Willow Camp, Stinson Beach Wedding // Christie + Joshua


Christie and Joshua had the sweetest Willow Camp, Stinson Beach Wedding. We loved capturing the memorable day of their lives in magical frames. And we are excited to share a lovely sneak peek of their wedding with you. 

Willow camp, Stinson beach, is a breathtaking place ideal for weddings and other special celebrations. This place is perfect for doing a romantic celebration of love, with lots of tranquil spots and hideaways. The venue is located at Stinson Beach, California. We loved this gorgeous location with an estate, pool, pond, and beautiful gardens. Everyone wants professional wedding photographers to capture the most precious moments of their life in swoon-worthy frames. Our couple also wanted a romantic and classic photoshoot of their wedding day. Well, they hired our talented California wedding photographers to creatively capture their wedding with beautiful neutral details in the best of frames. 

Christie and Joshua’s classic outdoor wedding at Stinson Beach was picturesque, complete with charming flower girls and loved ones. Our detail-oriented photographers captured every moment, from the couple’s attire to heartwarming family portraits.

Let’s explore some highlights from their unforgettable day.

Willow Camp, Stinson Beach Wedding Photos

Love Shack Willow Camp

The love shack at willow camp is a tiny house on Stinson beach. This cabin-style house offers a rustic, breathtaking ambiance to enjoy in wonders of nature. It is surrounded by towering trees and gives a beautiful beach view. Besides, this tiny cute house consists of 1 bedroom, one queen-sized bath, an antique desk, a separate bathroom, and a hot shower. The house has a maximum occupancy of two persons. Couples love this romantic place to get away. Here, you can wander around the enchanted gardens and listen to the waves.

Moreover, the house is pet friendly and offers a dedicated workspace and free parking options. You can stay as long as you want; there is no limitation. However, the minimum stay is one night. Furthermore, the rates of stay at love shack willow camp start from $164 a night. So, if you’re looking for a cozy, calm, and romantic place to spend peaceful time with your loved one, the love shack at willow camp is perfect. Love shack at Willow Camp, Stinson beach is everything you need for a relaxing vacation. Check out the Airbnb website to get more info about this lovely cottage.

Lily Pad Willow Camp

The lily pad at willow camp is a small beautiful hut. The view in front of this hut is absolutely magical. You can sit on the deck of this hut and enjoy the breathtaking view of the lily pond. Here, you can hear the sounds of waves mixing with frogs’ songs. This is a relaxing place at Willow Camp, Stinson Beach that will make you forget that you’re just 45 minutes away from San Francisco. In short, it is a perfect combination of old-world charm with modern conveniences. 

 The lily pad is the best spot for glamping. It is surrounded by greenery and natural beauty in every direction. This beautiful hut has one bedroom with an occupancy of two persons, a detached bathroom, and a hot shower. In addition, the average stay rate at this hut is $150 a night. So, if you’re finding a quiet and beautiful place to relax for some days, consider the lily pad at willow camp. You’ll love it too. Lastly, you can contact the willow camp here for any queries and info.

Willow Camp Tours

Willow camp is a dreamy place for tours, meetings, conferences, gatherings, and retreats. The entire state and captivating gardens of this place make it beyond magical. It is tucked in the heart of Stinson Beach. Besides, it is an ideal place to bring people together. Restaurants and shops are just a short walk away. Also, the beach is just within walking distance. The venue offers all necessary modern amenities. Check out their tour dates here. 

The Willow Camp, Stinson Beach is a perfect venue for celebrations. Whether you’re looking for a camping place or want to host friends and family, you should try this hidden gem. The location is filled with excellent nooks, amazing views, gardens, and wildlife. That’s why couples adore this place to hold their wedding event or spend peaceful time. In addition, there are many other beautiful wedding venues in Stinson Beach, CA. You should give them a look to find your wedding destination.

Thank you, Christie and Joshua, for choosing us to capture the sweetest moment of their lives! We wish them a long and happy love life together. 

Looking for professional wedding photographers in California? Our talented team is here for you to beautifully capture your love story in the most magical frames possible. Happy posing with us, and enjoy peace of mind!

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