and modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay. With sweeping views of the vineyard, it’s an ideal spot to savor a glass of Zenith’s finest wines as the sun sets. Experience unparalleled tranquility and the essence of Oregon’s wine culture at Zenith Vineyard‘s Bungalow.

McMinnville Winery Wedding Venues

Nestled in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, McMinnville beckons as an enchanting backdrop for your dream wedding. Surrounded by rolling hills and verdant vineyards, this picturesque town boasts some of the Northwest’s finest winery wedding venues. Youngberg Hill Vineyards & Winery sets the stage with its elegant ballroom, terrace, and award-winning wines, offering a blend of sophistication and natural beauty. Domaine Serene captivates with panoramic views of the Willamette Valley, providing an intimate atmosphere for your celebration.

Penner-Ash Wine Cellars offers romance in every corner, from its barrel room to the charming patio. At Archery Summit Winery, modernity meets tradition, creating a unique ambiance for your special day. Historic charm awaits at Eyrie Vineyards, where award-winning wines and a picturesque setting promise an unforgettable wedding experience. When planning your McMinnville winery wedding, embrace the local flavors, enlist a wedding planner, and savor every moment in this idyllic wine-country paradise. Cheers to a love story as vibrant as the wines that surround you!

Cubanisimo Vineyards Wedding

In Salem, Oregon, a family-run vineyard called Cubanisimo Vineyards provides a special and wonderful wedding experience. Cubanisimo Vineyards is the ideal location to commemorate your love story with its lush vineyards, rolling hills, and breathtaking vistas of the Willamette Valley. There are several wedding locations available at Cubanisimo Vineyards, including a ceremony lawn, reception patio, and tasting room. The venue’s lush vegetation and Cuban-inspired decor offer a truly one-of-a-kind and beautiful atmosphere for your wedding day. To make the process of organizing your wedding easier, Cubanisimo Vineyards also provides a choice of wedding packages and services. The knowledgeable staff at the location can assist you with selecting your wedding food and organizing your wedding transportation, among other things.

Oregon Winery Wedding Venues

Oregon’s winery wedding venues offer a magical blend of natural beauty and viticultural charm, creating the perfect setting for your special day. With its diverse landscape and vineyard-studded countryside, Oregon provides an array of enchanting options for your wedding. From the lush Willamette Valley to the sun-kissed vineyards of Southern Oregon, each region offers unique winery venues. Enjoy the serene ambiance of wineries like Domaine Serene or Archery Summit Winery, set against breathtaking backdrops. Penner-Ash Wine Cellars’ wines and views, or Eyrie Vineyards’ historic charm, will enchant. Elevate your love story in Oregon’s wine country; lush landscapes and superb vintages promise unforgettable wedding moments.

Portland Winery Wedding Venues

Portland’s winery wedding venues encapsulate the essence of romance amidst Oregon’s picturesque landscapes. These venues, nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley, offer idyllic settings for couples seeking a vineyard celebration. Wineries like Domaine Serene and Archery Summit Winery provide elegant spaces and sweeping vineyard views, creating a backdrop that’s both intimate and grand. The rustic charm of Cooper Mountain Vineyards and the modern allure of Adelsheim Vineyard cater to varied tastes. Portland winery weddings offer award-winning wines and natural beauty. They promise a unique blend of Oregon’s viticulture richness and the joy of your union, creating a memorable experience.

Amaterra Wedding Cost

Planning a wedding at Portland’s Amaterra Winery involves varying costs based on factors like season, wedding size, and package choice. On average, couples invest between $25,000 to $33,000, covering venue rental, food, beverages, and service charges. Here’s a breakdown: Venue rental starts at $7,000, with a food and beverage minimum ranging from $15,500 to $22,500, plus a 23% service charge. Additional expenses include setup ($1,000-$2,000), flowers ($2,000-$5,000), photography and videography ($2,000-$5,000 each), music ($1,000-$2,000), attire ($1,000-$5,000), invitations ($500-$1,000), and favors ($100-$500). Couples can optimize costs with strategic package choices, off-season bookings, and DIY elements.

Beckenridge Vineyard

Breckenridge Vineyard, nestled in the heart of picturesque Oregon, offers a captivating backdrop for weddings. The venue‘s rustic charm, sprawling vineyards, and panoramic views create an enchanting atmosphere for couples seeking a romantic celebration. With customizable packages tailored to meet diverse needs, BeckenRidge ensures each wedding is a unique and unforgettable experience. From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, their dedicated team orchestrates seamless events. The vineyard’s premium wines add a sophisticated touch, delighting guests’ palates. For couples desiring a perfect blend of natural beauty and elegance on their special day, Beckenridge Vineyard stands as an ideal choice, promising cherished memories amid Oregon’s vineyard paradise.

Portland Wedding Photographers

In the heart of Portland, there’s a photography team ready to immortalize the memories of your love story: Sound Originals. Every shot captured through their lens isn’t just a photograph; it’s a narrative of love. Sound Originals transforms the touches, glances, and smiles of your special day into a passionate tale. This team turns their passion into understanding the nuances of your day, focusing on capturing the authenticity of every moment.

Sound Originals doesn’t just take photos; they capture and interpret emotions, adding immeasurable value to your memories. With their dedication to storytelling through visuals, they craft a visual saga that speaks volumes about your love. When you choose Sound Originals, you’re choosing more than photographers; you’re choosing artists who paint your love story with light and emotion.


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