Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Wedding // Tamera + Rob


We will share Tamera and Rob’s Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Wedding with you. Nestled in San Diego, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse provided the perfect backdrop for their celebration. The venue, with its panoramic views of the harbor, created an intimate atmosphere for their special day. The sea breeze and golden sunset added a touch of magic to their vows, making it a day to remember.

Tamera and Rob radiated excitement and happiness from the moment they arrived. As the Lucky Devils Band set the perfect rhythm for their celebration, Tamera and Rob danced under the stars, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Granada Floral Design adorned the venue with breathtaking blooms, adding a touch of romance to every corner. The European Bakery crafted a delicious masterpiece that not only looked exquisite but tasted divine. The invitations, a work of art from Bride and Veil, set the tone for the elegant affair.

Vanyssa Sutton skillfully brought out the natural radiance in Tamera, her expertise shining through as the sea breeze gently tousled Tamera’s hair. The entire day unfolded flawlessly, a testament to careful planning and seamless coordination. Every element, from the breathtaking gown to the heartfelt vows, melded together in perfect unity.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow on the harbor, Tamera and Rob’s wedding at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse transformed into a jubilant celebration of love and the promise of a beautiful journey ahead. Sound Originals, the chosen photographers, artfully captured each precious moment, documenting the very essence of the day. May Tamera and Rob’s life together be as luminous and joyous as their radiant wedding day.

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Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Wedding Photos

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

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