The Ruins Wedding // Andrew + Seoyun


With an opulent eclectic décor in the desirable lower Queen Anne neighborhood, The Ruins was a perfect venue for Andrew & Seoyun’s wedding! This unassuming warehouse can be deceiving! But inside is magical. The Ruins is an amazing place for any wedding. And the couple had an amazing time at theirs.

The couple opted for a delightful first look in a beautifully decorated room with a fireplace. Andrew’s joyful reaction and a twirl captured the perfect moment. After exploring various rooms in the venue, including the library, their outfits complemented the decor, resulting in stunning photos. The venue, with its numerous rooms providing great backdrops and ample natural light, is a favorite for wedding photos. A beautiful ceremony followed, attended by friends and family. Then a wonderful reception with delicious food and cake! We always love taking wedding photos and videos at The Ruins!

The Ruins is part of Landmark Event Co. The company also operates Fremont Foundry as well as MV Skansonia. This gives couples many choices for their venue. The uniqueness of each venue makes photographing weddings and events there amazing. The Ruins has a really awesome vibe. Located in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood, there’s plenty to do. Seattle Magazine often recognizes this great neighborhood. Lower Queen Anne is home to the famous Space Needle! Many couples choose this area for their wedding because of all of the available amenities!

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The Ruins Wedding Photos

The Ruins Wedding Cost

Many couple tell us that budgeting for their venue is a big expense. The Ruins wedding cost can range from $4,000 to $7500. This depends on the time of the year. Peak season at The Ruins is going to be more expensive. Many amenities are included in the pricing. This include the overall venue. It also include things like chairs and tables. The bridal suite for getting ready. And many other items. The venue rental fees also depend on the time of day. The day of the week. Other items to consider when planning this wedding cost is the catering and alcohol. The venue has in-house catering to choose from. Couples tell us that they like when venues have all of the amenities available in one place. You can find more information about The Ruins catering here!

The Ruins Seattle

There are many options for venues to get married in. A great choice in Seattle is The Ruins. The Ruins is located in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood. The Knot talks about The Ruins on their page and has many great reviews! With the option of having your ceremony and reception under one roof, this venue is perfect. As a result, many couples choose The Ruins as their wedding venue. The venue has many rooms that are unique and eclectic. There are a lot of great places to take photos and for your guests to enjoy and explore. A recent google review said this: “The space is unparalleled and so is the staff. They helped us create the most unique wedding we could have ever imagined. It was a dream.” This is why many couple choose The Ruins in Seattle as their wedding venue.

The Ruins Seattle Parking

When people are looking at venues, one of their concerns is parking. Especially if it is in a city. The Ruins has many paid and free spots located within walking distance. The venue does not have on-site parking. Many people park at parking spots close to the venue. You can find many parking spots close to the venue. With parking being limited at The Ruins, many people decide to take a car service like Uber or Lyft. As a result, there is no problem with finding parking.

The Foundry Seattle

Another great venue location is The Fremont Foundry in Seattle! It is also owned by Landmark Events. It has the same amazing styles like The Ruins, but a different look. Many couples love the Foundry as it has nice open spaces. You have a large room for a reception. There area also areas to hold a ceremony. The venue has amazing features. There is a sky-lit atrium. The venue also has 20 foot ceilings! It has many amenities available to you for your wedding. Your guests will enjoy this venue. The Fremont Foundry pricing ranges from $2500 to $10,000 to rent. Many couples love having their wedding here. They even have a beautiful rooftop that can hold up to 250 of your guests! The venue is located in Fremont. It is close to many great restaurants and shops.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers, masters of capturing the essence of your special day against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, blend artistic vision and regional charm to craft timeless visual narratives. These skilled professionals transform every moment, whether against the iconic cityscape, the lush greenery of parks like Discovery Park, or the scenic waterfront, into a visual story that beautifully preserves the unique details of your celebration. From candid shots to formal portraits, Seattle Wedding Photographers ensure your love story is documented with precision and creativity. Connect with these experts to immortalize your memories, and let them transform your wedding into an unforgettable visual journey.


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