The Houdini Estate Wedding // Victoria + Brian


We will be sharing Victoria and Brian’s The Houdini Estate Wedding with you. Nestled in the hills of Hollywood, the Houdini Estate captivates with its old-world charm. Its lush gardens, mysterious caves, and stunning views offer the perfect backdrop for a magical celebration. As guests arrive, they are greeted by the estate’s enchanting aura, a blend of history and romance.

Victoria and Brian’s excitement is palpable in the air, their smiles lighting up the estate even brighter. This day, filled with love and joy, is a culmination of their journey together. The way Brian looks at Victoria as she walks down the aisle says it all – pure, unadulterated love. Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible team that made this day possible. Jessica Smith-Rolph with 3 Little Birds Event Planning planned the rentals and ensured every detail was perfect. The delicious cuisine was courtesy of Wood Ranch, tantalizing taste buds with every bite. The desserts, oh the desserts, a sweet masterpiece thanks to a talented DIY effort.

Victoria adorned a stunning dress, from David’s Bridal. As the sun set, DJ Will Hollis kept the dance floor alive with beats that echoed through the estate. And let’s not forget the magic worked by Kat Laskey, both in hair styling and makeup artistry, making Victoria radiant as ever. We invite you to visit our website to relive this enchanting day and discover more love stories like this one. Let’s celebrate love, laughter, and happily ever afters together!

The Houdini Estate Wedding Photos

Houdini Estate Wedding Cost

Transitioning from the enchanting tale of Victoria and Brian’s Houdini Estate Wedding, let’s delve into the practicalities of planning your own magical day. The Houdini Estate wedding cost can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as the day of the week, guest count, event type, season, and additional services. When considering your wedding budget, keep in mind the various elements that contribute to the overall cost. The venue rental for the Houdini Estate starts at $19,609 and may increase based on the specifics of your celebration. Catering expenses will vary depending on your chosen caterer and the menu selections you make. For precise estimates tailored to your needs, reach out to The Houdini Estate directly. Remember, the joy of your special day is priceless, regardless of the cost.

Houdini Estate History

Transitioning from the enchanting tale of Victoria and Brian’s Houdini Estate Wedding and the practicalities of planning, let’s explore the captivating history of this Hollywood Hills gem. The Houdini Estate, with its Spanish Colonial charm, holds a tale as intriguing as its namesake, Harry Houdini. Although Houdini never owned the property, its history weaves a web of mystery and connection to the famed escape artist. Built-in 1926 by Ralph J. Walker, the mansion became a practice ground for Houdini’s underwater escapes, thanks to his friendship with Walker. Silent films like “The Grim Game” graced its grounds, adding Hollywood allure. Today, The Houdini Estate stands as a unique wedding venue, preserving its legacy of mystery and glamour. Its lush gardens and Spanish architecture create an enchanting backdrop for love stories to unfold. For more stories and tips on planning your dream wedding, visit our website!

The Houdini Estate Reviews

Transitioning from the captivating history of The Houdini Estate, let’s now explore what couples have to say about this magical venue. While reviews specifically mentioning the venue itself are limited, here’s a glimpse from various sources: Positive feedback highlights the estate’s unique and captivating Spanish Colonial architecture, lush gardens, and stunning views, often described as “magical” and “one-of-a-kind.” Couples have praised the professional and accommodating staff, noting their responsiveness and attention to detail. On the flip side, considerations include pricing, which some find on the higher side compared to other venues in the area. Due to its popularity, couples mention the importance of booking well in advance to secure a date at The Houdini Estate. Its enchanting ambiance, professional service, and picturesque setting create a truly memorable occasion for couples and their guests.

San Francisco Wedding Photographers

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